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Puff puff!

Blood sprayed, those strange eternal eternity, their bodies, once again burst and destroyed under the attack of Ye Feng.

However, it hasn't been too long before these strange and unknown eternal bodies reappeared, and they are intact!

Ye Feng's eyes glowed, staring at those strange and unknown eternal ones.

Now, he fully appreciates his sense of powerlessness.

Have eternity.

It is very difficult to destroy these strange and unknown eternal ones in this way, it is almost impossible to do it!

He sighed, and did not continue to fight.

Integrating another of his blood and bones, his strength has increased a lot, but still has not reached the level that can destroy the eternal!

He continued to fight like this, and was just doing useless work. He needed to think of other ways.

"Just give up?"

"Oh, Daoyou, you gave up too quickly."

"Yeah, the new and eternal ones in front insist on longer than you."

These strange and unknown eternals said indifferently.

They did not deliberately ridicule Ye Fengcai so much, but they all told the truth.

The new eternals in the front insisted longer than Ye Feng, and Ye Feng gave up a little bit earlier.

Ye Feng looked indifferent, ignoring these strange and unknown creatures, and he left here.


He was far away, thinking of the earth.

When you reach the top of your spiritual practice, you can enter the earth, where is the ultimate home of the top strong.

Supreme Pangu is living on earth!

He had obtained the handwriting left by Supreme Pangu.

That handbook, even if he stepped into eternity, is still used, the realm strength of Pangu Supreme is undoubtedly very terrifying and terrifying!

"Isn't eternity the highest state?"

He whispered, feeling a little puzzled.

Normally, eternity should be the highest state, but he did not sense the space of the earth!

In fact, not only did he not feel it, but the other one, after stepping into eternity, still did not feel it.

According to his speculation, it is estimated that these strange and unknown eternals were never sensed.

If you want to enter the space of the earth, whether it is him, or those strange and unknown eternity, you need to make some progress!

Otherwise, there is no way to enter the space of the earth.


He stepped forward and came to the earth, wanting to find that special layer of space on the earth.

However, he did not succeed.

He searched for a long time, but none of that special space was found.

There is no way to get into the special space of that layer, there is no way to enter that special space!


He sighed, originally wanted to enter that special space, to see the strong ones, such as Pangu supreme, there is no way to destroy those strange and unknown eternal.

However, he thought more.

This road does not work!

"Is eternity the culmination?"

Ye Feng's eyes shone, and felt that eternity is not the culmination. Above eternity, there is a higher state of existence.

Those strange and unknown creatures think that eternity is the culmination, and since then have completely abandoned their practice.

He is different, he wants to step into the realm above eternity!

Uh, uh, uh!

He came to a place, sat down with peace of mind, and practiced, trying to repair the realm to a higher level.

However, this road also failed.

The realm above eternity is not something you can enter if you want to enter.

In addition, whether there is a higher realm above eternity is still difficult to say.

Under such circumstances, he wants to rely on cultivation to cultivate to a higher level above eternity, which is undoubtedly impossible!

He practiced for a long time, but he could never step into the realm of eternity.

Even, let alone stepping onto the realm of eternity, he couldn't even realize the slightest sensation he had born.

In the realm above eternity, he has no way to go.

Finally, he stopped practicing.

"If you want to break through eternity, it can't be done by cultivation!"

Ye Feng's eyes glowed and no longer practiced.

He came to heaven.

At this time, the sky is full of mess, there is no place intact, the law of order is broken, and the world environment is extremely poor!

"This is actually a magic weapon!"

He stared at God and observed the essence of God.

God is a magic weapon, not a special space.

He didn't know who this weapon was, but it was indeed a weapon!

Uh, uh, uh!

He clasped his hands and traced the past.

Now, in terms of his strength, it is not a big problem to pursue such a pursuit.

After a period of time, he fully and thoroughly understood the past.

The strong man with the palm in his hand was once an invincible emperor, and he fought against strange and unknown creatures until he died.

Finally, God fell.

Later, God was discovered, and the creatures of this era began to enter God, trying to avoid the strange and unknown disaster in God.

It is for this reason that the strange and unknown power that exists in the God can be eliminated.

"I'll fix it."

Ye Feng's face was calm, his hands were knotted, and he had an extremely powerful force to repair the sky.

He is too strong and has stepped into eternity.

The repair of God was very easy, and no problems were encountered.

It didn't take long for God to recover completely.

Even, it is even more amazing and transcendent than before it was destroyed.

"Thank you!"

There is a sound in the gods, that is the spirit of gods.

Ye Feng completely restored God, and the spirit within God also recovered.

"you are welcome."

Ye Feng said.

God is completely restored. He lets the spirit of God look at God. After his strength reaches the level of heaven, no matter what kind of identity comes from, he can be tempered in God.


