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In the following days, as the weather became colder and colder, Hogwarts was also enveloped in an atmosphere of joy.

Because the Christmas holiday is coming soon.

Although life at Hogwarts is equally fun, as a boarding school, students are still more eager to be able to rush home with their family members.

What's more, there are still gifts for Christmas.

At this time in previous years, the students had already had a quarrel, and they didn't have any thoughts to attend classes at all, and the professors would turn a blind eye to them.

This year is different.

Because Umbridge, a senior Hogwarts investigator, is ‘investigating’ the professors, except for the ghost professors like Professor Kaibins, who can’t be controlled at all, the other professors are forced to maintain high-intensity teaching pressure.

Of course, talents like Umbridge will naturally not let professors like Professor Bins continue to wander under her control.

According to the gossip, she has submitted an application to the Ministry of Magic, requesting the replacement of Bins, a fellow whose teacher qualification certificate has expired for almost 100 years.

Not only that, but students are also facing the suppression of Education Order No. 24.

Although this educational order was actually issued specifically for the D.A. Army, this did not prevent Umbridge from expanding its attack area.

The first to be affected is the Quidditch school teams of the various colleges-they are also student organizations, and Umbridge's approval is required for gatherings and activities.

The Quidditch school team is actually very lucky.

Umbridge did deliberately make things difficult for the captains from various colleges who came to apply, but in the end they all approved their applications. Generally speaking, they were still within the scope of beating.

Other miscellaneous organizations such as the Gobstone Club, the Wizarding Board of Players, and the Chocolate Frog Card Exchange are not so lucky.

Except for a very small number of wealthy and background students who were able to use money to'persuade' Umbridge, the rest of the organization can be said to have been wiped out.

The superposition of these incidents also added a touch of distress to the hearts of the students.

Fortunately, the Christmas holiday is finally here!

Christmas holiday day.

Hogwarts foyer.

Link and Emily cuddled together.

And around them, there are students carrying big bags, talking and laughing.

Farther away, George and Fred were having a snowball fight happily.

The students who gathered in the foyer waiting for the professors to take them to the Hogsmeade Village Station were envious.

Many people seem to be a little eager to try.

After watching them have a snowball fight for a while, Link and Emily once again cast their eyes on the Harry trio on the side.

"Aren't you going back this year?"

Link asked with a smile.

It was naturally impossible for Harry to ask this question, so Ron immediately drew closer and explained in a low voice:

"My parents have returned to the Order of the Phoenix this year. Recently they have been busy and have no time to take care of us. So I am not only me, but George, Fred and Ginny will stay at Hogwarts for Christmas. You know. Yes, it's safer here."

Speaking of this, Ron looked at Hermione and curled his lips. "As for Hermione, she is now addicted to being a professor."

Hermione's angry eyes glared at the words.

Upon seeing this, Link said:

"How can you say that? Hermione is also contributing to everyone. For this reason, she even gave up the opportunity to go home and reunite. This is a very noble quality!"

Ron rolled his eyes, obviously not convinced.

Judging from what he knew about Hermione, Hermione was simply too controlling.

Link turned his head and said to Hermione:

"D.A. Army has worked hard for you during Christmas. I have activated your gold coin authority. You can rush the D.A. Army to assemble and study at any time. But also pay attention to the gathering not to be too intensive, and don't tire yourself."

Hearing that Hermione's face was hot, she nodded and lowered her head shyly, trying to hide the red glow on her face.

However, at this moment, she heard Emily unsparingly expose:

"Link's point is that if the gathering is too dense, it is very likely that Umbridge will find it. You have to be careful about this. She has been crazy recently."

The shyness on Hermione's face froze for an instant, and Link felt embarrassed.

He smiled, and instinctively wanted to change the subject, he saw that Harry, who was paler than before, was staring into the distance.

Following his gaze, you can see Cedric and Qiu Zhang holding each other and whispering.

Ah this...

Harry! what are you doing!

