Lin Fan left from the special department. He understood the one-eyed man's request. Thinking about it carefully, it seemed that there was a little reason.

  Although he thinks those starry sky clans are very weak.

   But for others, it’s still a bit more powerful.


   in case of trouble.

  He is still happy to solve these things.


  "Dragon God, are you busy?" Lin Fan asked the Dragon God friendly.

  Dragon God looked at Lin Fan in surprise, a little puzzled, "Not busy, what's the matter?"

   Lin Fan said: "I have something to do with Lao Zhang. If you have something, you can go back first, and I will take the initiative to look for you when I have the opportunity."

   "Oh, I'm okay, it's okay." Dragon God is very decisive. He has already heard the overtones, simple and straightforward, the meaning is very clear, can you roll?

  The evil rooster squinted his eyes, paying attention to the dragon god.

  So little insight?

   has already said so clearly.

   also pretended not to understand.

  If I were you, I would have gotten off with my tail tucked in. I didn't see Lin Fan taking us out. I didn't even bring Polk or Archimonde with me. I just didn't want to have too many strangers by my side.

  Lin Fan said: "Oh, I thought you had something to do, then you go and have a look first, we'll leave first, and I will find you when I have time."

  Don’t wait for Dragon God to say more.

   turned around and left.

  Dragon God looked at their backs, with an indescribable sadness in his heart, and sighed, "I want to walk into your heart, but you are closed in your heart. It's hard to do."

  He really wants to be friends with Lin Fan.

  Unfortunately, he did not give a chance.

   shook his head.

go away.

  Gift Box Shop.

  The boss is a middle-aged woman. She was a little nervous when she saw a group of strange guys walking into the store, but when she saw ginseng, the woman stared.


  Go to the head and worship.

  All people in Yanhai City believe in ginseng.

  The ginseng riding on the evil rooster was startled by the other's actions, and then reacted. That's right, I am now the ginseng king in people's hearts, and the belief in everyone's hearts.

   "Get up." Ginseng still has a style.

The female boss stood respectfully next to ginseng with a pleased look. Of course, she also saw Lin Fan and knew that this was the patron saint of our country, but compared with ginseng, women still wanted to please ginseng, after all, ginseng was given The benefits are more substantial.

   Lin Fan said: "Hello boss, I want to make some invitations."

   "Marriage? Or birthday?"

   "Get married."

   "Okay, there are many samples here, you can choose them carefully."

  Lin Fan chose very carefully. There are a lot of samples. Some are cheap and some are expensive. Of course, the expensive ones have the advantage of being expensive. After looking at it overall, I chose the most beautiful and also the most expensive.

   "Boss, this is it."

   "Okay, no problem, what is the woman's name?"

   "Mu Qing."

   "What day is it?"

   "It's not calculated yet, when I'm done, come over and tell you."

  Fixed some simple things, he took Lao Zhang and them directly towards the green mountain.

  Qingshan Mental Hospital.

  Dean Hao leisurely drinking tea, looking in the mirror, looking left, looking right...

   "Hey! My hair seems to turn black."

  He devoted all his energy to Qingshan. The patient is everything to him. He has been so busy until now. Look carefully, his hair is white and I don’t know how much.

  I saw the hair turning black.

   Dean Hao put away the small mirror contentedly, stood in front of the window, looking at the scenery outside, how harmonious and friendly.

  It’s actually pretty good to go on like this.


  His eyes lit up, he saw someone he had missed for a long time and hurried down to greet him. There were only two people who could give Dean Hao such a performance, one was Lin Fan, and the other was Xiaobao.

  In the office.

   "I'm back." Dean Hao smiled. What he is most proud of is that he can cure Lin Fan. Although sometimes, it seems that he will get sick, but the flaws are not covered up. Overall, it is very successful.

   "Well, we are back." Lin Fan smiled and said, "I am getting married."

   "Oh, get married, what are you...what are you talking about?" Dean Hao just took a sip of tea. Hearing what Lin Fan said, his eyes were round and his expression was even more exaggerated than when the one-eyed man heard it.

   "Marriage." Lin Fan found out that their situation was strange. It was just marriage, and it seemed shocked.

   is not very understandable.

   Dean Hao said: "Is it with that Mu Qing?"

   "Yes, I am here to inform you that I am going to invite everyone to join my wedding dinner." Lin Fan said.

   Dean Hao grasped the key point and asked: "You are not here to invite me alone, but to invite everyone in Qingshan?"

   "Well, yes." Lin Fan said.

at this time.

Dean Hao feels very embarrassed. Some of this is not very good. Inviting employees is no problem. Everyone is a normal person. You can have a good conversation with you. But now you have to invite all the patients in Qingshan. Isn't it a mess?

   "That's it, I'm going to find Professor Xingkong, let him help me see the day." Lin Fan said.

   "Wait." Dean Hao said: "I know a more reliable master, in fact, you can ask him to calculate."

  I heard that Lin Fan was looking for Professor Xingkong to do the calculation.

  His first thought was...Isn't this sick?

   "No, I will find Professor Xingkong." Lin Fan said.

  He believes in Professor Xingkong's ability.

  Dean Hao didn’t say much.

  Just keep a low profile.

   "Also, just follow your idea." Dean Hao pondered. He knew that Lin Fan must call the Qingshan patients to attend the banquet. There must be no change.

  He has to think of a perfect solution.

  Otherwise, just waiting for this group of patients in the hotel, wouldn't it be a trouble.

  The ward.

  Lin Fan said: "Help me do the calculations. I am getting married. Which day is better?"

  The current Professor Xingkong has just finished his class. Monk Ah Da has forgotten the task given to him by Xiao Tathagata. Instead, he follows Professor Xingkong to feel the mystery of the universe, the mystery of the stars and so on.

  The impact of those principles on him is not small.

   has completely convinced him.

   "November 11th." Professor Xingkong looked up at the ceiling and said slowly after a long time.

  Lao Zhang said, "This is a good day, you know it is a good day when you hear it."

  Lin Fan said: "No, it’s December now. November has already passed. It’s too late next year. It’s better recently."

   Professor Xingkong said calmly: "Then December 12th."

   "Well, this is fine too." Lin Fan said.

at this time.

   Dean Hao stood outside the door.

   Overhearing what Professor Xingkong said, he knew that the disease could not be cured by that simple, but he was also surprised to find that Lin Fan actually reacted.


  He is normal now.


  These are all my credit.

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