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The Soft and Adorable Host was Picked Up by the Yandere Bigshot

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Bai Sang, who only lived for 18 years, died from a heart disease and was bound to a system with the task of seducing the villain.

The villains had tragic life experiences, often physiologically distorted, cruel and heartless, and paranoid by nature.

Bai Sang transmigrated into the body of a sickly and introverted young lady, and the villain had just recently become her little attendant.

【Seduction Task One: Skin contact with the villain for ten seconds.】

Bai—thin-skinned—Sang’s face flushed, and she didn’t dare to look straight at him. Her voice was warm and soft: “I… Can I hold your hand?”

Evil villain: “Good.”

Bai Sang transmigrated into an oceanographer, and the villain was a blood-tailed mermaid who had just been caught ashore by her.

【Seduction Task One: Touch the villain’s fishtail for ten seconds.】

Mermaids are cruel by nature, especially the blood-tailed mermaids, who are born to slaughter fiends.

Bai Sang looked pale and her dark eyes tinged with a touch of fear. She half-knelt in front of the mermaid and pitifully spoke: “I… May I touch your tail?”

The corner of the mermaid’s mouth hooked up into a malicious smile: “Yes.”

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Short Title:SAHPBYB
Alternate Title:软萌宿主被病娇大佬捡走了
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Monthly Rank:#460
All Time Rank:#1446
Tags:Aggressive Characters, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Cold Love Interests, Cute Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Entertainment, Episodic, Fated Lovers, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Male Yandere, Modern World, Persistent Love Interests, Possessive Characters, Shy Characters, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping, Zombies,
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46 Comments on “The Soft and Adorable Host was Picked Up by the Yandere Bigshot
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  1. The story is light and calm,I like it very much.But about the mc character, i don't know if being stupid,a little lack of common sense,being short,having soft voice,and timid relly that cute?So many loopholes and almost unrealistic.Anyway only the apperiance is cute but not the personality that why it is annoying when reading this kind of fl.They are too common,(I mean tsundere are more cute even if they do not have a round eyes,small face,soft voice and not being timid because their personalities make them cute and interesting,right?)Anyway this story is okayyyyyyy.

  2. Why you should read this novel? -Very light novel.Good for readers who's tired reading novels full of annoying people.The character is timid,weak,fragile but she's good to the male lead no matter what happen.It was a good novel but i just can't stop comparing her to white lotus and basically useless,pampered bitch i've read in my previous novel. -She got a system but her system is completely useless.Don't expect an OP mc because she is basically useless,all she can do is seduce the male lead although it is her job to seduce the ml. -i understand that she barely lives 18 before she died because of illnes but atleast she don't need to be that weak minded MC,she can't even overcome her fears.She rely always to ML as if she is not the MC but the ML instead.As i said she is useless,her system is useless too even her mindset is weak after she died.She become a complete useless and pampared mc,all she need to do is follow the system task and wait for the plot to happen.She did nothing but seduce the ml. -No actions,no heavy drama.Just a complete useless system with a sickly host who do nothing as if she can't live without the mc. -The system is just a system,no cheats,no points,no skills. P.s I loved reading something like this before not until i read sidestories of a villains and OP system novels.

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