Link turned dark, coughed and said:

"Harry, why did you look so bad?"

"Ah?!" Harry was taken aback, he instinctively scratched his forehead and said, "Ah, my...I'm sick."

‘Yes, I’m sick, I’m worried about my girlfriend. ’

Link muttered inwardly, looking at Harry with weird eyes.

Harry was a little hairy by him, and just wanted to ask what's wrong, but he saw Wilmina Grapp and Professor McGonagall, who were temporarily serving as professors in the protection of magical creatures, appeared in front of everyone with a series of carriages.

"Classmates, please line up to get on the bus!"

Accompanied by Professor McGonagall’s shouts, a series of cheers sounded in the hall. The students who could not wait for a long time rushed out in a cacophony, but in the end they were forced to line up in two rows under Professor McGonagall’s stern rebuke. Professor Ge takes a call.

Link and Harry and the others said goodbye, and took Emily's hand into the team.

After the two got into the carriage, Emily said with a weird expression:

"Harry...hasn't he given up yet?"

Link knew she was referring to Qiu Zhang, and shrugged his shoulders:

"It's obvious."

"Then shall we wake up with Cedric?" Emily frowned. "After all, if something happens, it will be too...ugly."

Link shook his head and said:

"Don't worry about this. Cedric already knows about this. He won't let that happen."

Emily was taken aback when she heard that she covered her mouth and exclaimed:

"You said he already knew Harry was thinking about his girlfriend? Then why did he pay it back..."

"Hush—" Link interrupted, "Be quiet, it's not good for others to hear this kind of thing."

Emily nodded quickly, and then pulled Link's sleeve again, which meant that Link would talk to her again.

Looking at the strong gossip light in Emily’s eyes, Link’s eyes kept twitching. His heart was indeed a woman’s instinct to gossip, but in the end he couldn’t withstand Emily’s request and put a soundproof curse on the carriage. He made some guesses of his own.

Twenty minutes later, the carriage formally arrived at Hogsmeade Village Station.

The students got off the train one by one, cheering and rushing to the Hogwarts Express, which had already parked in the station.

Link and Emily got out of the car after eating a melon all the way.

Naturally, they would not take the Hogwarts Express.

The two did not leave the station, and when they reached an empty corner, Link asked Emily to hold his arm tightly, and then took out his magic wand.

"The entourage is revealed!"


After a while, the two immediately appeared in the teleportation hall of Foley Castle.

"Welcome home! Link, Emily!"

Before the two of them stood firm, a familiar and joyful voice rang.

Link fixed his eyes and saw Mrs. Foley in a white dress looking at them with a smile on her face.

Not only that, but beside her, there were old Klie, old Beckman, and Mr. Victoria in turn.

Among them, Mr. Victoria's eyes were red and swollen, and he seemed to have just cried.


Emily cheered and threw into Mr. Victoria's arms. The tears he had finally held back were forced out again, and her eyes were crying again and again.

Link also smiled and stepped forward to meet Mrs. Foley, and then nodded to Old Kled and Old Beckman.

It's a pity that these two old guys had already ignored him.

At this moment, all their attention was on Emily's posture.

After noticing that Emily's walking posture was slightly different from the previous one, the two old guys looked at each other, both showing old and comforting expressions.

‘It looks like you will be able to hold your grandchildren soon! ’

The two thought very tacitly.

They had already agreed.

Waiting for Link and Emily to have a baby.

One, three, and five old Klie belts, two, four, and six old Beckman belts. As for the weekend, leave it to Link and Emily. The two young couples should also get close to their children.

Of course, it would be better if you could give birth to a few more.

When the time comes, they will be divided into one, and there will be no need to grab them.

"Cough cough—"

Seeing that the expressions on their faces became more and more energetic, Link coughed helplessly, which brought all their attention back.

"Uncle Klee, Grandpa Beckman, how are things preparing?"

