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The Soft and Sticky Spirit In Master Yu’s Eyes is a Full-scale Boss

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She found that her fiance was sick and squeamish, but it was a little expensive to raise.
The poor and poor high-level bosses have to make money to support their husbands while accumulating merits.
Then, he went to the construction site to move bricks and was caught by his husband. He set up a stall at the door to tell fortunes and was carried back by his husband. He went out to catch demons and was carried back by his husband.
The big devil is very distressed, what should my husband do if he always wants to keep her at home?
Yu Chao is rich and Huaizhi is helpless, what should the little girl always like to go to dangerous places?

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Alternate Title:郁爷眼中娇软的黏人精是满级大佬
Author:Plums are a little salty
Weekly Rank:#1451
Monthly Rank:#2249
All Time Rank:#3920
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Cultivation, Devoted lovers, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Marriage, Martial arts, Match made in heaven, Modern World, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Naive Protagonist, Past Plays a Big Role, Possessive Characters, Powerful couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Reincarnation, Strong Love Interests,
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  1. The irritable Yu Jingshen wanted to jump up and use his size 42 shoes to step on his face of size 45. idk about the story but i'm 100% using this from now on

  2. I looking for novel talking about the MC golden finger is a mirror for made him travel into the other world in this world that there is a real God in this world he find his body In the sewer because he was robbed when he we're coming back from College to home to the old man who raise him up.and I don't remember see that on this website but it is west fantasy

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