Ye Feng's stride moved directly to Shennong and other powerful people.

Masters such as Shennong and others, as well as the fighting power of the heavenly emperors, are all here.

"Does the senior come from the space of the earth?"

Ye Feng looked at Shennong and asked.

Shennong is a character in myth and legend on earth, he wants to understand Shennong's past.

"If I come from that level of space, do I need this?"

Shennong smiled bitterly and said, "It is precisely because I am not from that layer of space. I came here. I want to improve here and finally set foot in that layer of space!"

Ye Feng nodded and said, "I see."

God has fully recovered, and the materials present in it are more amazing and transcendent, far more than before, and more suitable for monks to practice!

"Teach the Bible!"

Ye Feng is right, saying: "I hope that the seniors will have some understanding and then step into a higher realm."

He is very polite, even if he has stepped into eternity, the strength is much stronger than Shennong and other strong men.

However, he still called the seniors such as Shennong and other powerful people.

Powerful people such as Shennong, without exception, are absolutely worthy of his respect.

No matter which one is strong, they are struggling to fight, worthy of admiration!

Afterwards, he began to preach and preach, leaving all his practice experience along the way to Shennong and other powerful people.

He is the only person who destroys the strange and unknown eternity. At least he cannot do it without breaking through the eternal realm.

Therefore, he wants to cultivate more eternals, and together to destroy those strange and unknown eternals.

"Daoyou still didn't give up."

"How easy is eternity?"

The strange and eternal voice sounded, and they have always been concerned about Ye Feng's whereabouts.

They knew what Ye Feng wanted to do.

However, they did not stop anything.

On the one hand, as they said, eternity is not so easy to enter.

Even if Ye Feng imparted all his experience without reservation, it is impossible to step into eternity!

If you want to step into eternity, the most important thing is to look at the individual!

Ye Feng ignored these strange and unknown eternals, and he was still concentrating on imparting experience to the powerful such as Shennong.

Such teaching took a long time.

Ye Feng imparted all his experiences to Shennong and other powerful people.

Next, it depends on the power of Shennong and other powerful people to determine where they can go.

Subsequently, he left God and came to immortality.

In the immortal ground, the same damage was severe, and the intact area between heaven and earth was almost gone.

Compared with God, immortality is more mysterious and amazing!

Ye Feng wanted to explore the past of the immortal land, using retrospective methods, but he did not succeed!

Later, Ye Feng gave up and did not continue to trace.

"Almost all the eternals come out of the immortal land, which is difficult to trace and normal!"

Ye Feng said.

Those who are strange and unknown forever are not born to be strange and unknown creatures.

They were also normal creatures at the beginning, just like other plane realms.

It was after they stepped into eternity that they changed and became strange and unknown creatures.

As Ye Feng said, most of the roots of these eternals come from the immortality.

Under such circumstances, he wanted to trace everything back to the immortal, which is destined to be very difficult, not so easy to achieve.

"It cannot be said that the immortality will be completely restored, but I will do my best!"

Ye Feng's eyes flickered, and the whole body burst out with extremely powerful and terrifying power, repairing the immortal land, and allowing the immortal land to recover.

To be eternal, he is not omnipotent.

The origin of the immortal ground is extremely horrible and terrible. He wants to restore such an immortal ground in full.

All he can do is try his best to restore the immortality!

A little bit of time passed. This kind of recovery was more time-consuming than the recovery in the sky. After a very long time, he stopped.

The immortality at this time has completely changed its appearance, although there is still no way to compare it with the oldest.

However, the immortality at this time should also be stronger than the immortality before it happened.

In the immortal land at this time, there are amazing and vigorous spiritual materials everywhere. Under such circumstances, the spiritual practice of monks will undoubtedly become easier and simpler.

Ling Xue, Fat Man, Jiang Shui and others are immortal.

After Ye Feng restored the immortality as much as possible, he came to Ling Xue, Fat Man, Jiang Shui and others.

"You came."

Ling Xue's clothes were fluttering, beautiful and immaculate, and her big eyes looked at Ye Feng with love.

"It hurts you."

Ye Feng looked at Ling Xue and felt very guilty.

He and Ling Xue have always been together and separated, he is so sorry Ling Xue.

There are many times when he hopes that he and Ling Xue are not so-called monks, but ordinary ordinary mortals, and then spend their lives together.

"No pain, everything is over, our good days are coming!" Ling Xue said to Ye Feng with a smile.


Ye Feng laughed and said, "Everything is over, a good day is coming."

"Is it over? Daoyou?"

"What are you talking about, Daoyou!"

The voice of the strange and unknown eternal sounded in Ye Feng's ear.

However, this kind of sound can only be heard by Ye Feng, but not by Ling Xue and others.

Ye Feng ignored these strange and unknown eternal ones.

He also did not inform the facts to Ling Xue and others. Ling Xue and others thought that the matter was over.