Glancing at Emily, who had been secretly pulled outside by Mr. Victoria and whispered, Link asked in a low voice.

"I have brought back all the people you wanted!" Old Beckman heard Link calling his grandfather, his smiling eyes were almost narrowed, and he said rushingly, "A total of 17 old saints, this is you Grandpa is the most elite unit under my hand! Now they are stationed at Foley Castle!"

Link nodded with a smile when he heard the words. Before he could even speak, Old Klie squeezed over and said:

"Of course you know the situation on my side. But considering that you only need elites for this action, I only prepared the 20 most elite fire dragon hunters for you!"

Old Klie also raised an eyebrow at Old Beckman as if provocatively, "Not only that, I also got the topographic map of Gringotts and the timetable for the change of defense. Those fairies are still so greedy, for the sake of Jin Jialong and everything. Dare to sell!"

Speaking of this, Old Kled's expression was a bit disdainful.

Although their house elves are essentially a kind of goblins, they have always looked down upon each other.

Link agreed and praised the arrangement of Old Klie and Old Beckman, but soon narrowed his eyes and changed the front of the conversation:

"How did the other parties react?"

The smiles on the faces of Old Klie and Old Beckman gradually disappeared when they heard the words, and they looked at each other, and finally Old Klie came forward and said seriously:

"Something is not so good. The Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix are making a lot of trouble throughout Europe. It can be said that they have suffered a loss. But recently, the two parties have stopped, and it is likely that they have returned to the country. If we attack Gringotts rashly, they might intervene."

"The two of them are not the key. The Order of the Phoenix still maintains a cooperative relationship with us. If Voldemort and Death Eaters dare to intervene, we can arrange for the Ministry of Magic to enter the arena. The focus is on the mysterious force behind Voldemort!" Link's voice is getting softer and lighter, "Have they moved recently?"

Old Beckman shook his teeth and said:

"According to the situation I have inquired about, most of the power of the group has been invested in the excavation of the ruins and the war with the Order of the Phoenix. However, the few legendary-level black wizards in the lead have never taken action. It is estimated that it is Wait and see behind."

When Link was silent for a long time, he took a deep breath and said:

"Then keep more people in Foley Castle for protection, and the Anti-Phantom Manifestation and Courageous Loyalty Curse should also be arranged quickly. Although this action is also very important, the hometown is the most important!"

"Don't worry about that," said Old Kled, "I have already arranged the security of the castle."

Link nodded and turned to look at Mrs. Foley, who had been looking at him with worry since just now, and said:

"Mother, don't worry, we will be fine."

Mrs. Foley grinned reluctantly when she heard the words, and reached out to help Link to subdue a bunch of curled up hairs:

"Does it have to be this way?"

"There is no turning back when things have reached this level," Link responded with a smile, "You know this too, mother."

"Then it won't start today, right? I've been looking forward to it for a long time, just waiting for you to come back to have a meal together and get together."

"of course!"

Hearing Link said this, smiles finally appeared on the faces of Mrs. Foley, Old Kled and others.

Seeing Mrs. Foley snapped her fingers, the little house-elf button appeared in front of everyone out of thin air, and said after a salute:

"Master, the kitchen is ready."

After hearing this, several people left the transfer hall talking and laughing, and walked towards the restaurant with Mr. Victoria and Emily, whose eyes were red.


Gryffindor common room.

Harry, who had finished delivering Link, sat alone in front of the fireplace, his face tightly covered with his hands.

He could clearly feel that his temples were beating at the same frequency as his heartbeat, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com could also feel...the severe pain.

Harry's situation is not as good as he himself said.

He has been having nightmares since that night.

And along with it, there is more and more severe pain that spreads from the scar.

Today, this severe pain has made him instinctively afraid of sleep, even in the daytime.

At this moment, Ron's familiar voice suddenly exploded in the empty Gryffindor common room.

"Hey! Harry! So you are here, let me find it! Don't sit down and go to the auditorium with me! It's going to start soon!"

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