"Link, are we late?"

Cedric and John pushed the door and entered.

Link nodded to them, his gaze naturally turned to Si Gefen, Newland and others behind them.

Si Gefen and Newland are still the same, one face is full of righteousness, the other is a smirk, people can't guess their true thoughts.

But unlike the last time, this time the two Kennedy brothers and sisters came with two pockets of the Unmarked Stretching Curse.

To be precise, it is...

Seeing Big Kennedy whistling while tossing the bag, Link's face turned dark, and Cedric and others also glanced at him from time to time, looking very curious.

"Don't be weird, get it quickly."

Link said angrily.

Hearing that Kennedy stopped his movements, he laughed and put the non-marking stretch bag on the coffee table while saying:

"Your Excellency Link Foley, this time our brothers and sisters have successfully completed the task you gave us. You promised us not to break our promise."

"I won't rely on you. In the next half month, you can move around freely, and the remaining funds will also belong to you." Link said, "but you still have to stay here today."

Hearing that the Kennedy brothers and sisters were delighted at first, turned their heads and ran away. When they heard what was under Link, the brows that had just been raised were raised again, and finally they yawned and sat on the side seat.

Seeing what they looked like, everyone once again focused their attention on the two pockets of the Unmarked Stretching Curse.

They all know that Link gave the Kennedy brothers and sisters a large sum of Jin Jialong for research and development, and the two pockets must be the finished product.

And just as Cedric was about to ask questions, the door to the responsive room opened again.

"Huh! Come in, everyone, keep your voice down, don't let anyone find out!"

Hermione's lowered shout sounded first, and then everyone saw the Harry trio leading a large group of students, including George and Fred, into the responsive room.

After everyone came in, Emily and Qiu Zhang, who were sent by Link to pick up the people, came in vigilantly and closed the door.

Compared with Cedric and others, this group of people seemed frivolous and noisy.

They gathered together in twos and threes, and their mouths were still chattering as they looked around.

Especially George and Fred.

The two of them showed great enthusiasm for everything in the room responsive to requests, bluffing like a countryman entering the city.

Compared to student organizations that secretly gather, they are more like tourists.

But Link noticed.

This group of people is nearly 50% less than at the last meeting.

It seemed that half of the people were bluffed by Umbridge's notice today, and they didn't dare to mix with him Link.

"Link, everyone is here."

Hermione took Harry and Ron and walked to Link, lowered her head and said, it seemed that there were too few people here today.

Link nodded at them and glanced at the group of students who were still laughing and joking, but didn't stop it, just opened a smaller non-marking stretch pocket on the coffee table and poured it out.


Nearly a hundred golden coins collided with the marble coffee table, and there was a crisp and sweet sound during the bounce.

The students were attracted by the sound, and after turning their heads, they couldn't look away anymore.

In an instant, the whole responsive room became quiet.

Everyone just felt that there was a golden light in front of them, and they couldn't care about anything.

In fact, it wasn't just the group of students, even a guy like Cedric who was not short of money was shocked at first seeing so many gold coins.

Newland's eyes seemed to be glued to the pile of gold coins.

Link slowly got up from the sofa.

A dozen eager eyes cast over instantly.

They didn't understand what Link was trying to do, but this did not prevent them from fantasizing about some good things.

Link chuckled at this, but he did not care about the gold coins on the coffee table, and said to the silent crowd:

"I called you here today. There are two things. One is to tell you that our self-study organization has a name, so it's called d.a. Army. The other is..."

"Dumbledore's Army!?" Harry's strange cry interrupted Link's speech, and suddenly Hermione and John stared at him dissatisfied.

Upon seeing this, Harry hurriedly smiled and waved his hand:

"I mean this name is really great! Isn't that old toad in Umbridge just afraid of Dumbledore? Our name is just right!"

Ron, who was on the sidelines of this remark, also began to reconcile with excitement.

This Hermione was so angry that she just wanted to scold these two guys, but saw Link waved his hand and continued:

"The second is to officially start our Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Time is precious, let's not talk nonsense, let's start practicing now.

I think the first thing to practice is to remove your weapon, which is the disarming spell. I think you all should know. "

"It's just..." a Gryffindor boy with a prefect badge on his chest twisted and said, "The Disarming Curse doesn't seem to be a particularly strong curse? Can it really deal with the Dark Lord?"

"You think the disarming curse is too weak? The killing curse is strong enough, right? But do you dare to use it?" Link sneered, "Moreover, the strength of a curse depends on the wizard, not the magic The curse itself!"

After that, Link's wand flicked lightly, and a scarlet beam suddenly passed through the gap in the crowd, accurately hitting an alchemy doll behind.


The violent explosion sound accompanied by the red light soaring into the sky.

Everyone turned their heads to look, and saw that the alchemy doll had been blown to pieces in the same place, and only two calves were still standing there.

A series of exclamations began to sound from the crowd.

At first the Gryffindor boy who asked the question flushed with shame, bowed his head and said nothing.

As for Si Gefen and Newland, they looked at Link with disbelief.

The disarming curse is also their specialty, so they realized that the disarming curse is essentially an auxiliary control spell whose main purpose is to fly enemy weapons. It is really not too strong when it comes to its power.

Of course, they have indeed heard that the disarming curse will increase in power due to the magnitude and intensity of the magic power output by the caster.

For example, the effect of the disarming spell cast by a master like Professor Snape is not to mention a weapon, I am afraid that even the enemy itself will be knocked out.

But even for a master like Snape, the power of the Disarming Curse is just as powerful.

But now Link's disarming spell directly blows up the doll...

That's a target doll made entirely of alchemical alloys!

Link used it, I'm afraid it's not a thunderbolt exploding!

