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The Space Doctor Became the Favorite of the Exiled Powerful Minister

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[Space farming + miracle doctor koi + gourmet pet husband imperial examination + group pet healing]

In his last life, he went from a poor scholar to a traitorous and powerful minister, and he suffered infamy throughout his life.

Only Jiang Zhiluo knew that he was pure and upright, but he was misunderstood to protect her.

After her death, Jiang Zhiluo traveled through two lives and came back with a full-level wood power, becoming a country girl with the same name.

Seeing Cui Hejin, who was extremely beautiful, sick and exiled to the countryside, she started farming and doing business to repay her kindness and pursue her husband’s favor.

He is the eldest son of Cui Mansion, an ancient family. He is like a orchid or jade tree, cold and forbidding. Even though he is exiled to the bitter cold countryside, he still remains dignified and self-possessed.

At first, Cui Hejin refused coldly: “Cui’s frail body is not worthy of Miss Jiang.”

Later, all Cui Hejin’s tenderness and affection were given to her. Instead of being cold and forbidding in the past, there was only tenderness and affection, “Don’t leave, I will give you whatever you want.”

She accompanied Cui Hejin through the most difficult time. Later, everyone knew that she was the treasure in the palm of the powerful minister Cui Hejin’s life.

Later, her life experience was revealed, and her status was extremely noble. She became a legend because of her outstanding contributions to the people of the dynasty, and she also became the favorite of the noble bosses from all sides.

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Short Title:TSDBFEPM
Alternate Title:空间医女成了流放权臣心尖宠
Author:Fengyuan Candy
Weekly Rank:#87
Monthly Rank:#141
All Time Rank:#2651
Tags:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Medical Knowledge, Rebirth, Second Chance,
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  1. 50 chapters and the space was only mentioned once.. why dont she go to mountain and find ginseng or something to upgrade her space and cure her husband at the same time... its useless mc too many dragging plots....

  2. Hey, guys I am looking for a novel fl name is baitang she is forcefully bended by the system and transmigrate into the world she is told to change the villain to stop hime from destroying the world using love but she don't listen to the system and do it in here on way she is very powerful she transmigrate into different world to change villain and stop them from destroying the world all villains are same person 1 St arc is zombie arc

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