Mu Qing learned that the wedding was on December 12.

I was really shocked.

It's too fast.

When Lin Fan told her to get married, she had accepted, knowing that this was the best result and the situation she had been expecting, but when she heard that there was not much time before the wedding.

She was completely stunned.

The whole person looked a little confused and did not recover for a short time.

Until after thinking for a while.

She had already figured it out and accepted the day set by Lin Fan. It was difficult to say, a little complicated, but it was more of an expectation. For anyone, a wedding is something that women are more yearning for and men are more looking forward to.

Lin Fan was very busy during this time.

He needs to post an invitation.

Since Wu Sheng was taken back by the elders of the clan, he has been restrained and forbidden to go anywhere. Who would let him make no contribution to the world of recovery.


At this time, Wu Sheng stayed in the confinement room as usual, flipping through the books, but thinking of other pictures in his mind. He liked it very much. Although his strength was not a big deal there, he had a very happy life. .


There was movement outside.

It seemed that the clansmen were shouting that there was an enemy attack. This was a rare thing for Wu Sheng. He didn't know anyone who dared to come to the Wu clan to make trouble, except that he was impatient.

"Wu Sheng, are you there?"

Hearing someone calling his name, Wu Sheng was still curious, and then suddenly felt that the voice was very familiar, and a familiar picture immediately appeared in his mind.

Lin Fan!

"I'm here." Wu Sheng replied, and then walked outside regardless of the guardian's obstruction.

He was curious.

I don't know what Lin Fan came to do with him.

When he saw the situation outside, he was a little surprised. The older generations in the clan had already surrounded Lin Fan. Of course, they didn't dare to approach, but blocked all directions.

"Everyone, don't be impulsive, he came to me." Wu Sheng said hurriedly.

He is most afraid that his own family will attack Lin Fan all the time, but how about the result?

It must be that the southeast, northwest and northeast where my family has been beaten old can not be captured.

The Wu clan elders all looked at Lin Fan warily.

"What's the matter?" Wu Sheng was a little excited. It's been so long. He didn't expect Lin Fan to come to him on his own initiative. It seems that his position in others' hearts seems to be OK.


"this is?"

"Invitation, I invite you to come to my wedding."

Wu Sheng was stunned. He really didn't expect Lin Fan to get married. This kind of thing in his mind was something he hadn't even thought about. The strong rarely get married.

This is something he rarely sees.

"Well, I will definitely arrive on time." Wu Sheng said.

Lin Fan said, "Well, I'm going to send invitations to others, so I won't bother you for now, bye."

Even if there were so many clan elders blocking him, Lin Fan still came as he wanted, and left as he wanted, disappearing into everyone's sight in the blink of an eye.

Wu Sheng looked at the invitation with a smile on his face, and then said:

"Dear clan elders, this is the Lin Fan I'm talking about. He is powerful and invincible. The Wu clan's way of survival is to befriend him.

He hoped that the elders would understand.

Don't mistake yourself.

Lin Fan sent the invitation to Dragon God, and then thought about who else...

Oh, yes, there is a little Tathagata.

Although the relationship between the two parties is not so close, but they have also met, the invitation will naturally be invited.

Little Tathagata already knew that Lin Fan had taken the Dragon God into the forbidden sky. He was quite envious, and he couldn't wait to stay by Lin Fan's side and take him in with him.

He asked the Dragon God to tell him the situation there.

Seeing that the little Tathagata had a good attitude, he explained some of the situations in the forbidden space under the starry sky. The face of the little Tathagata who heard it changed many times, it was like a face change, which was exceptionally wonderful.


Seeing the invitation sent by Lin Fan, Xiao Tathagata naturally agreed to go back. He also wanted to have a good relationship with Lin Fan, and hoped that he would continue to take him when he could go next time.


Yanhai City.

The Demon Sister looked at the invitation in her hand.

"He is getting married?"

"Also invite us?"

These sisters are a little confused, they do know Lin Fan, but this kind of familiarity is a vengeful familiarity, and now they have the face to invite them to the wedding.


I have never seen such a brazen one in my life.

"Sister, this kind of behavior is a provocation, I can't take it anymore."

"No, sister, let's go and see."


They pondered carefully.

Decided to attend the wedding, not only to attend, but also to leave the deepest impression at the wedding, dress up well, and amaze the audience.

A residence.

There are two invitations on the table.

"Little, you can see it, this is the scumbag. He used to be very enthusiastic about you, as if he was very interesting to you. He turned around and married someone else. Fortunately, my sister kept watching you and didn't let you be deceived. Got it, now you are dumped."

Han Yan looked at the two invitations on the table very, very fortunately.

Han Xiaoxiao said: "Sister, we are not as innocent as you think."

"Little girl, elder sister believes you are innocent, but that guy, you listened to what your elder sister said, his eyes are piercing, his eyes exuding a color, he is definitely not innocent." Han Yan said angrily.

Han Xiaoxiao said: "Sister, you..."

She knew that her sister had great opinions on Lin Fan, but this opinion was too big.

What the other person said is useless.

Han Yan said: "Okay, okay, I know what you are going to say, none of this is important. Didn't he want us to attend his wedding, then we will attend."

Han Xiaoxiao pursed his lips and smiled.

She also knew that her sister wanted to participate, and all that was said was a kind of arrogance.


"What the **** are you doing?"

Lin Fan still remembers that he came to the other party just to send him invitations. Although he didn't have many contacts, in his impression, he was still very weak, so he had discussed with him.

The overall feeling is very good.

"right here……"

Following the smell.

Very hidden place.

"Are you here?" Lin Fan looked at the gloomy valley and shouted to the surroundings.

The Mozu has laid out the overall situation.

He was waiting quietly.

Waiting for the time to come, he will fully appear, descending into the world in an absolutely tyrannical posture, letting them know that the Demon Ancestor has arrived, and the dark moment is about to envelop the whole world.


The Demon Ancestor opened his eyes, condensed his breath, frowned, and his face was puzzled.

Who the **** is it?

Unexpectedly found here.

Yun and Succubus were captured by the Demon Ancestor. They knew their fate was to be part of the Demon Ancestor. Even if they wanted to resist, they didn't have this ability.

Immediately after.

It was a bit strange to hear someone call his name, but also a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

Until a figure appeared in front of him.

He exclaimed.

"How did you find here?"

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