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The Strong Beauty is a Goddess in Showbiz

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[Across the past and present + past and present life + entertainment industry]

The young priest who had been trapped in the temple her entire life committed suicide after the rebels captured her, and was reborn in modern society in the body of Qi Wu, a young girl who committed suicide by jumping into the sea.


“Rookie Assemblage Order” is a phenomenon-level talent show that has exploded in recent years. Future all-around idols, e-sports greats, top music stars, and national movie queens were still struggling to survive on this show.

However, not long after the show started, they all said that Qi Wu was the star of their lives.

Qi Wu’s daily life as a talent show participant: working, making money, and occasionally dealing with children’s problems.

Qi Wu in the eyes of netizens: strangely powerful, a boss, always crushing the audience.


Jin Si is recognized as a poisonous flower in the entertainment industry. He can only be seen from a distance and will die if he touches him. Even die-hard fans have to admit that it would be better if their male god didn’t have that mouth.

Until one day, Jin Si posted a Weibo message.

[Jin Si V: I have always been a firm fog-onlyist @祁武]

A week later, the news that the Crown Prince of the Xi family attended the dinner together with Qi Wu, who was already a top figure in the entertainment industry, became a hot topic.

Netizens immediately exploded: Help, I got a real CP!

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Short Title:SBGS
Alternate Title:怪力美人她在娱乐圈封神
Author:Langjiu Lishan
Weekly Rank:#33
Monthly Rank:#28
All Time Rank:#1304
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Devoted Love Interests, Entertainment, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Past Plays a Big Role, Priests, Rebirth, Smart Couple, Strong to Stronger, Superpowers, Transmigration,
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  1. Please help me find the novel. It's a gender blender, cultivation, and modern novel. The female protagonist is reborn again, she cross dresses as a male because her mom asked her too. She wears a sapphire or violet earring or stud which is a magic weapon to conceal her gender and has a fake Adams apple. She enters entertainment industry and sings in concerts. Somehow she gets into cultivation and later when she gets to search for her mother, she and male protagonist set to sail across a deep Ocean to another continent which is said be dangerous to cross the waters. Later on her journey she meets a girl who sacrifice herself during a fight. The FL then give that girl the title of her Wife on her funeral. When she finally finds her mother, her mother is actually from a big family. FL's father was in come or suspended animation, and her mother never back because FL's grandfather banned FL mother inside the continent. Please help me find this novel. It was really written beautifully.

  2. Apakah ada yang tahu judul cerita ini, aku agak lupa untuk awalannya tetapi yang jelas dia fl melakukan perjalanan cepat di beberapa dunia dan di bagian episode dia memiliki suami dengan kebersihan serius fl didunia itu juga menderita sakit. Lama kelamaan fl menjadi kurus dan ml membeli timbangan untuk menimbang berat badan fl setiap pulang...aaaa siapapun bantu aku 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Can anyone give the name of the novel in which MC transmigrates into a novel of ancient setting. It’s the story where the original owner is a real son of marquis where he was replaced by fake son (prince ) by original owner’s own father in order to protect the son of his first love. Inorder to survive through,MC plans to become the prince (fake sons identity) Note : fake sons mom and real sons mom are sisters. Fake sons mom is marquis first love while real sons mother is his wife

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