"Family! I want to have a baby with you!"

Ye Feng laughed and took Ling Xue into his arms. He wanted to get married and have a baby with Ling Xue.

"What are you talking about!" Ling Xue gave Ye Feng a white glance, so many people were here, why didn't Ye Feng know anything about it?

However, she still felt very happy, and her head was deeply buried in Ye Feng's arms.

"Announce the planes of the heavens, I want to hold a grand wedding for you!" Ye Feng said.

The horizons of the planes of the heavens have been greatly impacted and destroyed.

Ye Feng used the Three Cleansing Techniques, which allowed many dharma bodies to act and help the heavens to recover.

The restoration of the plane boundaries of the heavens is relatively simple and easy. Ye Feng's dharma bodies did not take much time to help the plane boundaries of the heavens recover completely.

The news that Ye Feng and Ling Xue were going to get married after the restoration of the plane boundaries of the heavens also spread throughout the plane boundaries of the heavens!

"Welcome everyone to attend my wedding immortally!"

Ye Feng said with a smile, with his own hands, he constructed one channel after another, connecting the horizons of the heavenly planes, so that all the creatures in the heavenly planes could participate in his wedding through this passage.

Such news undoubtedly caused the spirits of the heavenly planes to boil.

Ye Feng not only saved their era, but also an eternal one!

They are able to attend the wedding of an eternal, which is undoubtedly a great honor for them.

Their descendants will certainly be proud of it!

Almost all the creatures in the plane realm of the heavens can come, and this number has reached an unimaginable level.

Under such circumstances, even if the immortality is large, it is difficult to accommodate so many creatures.

However, in Ye Feng's eyes today, these are not problems.

Ye Feng personally shot a special space in the immortal land.

And this special space is large enough, even if all the souls of the heavenly planes come, even double it, this special space can definitely be accommodated!

A little bit of time passed, and the creatures in the realm of the planes of the heavens also came to the immortal land one after another.

The wedding has officially started!

Ye Feng and Ling Xue, they are the absolute protagonists, the eyes of the creatures in the realm of the planes of the heavens are all on Ye Feng and Ling Xue!

They sincerely bless Ye Feng and Ling Xue.

The wedding was very lively, with laughter and joy, and it was also a celebration feast for the end of the disaster.

Finally, after the wedding, Ye Feng and Ling Xue entered the cave.

"Birth baby, a bunch of baby!"

Ye Feng smiled all over his face, very happy.

In the following years, Ye Feng did not do anything.

He has always been with Ling Xue.

Hundreds of years have passed in such a hurry.

As an eternal, he wanted to give birth to a heir, which is very difficult.

However, Ling Xue still gave birth to his heir, a daughter, Ye Feng named her daughter Ye Huan.

He hopes that his daughter can grow up happily.

Time passed by, and ten thousand years passed.

There is Ye Feng, and those strange and unknown eternals dare not launch any trouble.

During this period, those strange and unknown eternals created a lot of strange and unknown creatures, but they were all detected by Ye Feng and then completely destroyed!

Although Ye Feng has no way to destroy those strange and unknown eternal ones.

However, his own strength is far stronger than these strange and unknown eternal ones.

Under such circumstances, those strange and unknown eternity can only watch him destroy the strange and unknown creatures just created!

"Daoyou, the time is still short, it's okay, we can wait."

"One day you will join us."

The strange and eternal look calmly said.

The time of ten thousand years is really too short for them.

The time they spent sleeping was longer than this 10,000 years.


At this moment, a huge explosion sounded between heaven and earth, and a terrifying and terrifying breath spread in the realm of the planes of the heavens.

"It's done."

A smile appeared on Ye Feng's face, and he moved quickly, disappearing from the spot in an instant.

When he appeared again, he had come to the front of a creature.

"Congratulations Senior!"

Ye Feng smiled and congratulated, Shennong broke through the level of Heavenly Emperor and stepped into eternity!

"I can't do it without you," Shennong said.

If it wasn't for Ye Feng that left him all the experience, and Ye Feng still came to help him from time to time, he could not have said that he would break through the level of Heavenly Emperor and step into eternity!

"We will wait." Ye Feng said.

Mo Wen asked, the masters of swords, the masters of the Six Dao, and other powerful masters. They are also on the verge of breaking through, and they can break through the realm of heaven and enter eternity at any time.

"it is good."

Shennong nodded, he had fully understood and cleared Ye Feng's plan.

The chaos between heaven and earth must be completely over, and we must solve those strange and unknown eternal ones!

And in this case, time passed quickly again.

Finally, another ten thousand years have passed!

Mo Wen, the master of the sword, the master of the Six Dao, and other powerful masters, have all broken through the realm of heaven and stepped into eternity!

The number of eternals on their side exceeds the number of strange and unknown eternals!

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