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The Strongest Badger at Hogwarts

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Link is a Hufflepuff.

Although he, Hufflepuff, came from a family of pure-blooded black wizards, he is a snake-like voice, often invents some spells and potions, and he looks handsome!

The one who is alive is the individual winner!

But he still feels that he should follow the fine traditions of the older generations, be a low-key person, do things honestly, and make a fortune in silence!

As for the seemingly beautiful but thankless limelight like Save the World, let the people from other colleges go out.

For example, the black-haired teenager with black-rimmed glasses over there is a good candidate.

It’s just… things don’t seem to be what he wants every time.

“Give you a chance, you are not useful!”

Looking at Harry in the clearing, who had been knocked to the ground by Voldemort, Link, who was hiding in the crowd of onlookers, said bitterly.

Then, under the expectant gaze of the surrounding, Link decisively took out his wand and rushed up.

PS: The old author’s new book, the 231W completed work “Harry Potter: The Raven’s Claw”, update is guaranteed.

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Short Title:TSBH
Alternate Title:霍格沃茨的最强之獾
Author:Don't call me Chen Ergou
Weekly Rank:#2170
Monthly Rank:#1088
All Time Rank:#2044
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Handsome Male Lead, Harry Potter, Level System, Magic, Magic Beasts, Mysterious Past, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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  2. No me explico, el idiota hizo que lucius se quedará con el diario??? Que le pasa, quiere que se le cómplice aún más la vida???

  3. No entiendo, el autor al hacer esta generando la misma trama que el original pero complicándolo más haciendo que el MC haga estupideces como la de hacer que el diario caiga en una persona al azar sin su control, sin contar que esta haciendo parecer a Dumbledore como un intrigante bastardo sin escrúpulos

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