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The Sickly CEO Asks For Hugs Everyday After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds

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Shen Yu was looking forward to divorce, but unexpectedly the Bingjiao CEO suddenly obtained the ability to read minds!

“Rui-ge is the love of my life!”
—— ‘Dog man still doesn’t want to mention divorce. Is he waiting for me to blow off his head?’
Feng SiRui: Does he want to kill me just to get a divorce?

“Rui-ge, I belong to you, both physically and mentally. Can you not leave me?”
—— ‘If this dog man dares to touch me, he will be in tomorrow’s headlines.’
Angered Feng SiRui: Can’t I see my own husband’s body? “As you wish, I will fulfil you.”

—— ‘Quickly take that white lotus and get away from my sight’
Helpless Feng SiRui: How can I, when I only have you in my heart?

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Short Title:SCAFH
Alternate Title:穿书:病娇大佬有了读心术后天天求抱抱
Weekly Rank:#2149
Monthly Rank:#2042
All Time Rank:#6244
Tags:Acting, Arranged Marriage, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Showbiz, System Administrator, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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21 Comments on “The Sickly CEO Asks For Hugs Everyday After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds
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  1. Why did it just end like that? It was just out of nowhere especially since we know very well how our MC felt about the ML, there was barely any feelings at all or any at all. Just when it seems like MC is maybe about to start having any sorts of feelings besides supposed dislike and wanting to get rid of the ML they suddenly got together for real all too fast, got married and it ended just like that? I really liked the story too so it caught me off guard and confused with how it just ended.

  2. Actually i always choose based on views or comments but i really won't trust other's oppinion anymore i will just read anything i want 😪 Ok this is my oppinion 👇 Eventhough yeah it was alot of shortcomings but it is quite enjoyable and i like it 😍 it was sweet and also lovely 🤗 so i believe it is a good story for reading at least once

  3. It was too rushed, I don’t even know if the mc loved the ml ☠️ Mind reading was a good plot idea but it kinda got ruined

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