"Now, there are still people who think that the Disarming Curse is too weak and they don't want to learn it?"

Just when everyone was shocked, Link's voice rang.

With the previous demonstration, no one dared to refute this time, and everyone nodded in agreement.

Link smiled with satisfaction:

"Then start practicing. Harry, Hermione, Cedric and Newland will help teach you. In addition, I can understand that you want to learn advanced magical psychology. I will let Harry and Hermione teach you later. The patron saint curse."

As soon as this statement came out, there was another exclamation in the crowd.

Perhaps in many people's minds, the patron saint curse is indeed lacking in practicality, but it is a real high-level curse, and it is also a highly symbolic high-level curse.

Few people present did not know the name of this spell.

Especially since they had only experienced Dementors two years ago.

It's just that Harry was a little anxious when he heard the words.

He ran out of the crowd in a hurry, tugging Link's arm and whispering:

"Link, are you kidding me? Let me teach them the patron saint?"

"What's the matter?" Link raised his eyebrows. "I remember that Lupin taught you before? Didn't you use the Patronus Curse to drive away the dementors this summer?"

"But my level is far from reaching the point where I can teach others!"

"Then try hard to improve your own level, always guardian **** curse we always have to teach them. If you don't want to go, is it possible to ask me to go?"

Hearing what Link said, the expression on Harry's face stagnated.

Of course he couldn't let Link play in person.

Because Link can't release the Patronus Curse at all!

Thinking that they suspected that Link was a dark wizard because of this incident, they made a big misunderstanding.

Now being mentioned by Link, Haliton felt embarrassed and couldn't say anything.

Link shook his head and continued to speak loudly to everyone in the middle:

"That's it, everyone start training soon."

Hermione and Harry were a little confused by this.

Feeling the eyes of everyone around them, the nervous palms of the two students and professors began to sweat.

Fortunately, there was an experienced student council president like Cedric at the scene.

Under Cedric's organization, the students were not divided into teams of two, taking turns to cast Disarming Curses to each other.

Cedric and Hermione are constantly patrolling the arena.

This is to correct the students' wrong casting process at any time, and also to prevent possible dangers at any time.

After all, magic can cause big trouble if you operate it indiscriminately.

For example, Gryffindor has a strange thing, and any curse will explode when it is released in his hand.

I wish he didn't come this time...

Cedric looked forward sincerely in his heart.

It's a pity that Goddess of Luck doesn't seem to have much favor with wizards.

He had just finished speaking, and there was an explosion in a corner not far away.

Cedric raised his eyebrows, and hurriedly pulled away the people in the way and rushed over. As a result, he saw a Gryffindor boy standing there with a black face, apparently being blown up.

Fortunately, there is nothing serious about people, it just looks a little miserable.

"Wow! Merlin!"

Cedric couldn't help but patted his forehead and wailed.

He felt that their d.a. army seemed unnecessary to engage in peripheral organizations.

Because not only the one that just exploded, but other people's disarming spells were also used in a mess.

Unclear spells, wrong stick posture, inaccurate aim, unexplainable failure...

In short, the whole responsive room has been messed up.

There were wands flying around, and debris that was accidentally hit.

Of course, the roar of curses and the faint screams mixed in are also indispensable.

Although most of the attention of many people in it is still on the pile of Jin Jialong on the coffee table, this level is really too weak, right?

Cedric looked to the other side with a sad face, but saw that Link was sitting with the Kennedy brothers and sisters watching the show with great interest, and did not intend to come up to help.

This made Cedric not only raised his head and sighed.


After a full hour, this farce-like training is finally over.

The crowd was gathered in front of Link, except for shameless people like George and Fred, most of them bowed their heads, a little embarrassed.

They also know how bad they are.

Link laughed:

"Don't be discouraged, isn't this still the first gathering? I'm very satisfied if I can do this. And I believe you will become stronger and stronger in the future.

Okay, I won't say more nonsense. You take one of the gold coins on the coffee table. "

When the words were over, George and Fred, who arched in the front of the crowd, immediately cheered.

Many people in the crowd also showed joy.

Link's teasing gaze swept over them one by one, and after they gradually subsided, he said again:

"Are you wrong? These are not Jin Jialong, but I asked Kennedy brothers and sisters to make special tokens for you."

After saying that, Link glanced behind him, then Kennedy reluctantly got up and took a gold coin and said to everyone:

"Did you see the numbers on the edge of the gold coin? These numbers on the real gold gallon are just a number, representing the goblin who minted the gold gallon.

However, the numbers on these fake Jin Jialong will change to show the time of the next meeting.

When the above time changes, the coin will heat up. If you store it next to your skin, it will be easy to spot it right away~www.mtlnovel.com~ Can you hear it clearly? This is to inform you of the time of the next meeting. "Link continued, "As long as I determine the time, I will modify the number on the coin, and you will come and gather according to the time. This is enough concealment and safety. Okay, now one person will come over and take one away. "

Hearing that everyone was a little disappointed, but out of curiosity about the fake Jin Jialong, they still lined up to receive their coins.

Some people who didn't give up took gold coins, and even deliberately bit them with their teeth, making the girls at the scene disgusting to death.

Although Cedric, John and others also took the distributed gold coins, they just stuffed them into their pockets indifferently.

They are clear.

Previously, the Kennedy brothers and sisters brought two non-marking stretch curse pockets, and now one is full of fake gold gallons, so what is in the other?

They exchanged a few glances with each other, and they all stood quietly on the side.

They believed that Link must have other things to explain to them in a while.

And as they expected, Link got up and announced after distributing the fake Jin Jialong:

"Okay, if you take the fake Jin Jialong, go back to bed and wait until the next meeting time is up.

Also, Cedric, you stay. "

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