"...Students, since everyone just got out of their vacation life, so let’s take a simpler lesson today to get back to the state. The Renewal Mantra, also called the Renewal Mantra, is just like its name. The function is to fill a certain container with a certain liquid. It is worth noting that we must pay attention to the angle of swinging the wand when releasing the spell, and..."

   In a spacious and bright classroom, a short man in a suit and leather shoes is standing on a ‘high platform’ on which a pile of books are stacked and talking loudly.

   In the audience, a group of boys and girls in uniform and robes sat full.

   Most of these people have a relaxed expression, and sometimes they interact with men on stage very seriously.

   Of course, there are exceptions to everything.

   Link sitting in the corner seemed less attentive.

   I saw his dignified expression, erratic eyes, and his body and limbs were still squirming slightly.

   After a while, Link finally stopped his slightly weird movements.

   But at the same time, his expression became melancholy and confused.

  Because to be honest, Link is really a bit dazed by the current situation.

As a professional detective, he was planning to take a picture of the target person hugging left and right in order to complete the task, but he only pressed the shutter with his front foot, but his back foot went dark in front of him. He appeared in such a place and became A foreign kid!

   There is a saying, which is really nonsense.

   Fortunately, after a series of previous self-examinations, Link was at least able to confirm that his limbs are healthy, except for some fat.

   And after observation, he was basically sure that he had crossed into the world of Harry Potter, and he also became a student of Hufflepuff College in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

   No way, the robe he is wearing now and Professor Flitwick standing on the podium are too recognizable, as long as anyone who has watched the movie can recognize it at a glance.

   But when people travel through school, they always travel before school, or they become babies.

   Why did I go directly to the class?

   And why didn’t the memory of the original owner inherit it at all?

   For the traverser, isn't the difficulty of starting like this too high?

   In the corner, Link, who hasn't fully accepted the reality, was thinking about it dullly.

   And at this moment, a small but calloused hand shook in front of his eyes suddenly.

   Link was so frightened that he shook his body instinctively and called out.

   There was a burst of undisguised laughter around   , Professor Flivy saw that he held his wand in his right hand with a fierce wave, and the tip of his wand exploded with a burst of explosion.

   "Boom! Be quiet!"

   The laughter around this time finally subsided, but Professor Flitwick is obviously not as scary as McGonagall and Snape, so there are still some people who are covering their mouths and laughing.

  Professor Flitwick was not too harsh either. He turned around, put on a kind smile and said to Link:

   "Link, are you feeling well?"


   Link said involuntarily, and the expression on his face changed from dullness to amazement.

   He didn't even listen to the lectures taught by Professor Flitwick before, so it was only now that he suddenly realized that he, a scumbag of English, could understand what the other party said.

   And given the performance of Professor Flivy, the original owner of this body seems to be Link.

   This is good news!

   If you really don’t speak the language and have a different name, then it’s a hell-level start.

   At the same time, when Professor Flitwick saw Link's reaction, he naturally understood that the other party hadn't listened to the lecture just now, and shook his head and said:

   "We were teaching the renewal mantra just now. The mantra of this mantra is ‘refill quickly’. When you release the mantra, you need to raise the wand, and then..."

   finished the statement again, and Professor Flivy nodded and asked:

   "Link, do you understand?"

   "Ah, I understand."

   Hearing Link's words, Professor Flitwick was immediately overjoyed and said with some excitement:

   "Then pick up the wand and have a try Link! Don't worry, it's not difficult to refill the spell, you can definitely do it!"

   Hearing this, Link's expression instantly froze again.

   It's not that he was worried that he would not be able to release the renewal curse. After all, Professor Flivy did not lie. The curse is indeed very simple.

   And since I have already enrolled in Hogwarts, my own body is naturally gifted with magic, and the soul can't release magic if it is unreasonable.

   But the problem is that Link can't find his wand.

   At this moment, there is only a glass half filled with water and a spell book on the table in front of him, and there is no shadow of a magic wand at all.

   But Link's reaction was also very fast. He immediately stretched his hand into the cloth pocket under his desk. He was basically sure that this should be the original owner's thing, so the wand should probably be inside.

   It’s just that although the pocket looks small, the space inside is unexpectedly large. Link took things out of it differently, but he couldn’t find the wand for a long time.

   After a while, Link’s desk was full of textbooks, crucibles, measuring pots, plush dolls...

   Seeing this, the surrounding laughter rang again, and the volume was much higher than before.

  Even two boys who belong to Hufflepuff with Link directly laughed and fell on the ground.

   Professor Flitwick was also convinced this time, UU reading www.uukanshu.com he patted his forehead sharply, and shouted in pain:

   "Oh! Link, ah Link!"

"I found it!"

   Link held up his wand and stood up.

   It's a pity that the laughter around me didn't stop because of this. Instead, it tended to get stronger.

  Professor Flitwick also seems to have no expectations of Link, he waved his hand, and said with a bit of heartburn:

   "Then give it a try."

   Link nodded when he heard the words, put his wand at the glass on the table in a pose, and shouted in the tone of the previous Professor Flivy's demonstration:

   "Refill soon!"

   Link's curse like a roar made the laughter of the surroundings pause for a while, everyone was slanting their eyes to his desktop, expecting Link to do something stupid to make them happy.

   But this time they were disappointed.

   After Link chanted the spell, there was no light or sound effect, as if it was a failed spell at all.

   But on the contrary... the water level in the glass was slowly climbing, and finally filled the whole glass.

   "Oh! Merlin!" Professor Flitwick screamed, holding his wand, "You succeeded Link! It succeeded!"

After    said, he laughed again and hugged Link, and slapped Link on the back hard.

   But for such an enthusiastic Professor Flitwick, Link was a little cold.

   He didn't even give Professor Flitwick even the slightest feedback.

   But this is really not because he is impolite, but now that all his mind has been stuck on the line of words appearing on his retina at this moment.

   [The renewal curse lv1 has been learned! 】

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