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The Strongest Badger at Hogwarts

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Link is a Hufflepuff.

Although he, Hufflepuff, came from a family of pure-blooded black wizards, he is a snake-like voice, often invents some spells and potions, and he looks handsome!

The one who is alive is the individual winner!

But he still feels that he should follow the fine traditions of the older generations, be a low-key person, do things honestly, and make a fortune in silence!

As for the seemingly beautiful but thankless limelight like Save the World, let the people from other colleges go out.

For example, the black-haired teenager with black-rimmed glasses over there is a good candidate.

It’s just… things don’t seem to be what he wants every time.

“Give you a chance, you are not useful!”

Looking at Harry in the clearing, who had been knocked to the ground by Voldemort, Link, who was hiding in the crowd of onlookers, said bitterly.

Then, under the expectant gaze of the surrounding, Link decisively took out his wand and rushed up.

PS: The old author’s new book, the 231W completed work “Harry Potter: The Raven’s Claw”, update is guaranteed.

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Short Title:TSBH
Alternate Title:霍格沃茨的最强之獾
Author:Don't call me Chen Ergou
Weekly Rank:#1717
Monthly Rank:#1716
All Time Rank:#1805
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Clever Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Handsome Male Lead, Harry Potter, Level System, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magic, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Past, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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37 Comments on “The Strongest Badger at Hogwarts
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  1. It's a good book, but it's also stupid. Like the Mc says "I hate danger I'm not going to join the big 3 because there to much trouble" the next day he's there making plans on ways to defeat Voldimort. Another thing is his love interest, it's terrible, like the Mc falls in love with her after having like 4 conversations with her. Then the girl is the most bipolar bitch I've ever seen, 1 minute she's telling the Mc she thinks he's the heir of Slytherine and she'sscarred of him, and the next minute she's in love with him!. The worst part is instead of the Mc getting upset at her, he's like "oh! I have to prove I'm innocent so she will love me!" I'm almost about to drop this shit because of it. LIKE DUMP HER ASS. She literally knew what he went threw, yet she has zero faith in him it's pathetic. Chinese novels are so disappointing man, it's like they write there characters as cringe as they possibly can.

  2. So let’s see what I remember for the next time I want to pick this Mack up and have no clue what this is about Oh his main golden finger seems to be accumulating experience and leveling up spells ? And I guess it applies to other things ? Because the last chapter I left of at he got a notification about learning a certain potion ? Okay ngl I might start reading this again 😂💕 but I remember the system kind of got left by the way side for a while. . . . And then the mic like trained up his spells using it to fight Voldemort and I guess the author tried to do some kind of hot tux thing where unlike Harry his was intentional and en experiment or maybe some kind of accident by Voldemort ? And so unlike Harry’s anemic weak Voldemort this one is strong, also I think some kind of ghost possesses one of his friends at one point ? Or maybe it’s like his evil split personality mike ? Also there’s like weird dumbledore special spiritual things where you can see people who are illusory ? And was there a purple flower club ? I think there was like memory or spell knowledge that gets passed on there ? Also it was interesting because there was a hallway dedicated to clubs ? . . . . . . . . Z . . . . . … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . X. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oh yeah he has multiple personality’s and a pet basilisk ? Yeah weird also there’s Emily… 😳 imma just quote ArrDee on this one from jiggy “I put my phone on aeroplane mode 'Cause my main hoe be moving psycho And I can't lie, that's shit my fault…” Well yeah I don’t really remember what else happens like he used to be like autistic I guess would be the best description and nearly a dumb gun so he goes to these classes with filch and meets lupin that was neat, umm let’s see what else… he meets lots of other pure bloods at some parties over summer after recovering and beats away some young blood in America who are kind of like the Malfoys except less noble and more just rich

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  4. Emily. They also get engaged later on. But hermoine also has a serious crush on mc, but cool man. Mc is like 'Emily is the only one for me'.

  5. No me explico, el idiota hizo que lucius se quedará con el diario??? Que le pasa, quiere que se le cómplice aún más la vida???

  6. No entiendo, el autor al hacer esta generando la misma trama que el original pero complicándolo más haciendo que el MC haga estupideces como la de hacer que el diario caiga en una persona al azar sin su control, sin contar que esta haciendo parecer a Dumbledore como un intrigante bastardo sin escrúpulos

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