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The State Arranged For Me To Farm

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Lin Ling, who had wood-type abilities, died in the first year of the end of the world, and it has been ten years since he opened his eyes again. After ten years of turmoil, zombie siege, and natural/natural/disaster/disasters, the city has all become In the ruins, very few people survived.

At this time, in order to rebuild their homes, to resettle the surviving people, and to encourage planting, the country allocated land according to the head, and each person allocated a large piece of land.

Holding the land use right certificate, Lin Ling rushed to the land allocated to her by the state. Along the way, she was planning to plant rice first, then raise chickens, and raise two big fat pigs.

When she was full of fantasies about the abundance of grains and flocks of chickens and ducks, she rushed to her new home and looked at the scorched black hills with no grass growing, um… she should start by planting trees.

Year after year, as far as Lin Ling could see, there were green hills and green waters, gurgling water, flocks of chickens and ducks…a piece of scorched and desolate land became full of vitality.
Looking at the vibrant village, the only downside is that Lin Ling is alone for ten miles around, so lonely!
She looked at the golden wheat field, spent ten catties of wheat generously, and bought a companion, who was su and handsome, but a little clingy, and always wanted to meet her.
Lin Ling looked at the wheat field, um… She has reason to suspect that the chatter is coveting the wheat in her field!

1. Daily farming + infrastructure.
2. Daily update, update at nine o’clock in the morning.
3. The author’s writing style is average, there are bugs, super overhead, everything is for the plot, enjoy reading the text and pictures, please don’t delve into it.

Content tags: farming culture infrastructure
Search keywords: Protagonist: Lin Ling ┃ Supporting role: Please bookmark! ┃ Others: Farming Literature, End Times,
One-sentence introduction: I am engaged in infrastructure construction in the last days
Conception: Work hard to live a happy life Daily farming + infrastructure.

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Short Title:TSAFMTF
Alternate Title:国家安排我去种田
Author:Hope for the stars
Weekly Rank:#2938
Monthly Rank:#2757
All Time Rank:#7028
Tags:Apocalypse, Childcare, Female Protagonist, Modern, Slow Romance, Superpowers,
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  1. Okay, I'm up to chapter 38, and the FL is trying to teach a human kid, a mutant dog, a mutant fish, and her pet mutant vine, how to read. Not sure how much longer I can keep going with this.

  2. it's the end of the world, the human race is near extinction and there's still a state? and a certificate of land use?? wtf, the CCP still exist???

  3. another novel from this author is: After I Lost My Job, I Went Home To Farm extra chapters can be read here https://www.chaudfroidjp.com/sogou/36589/

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