"Congratulations to Dahan Prince Najib, Qin State wishes Dahan Prince and Concubine carry the white heads together!"

Qin Antai, the prince of the State of Qin, was the first to stand up to congratulate him.

This banquet was originally for the engagement of the prince and the princess, and Qin State had been completely controlled by Luo Gonghua.

No matter what Qin Antai thought, on the face of it, Qin Antai could only bow his head to congratulate him.

"Mingguo wishes the prince and princess of the Han Dynasty be united forever!"

With a faint smile on Ming Ruofeng's face, he couldn't tell the way he was just left out by Bai Lian and Luo Gonghua.

After Ming Ruofeng came out to congratulate him, the royal family or envoys of other countries also stood up one after another, blessing the body slightly.

"Hexi Dahan Prince and Princess!"

Bai Lian raised her eyes to look at the people standing behind Ming Ruofeng, her eyes narrowed slightly.

This Mingruofeng is very unusual.

Qin Meier's charming eyes kept staring at Luo Gonghua, and she didn't mean to stand up to congratulate him.

How could the little girl in front of him be worthy of such a godlike character!

Qin Mei'er saw Bai Lian wearing a black cloak, her eyes were full of disdain.

How can someone who can't even wear clothes be worthy of sitting next to a god?

"I thank you for Hua'er." Emperor Luo's deep laughter came, "I heard that Ruofeng and Princess Qin are also approaching, and I congratulate you on behalf of the big man!"

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

The corners of Ming Ruo's mouth raised slightly, blessing his body slightly.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

As soon as Ming Ruofeng's words fell, the envoys and royals of other countries behind him also blessed his body just like Ming Ruofeng.

Obviously, the envoys of neighboring countries and the royal family are on the side of Ming Ruofeng.

The strength of the big man has recently become stronger and stronger. People in the surrounding countries have a sense of crisis. Coupled with Ming Ruofeng's dealings, some of them have other ideas.

Qin Antai, the prince of the State of Qin, was stunned for a moment, then he arched his hand at Emperor Luo and returned to his position with his eyes down.

In comparison, he is the most polite and respectful person.

However, he is involuntarily involuntarily, the country is gone, he is just a puppet.

However, whether the puppet will go back depends on the ability of the puppet and the puppet master.

"Why didn't Princess Ruoxue come?"

Emperor Luo's face remained unchanged, as if he hadn't seen the situation just now, and looked at Ming Ruofeng gently.

"The emperor sister was ignorant last time, and the emperor father sentenced her to ban, so she didn't come together!"

Ming Ruofeng still had a smile on his face.

Ming Ruoxue would only bring her over when it was of use value.

However, she is so stupid that she doesn't know how to score, and she might ruin his good deeds!

Therefore, he did not bring Ming Ruoxue with him this time.

When I brought her here last time, I still thought that her kindness could come in handy, but unfortunately...

Ming Ruofeng calmly skipped Bai Lian's delicate face, and shook his head slightly.

She was a stunning beauty, but she was still a bit worse than Qin Mei'er, who was known as the best.

Ming Ruofeng couldn't understand why this person has such a big charm that even his emperor sister lost to her.

"That's a shame! Princess Ruoxue is so beautiful, if she comes, it would be great!" Emperor Luo shook his head with regret, "I still have two sons and no concubines yet!"

Luo Mingchuan and Luo Mingrui's faces twitched at the same time, and their faces were a bit hideous.

Obviously, they are not happy!

Luo Mingchuan: As far as the place where birds don't **** in Mingguo, can there be more money in the house of Lord Shui?

Luo Mingrui: I heard that Emperor Ming gave birth to another son, and want to abolish Ming Ruofeng? Then Ming Ruoxue, the twin sister, is also going to be down?

Any poor ghost is not worthy of him Luo Mingrui!

When Ming Ruofeng raised his eyes, he saw Luo Mingchuan and Luo Mingrui's disgusting expressions. Ming Ruofeng's face stiffened slightly and disappeared quickly.

"Your majesty praised it, the emperor sister is so pretty, I'm afraid she won't be able to get into the eyes of the two princes." Ming Ruofeng said with a smile.


Luo Mingchuan and Luo Mingrui breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, relieved.

This is a huge crowd, the two are really afraid that his father would mess up the mandarin ducks, and betroth the poor princess to one of them!

Emperor Luo glanced at his two sons who were relieved, then glanced at Ming Ruofeng, whose face was slightly stiff, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.



A little bastard, dare to play tricks in front of him!

Just the appearance of Ruoxue's sick seed, let alone rationing Luo Mingchuan, it is Luo Mingrui, she is not worthy!

This was the first time Emperor Luo felt that a girl was not worthy of Luo Mingrui.

In short, this is the only highlight moment for Luo Mingrui.

Ming Ruofeng sat back on the futon cross-legged, turned his head to look at the blue gum, and slightly raised the wine glass in his hand.

Eucalyptus globulus nodded slightly, picked up the wine glass and sent it forward slightly, then took a sip of the wine.

The mouth of the wine is slightly sweet, with a little fruity aroma, looking down at the wine glass, but it is colorless.

"This wine is very sweet, worthy of being the best spirit of the big man!"

After Ming Ruofeng finished drinking, he had an aftertaste on his face.

Gumball glanced at the jug in front of Ming Ruofeng, and said gently, "This wine is also the strongest wine of the big man, everyone, don't drink too fast!"

Ming Ruofeng pinched the glass slightly, lowered his head and sipped the spirits.

There was a trace of doubt on the faces of the Han courtiers in the row behind Eucalyptus, is this strong liquor?

The entrance is sweet, with a hint of fruity aroma, it is clearly not intoxicating fruit wine!

But... the emperor was sitting on it, and no one dared to discuss anything.

Therefore, the people on the blue gum side drink a glass of wine, and the people on Ming Ruofeng drink a few drops of wine.

This is the evil taste belonging to Emperor Luo.

Everyone drinks fruit wine, and outsiders are the strongest spirits.

In the land of the big man, Emperor Luo never refused to suffer!

"Your Majesty, I have heard that your country's national masters have magical calculations. Mingguo also has such a magical calculation. I wonder who of them is the most powerful?"

Ming Ruofeng looked at Eucalyptus globulus with a gentle face, his eyes were meaningful.

Eucalyptus blue eucalyptus reached out and poured a glass of fruit wine, Void raised the glass to Ming Ruofeng, and drank it clean when he raised his neck.

The fruit wine is sweet and slightly spicy, very delicious.

The fruit wine in the palace was obtained from Bailian, and now it is considered a blessing.

Blue eucalyptus seldom drinks in front of outsiders, but Bailian's wine he can't give up.

As long as he thinks about it, the wine in front of him may have been brewed for nothing, he wants to drink it down his throat and sorrow.

Ming Ruofeng did not show weakness, and also took a sip of strong wine.

With spirits pouring into his throat, Ming Ruofeng's tongue pressed tightly against his upper jaw, resisting coughing.

"I don't know this." Emperor Luo pinched a snack for Queen Luo, and said, "But although the great Han's national teacher looks young, in fact, his ability is not weaker than those older old men!"

"Why don't you let them have a try?"

Ming Ruofeng looked at Eucalyptus globulus, and his eyes were full of exploration.

"I wonder if the national teacher is willing?"

Emperor Luo did not agree, but asked about blue gum.

Emperor Luo's voice was very gentle, with a hint of questioning, he was very kind to Eucalyptus globulus.

The courtiers on the side of the big man are not surprised, the emperor's favor for the current state teacher is almost the same as that for the prince!

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