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The Stepmother of a Wealthy Family Takes Care of Her Baby In Reverse In a Variety Show

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What should I do if my ex-boyfriend is in a relationship with a wealthy widow and wants to accompany her to a baby show, acting like a loving father and a filial son?

Qu Ning transformed into the aunt of her ex-boyfriend and took her stepson to the baby show together.

When the variety show starts airing, other parents prepare delicious food for their children every day, but the ex-boyfriend’s family’s food is different.

Qu Ning: “Son, please be self-reliant.”

Other parents raise their children in a fancy and joyful way, but my ex-boyfriend’s family sets a model worker standard.

Qu Ning: “Son, just stay alive.”

At first, the stepson didn’t like Qu Ning and called her a vicious stepmother.

Later, Qu Ning said, “I count to three,” and the stepson obediently called Mom.

The audience couldn’t stand it: [Qu Ning is too fierce and terrifying. ]

The stepson learned to surf the Internet overnight: “Don’t meddle in other people’s business, this is what I do.” ]

No one expected that Qu Ning’s method of raising a baby in reverse would become popular all over the Internet, and various interview invitations came one after another.

The ex-boyfriend was envious and resentful: “Qu Ning, do you think it’s really easy to get into a wealthy family? As a stepmother, you will soon be the end of the line.”

Qu Ning smiled half-heartedly: “You must be the stepfather, but I may not be the stepmother.”

Ex-boyfriend:? ?

[Entertainment Circle, Variety Shows with Children, Marriage First, Love Later 1V1]

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Alternate Title:豪门后妈在综艺反向带娃
Author:Nanxi is not happy
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Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. Боже мой, если ты читаешь это, значит, твои родители умрут через 5 лет. Чтобы разрушить это проклятие, вы должны включить этот комментарий в 5 других манг. Я извиняюсь, пожалуйста, прости меня. Я не хотел рисковать.

  2. Read this on a different website but I recommend, the step son Fu Sui Sui is very cute, even when he’s rebellious he’s actually quite caring and willing to apologize if he has wrong his mother. His mother, Qu Ning, is rather a carefree amateur mother, She isn’t overly doting and sometimes “harsh” when raising her son but that’s what makes the mother-son’s bond grow closer. Fu Xuan her husband and father of their child, is a green flag husband obsessed with his wife. Terrible summary but eh.

  3. Don’t know where the site owner gets these chapters from, but I think they ran into the protection mechanism. Because all the new stories posted have paragraph order all scrambled.

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