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Bai Xiaofei grabbed a red envelope and grabbed a space-time shuttle, possessed the ability to traverse endless time and space, and then walked farther and farther on the path of becoming a god…

The harmonious world has become extremely crazy! The storm is sweeping!

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:TSG
Alternate Title:成神风暴
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#2552
Monthly Rank:#1765
All Time Rank:#518
Tags:Male Protagonist, Quick Transmigration, Transmigration,

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21 thoughts on “The Storm God
  1. i just don’t get it. a lot of readers yelling about racism…dude this novel written by chinese for chinese readers !!!! what’s wrong with their point of view as nationalist their own country ????? they don’t plan to publish as international novels,they don’t ask you to read!! you are the one that FREE read their novels via machine translated.shouldn’t u paid for their creativity before u complaint? go and read your fcking harry potter or stupid wiro sableng…LOL..it’s nationalism not racist..dickhead!! Keep complaint chinese but reading chinese novels…HAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Hey, for you, “idiots” who think you are seeing the author’s side in writing “nationalist” phrases, any kind of prejudice or discrimination based on social perceptions based on biological differences and the place from which can be considered racism or xenophobia a person originated, regardless of whether this discrimination occurred in a public (such as this novel) or private (some conversation that you had by application). If you think that discrimination has something in common with nationalism, where there is a feeling of “belonging” to a country and, therefore, safeguarding your interests, you have serious problems.

  2. Just like other novel like this it’s the same shit the nationalism is a tumor that destroy the most of novel like this type and all the time the author transform the Mc in a dumbass that all the time stay a say that the state is a thing powerful although the Mc is more powerful his arrogance that he have when there is the argoment of the state he became a dog and lick the ass of his nation one of the thing I hate is when the Mc give away his technology to the nation like an idiot and another shit is that all the time the Mc it is fixed with martial arts are just the only method to became powerful. Is like that the other Mc that don’t have used the inner qi are shit although this is a modern day and science fiction and if I want to read a novel about cultivation I prefer to read a Novel that in primis have this bullshit like sect or other not this shit fuck when I think I have found a good novel about system,science fiction,movie ecc… At the end is all the time a shit here are a few novel that are good from first to end and the author although are Chinese don’t praise his fucking nation his fucking culture and disprect all the other nation like the other without huaxia are stupid monkey

  3. I’m getting back my 5 star, i thought it would be good as My Iron Suit but the irl world ruin it, what’s with the super power thingy? What’s with so many racism? And finally it ruin the plot of many movies. Space plot inertia bullshit, will of the world bullshit. Chinese always think they are so good, in reality almost all of they’re history is about their internal conflicts, war is among themselves. I expected too much and my expectation disappointed me.

    1. Then you should learn about the country post it

      Its the writer creativity and he had right to write
      You had right to reas or not

      Dont be such a hypocrites
      The writer not asking you to read

  4. You have the technology why you have to submit to the country just for the selfishness of the country, I read novel genres like this hundreds of times and hundreds of times I drop the fuck.

    1. Ikr? Why would you give your own technology? If he want to help his country then be their weapon dealer or something. Should have build his business empire.

      1. You know, just because in the name of helping the country you were used by certain parties, in this blog there are many novels like that and I am very disgusted to read that

        1. The most thing that piss me off in this novel is that even in the real world the author put superpowers, I can bear with it if it just some martial artist but inner qi or superpowers can ruin a modern day/sci-fi novel

  5. Ya empezamos con el odio a Japón si hay algo que no soporto es la xenofobia en este tipo de novelas, seguiré leyendo pero como haya más connotaciones racistas la dejo caer.

    1. Se acabó he aguantado 274 capitulos y prácticamente cada vez que va a otro mundo que se basa en el mundo real tiene que decir cosas malas de los demás paises como si los chinos no hubiesen hecho nada malo. De verdad esta novela me interesaba pero el racismo inherente en la historia no lo soporto.

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