After Jiang Shaoyan's high-profile show of affection during this time, the two people's votes on the most adorable CP list have far exceeded the second place, and everyone in the friend group finally does not need to help him vote every day under his coercion.

Wang Zhe didn't know about this yet. Seeing Jiang Shaoyan's mood seems to be particularly pleasant recently, he asked curiously, "Is there anything good?"

Jiang Shaoyan wanted to give him a surprise, he didn't say it, but rubbed his head: "Nothing, come practice."

The so-called practice is to improve the kiss technique mentioned earlier. It seems that the voting awards ceremony has not been for a few days. Jiang Shaoyan will practice with others when he is free. Wang Zhe naturally wants it, and gradually he dare to let go, even outside Omega demanded, and dare to pull into a secluded corner to grind.

All have prepared for the first place, but the unexpected situation happened the night before the voting deadline.

Xiaoxiao was the first to discover that crazy Aite Jiang Shaoyan in the group: [@ 蒋少琰, terrible! ! ! The third place is brushing tickets! ! ! ]

Jiang Shaoyan was lying on Wang Zhe's bed and swiping his mobile phone, and saw the message promptly sitting upright.

He moved so much that Wang Zhe, who was writing his homework at his desk, saw it and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's okay, change your posture." Jiang Shaoyan couldn't explain more, and immediately opened the Tieba voting building. As expected, the third place who had lost two or three thousand votes from them had already surpassed the second place. The gap in votes.

He scolded his voice and replied to Xiao Xiao: [Which department is the third? ] He needs to go to the other party to "talk".

Xiao Xiao: [This alpha called Xu Sheng seems to be from the computer department, I guess he is the ghost. ]

Jiang Shaoyan: [Got it. ]

When he opened the address book and just wanted to find his aunt's phone, the door of the dormitory was knocked twice.

Wang Zhe went to open the door, and there was a classmate he didn't know outside. He asked, "Who are you, who are you looking for?"

The man said nervously: "I, I am looking for Brother Yan, I am Xu Sheng of the Computer Department ..."

Jiang Shaoyan straightened his ears and immediately got out of bed and walked to the door, staring fiercely at the other party: "I haven't come to you yet. You've come to the door. Why, come to fight?"

Seeing that he was angry, Wang Zhe immediately turned from mild to dignified, and took Jiang Shaoyan behind him, without asking the reason, and said coldly to Xu Sheng: "What are you doing?"

Facing the two aggressive and aggressive masters, Xu Sheng was frightened enough and shivered: "Brother Yan, yes, sorry! I voluntarily beat, you give me the first!"

This is strange, and there are those who are rushed to be beaten, Jiang Shaoyan raised his eyebrows: "You come in and explain to me."

As soon as the door was closed, Xu Sheng opened his mouth under the scrutiny of the two of them: "Then ... It was indeed my ticket. My girlfriend asked me to take the first place, otherwise she broke up with me and said I was too It ’s better to be a freshman ... "he said, glancing at Wang Zhe carefully.

Wang Zhe also said: "What is the ticket? What is the first?"

"Don't you know that cp vote? You two are the first place. The award ceremony will be tomorrow."

This is all right, even surprises are exposed.

Jiang Shaoyan's teeth itchy: "Shut up for me!"

Wang Zhe looked at him in surprise: "Senior, are you voting for us?"

Jiang Shaoyan couldn't hold his face a little and admitted angrily: "Why, no, it's not what you look forward to."

Wang Zhe froze for a moment, then the corner of his mouth rose quickly, and his face was almost melted. "Why are you so cute ..."

"Cute **** ..." Jiang Shaoyan said slightly, and turned to Xu Sheng fiercely: "You please please your girlfriend what's the matter with me? Don't I please my boyfriend?"

Wang Zhe couldn't stop giggling.

Xu Sheng weakly said: "On this time, please, brother, I can't really lose her ... She always thinks that I am timid. If I can be the first this time, kiss her once in public, you can let She looked at me ... "

Wang Zhe smiled for a while: "... The first person wants to kiss in public?" He seemed to understand what he was looking at with his eyes ominously at his own omega these days.

"So this is ah……"

Jiang Shaoyan's head was suddenly big, and he was cautiously pierced, and dared not go to see him. He sighed at Xu Sheng: "I don't let it, why? You won't be able to look up to you if your girlfriend is the first to get the ticket? "

He wanted to reprimand a few words, but Wang Zhe pulled him into his arms and hugged him from behind.

"It's okay, just let him."

Jiang Shaoyan stunned and turned his head inconceivably: "Ah?"

"I can understand his mood. It's me. In order to make you happy, I will do everything." He has a soft voice, almost sticking to Jiang Shaoyan's ear, "I'm already very happy to vote for us. Rank is not important at all, just let him. "

Jiang Shaoyan was still reluctant and mumbled: "Why, do you know how much time I have spent ..."

Wang Zhe smiled lowly, and the heat sprayed into his ears, itchy: "I know, I also‘ practice ’with me, right?”

Jiang Shaoyan was guilty: "Not just for that vote ..."

"I won't kiss you in public." Wang Zhe said suddenly.

Jiang Shaoyan was stunned for a moment, and just wanted to ask why, Wang Zhe turned around and pressed face to face in his arms.

He said to Xu Sheng: "You can rest assured that we will not participate in the awards tomorrow, but I do n’t know if your ticket-swapping behavior can be recognized. It ’s useless to impress your girlfriend ’s heart. On your own. "

Xu Shengru was thanked in a hurry, saying he would work hard, and then quickly fled the scene of the beating.

Jiang Shaoyan raised his head from his chest and was dissatisfied: "You are too kind, and ... why don't you want to kiss me in public, what a shame."

Wang Zhe's brown and green eyes were dark and heavy: "I'm not shy, but when I kiss you, I'm the only one in my mind, and I will forget where I am. The more I kiss the more, I can't stop ..."

Jiang Shaoyan was stared at by his heartbeat, and he lowered his voice unconsciously: "Then don't stop ..."

"No, do you know what expression you are getting behind each time you are kissed?" Wang Zhe slowly approached, touching his lips with his fingers. "The mouth is red, the face is red, and the eyes are wet and idiotic ... cute Terrible, I do n’t want others to see you like that, so I wo n’t kiss you in public. "

Jiang Shaoyan finally knew what it meant to be self-eating.

The alpha that was tuned by myself, even if it is ashamed, I have to suffer.

In the end, he still listened to Wang Zhe's words and withdrew from the competition without attending the awards ceremony, which made the fans of T big and cute mourn. The people in the buddy group who helped vote for more than half a month were indignant, but after hearing the reason, they had no choice but to forgive the poor people who voted for love.

When the students hurried to the awards hall to join in the fun, Jiang Shaoyan and Wang Zhe flowed out of the school gate against the people.

Wang Zhe said he wanted to take him back to the junior and senior high schools he had studied with, to review the past.

In fact, the two schools are not far apart and can be reached in 20 minutes by car. They first went to junior high school, and Wang Zhe took him through the trail when they first met.

"The senior was really handsome at that time. In my eyes, the whole person seemed to radiate the light of the savior." Wang Zhe's eyes were admired.

Jiang Shaoyan laughed: "How can there be such an exaggeration."

He suddenly recalled something and asked again: "Hey, how could you be bullied before? I heard those people saying that you arbitrarily placed pheromones to hook up the school girl?"

Wang Zhe immediately clarified: "Absolutely not! I was young at that time, the pheromone was unstable, and I would always run out after exercise ... it was said to be like that."

Jiang Shaoyan accused himself of being too slow. When Wang Zhe told him about those past events, he should realize from his clues that his alpha was hidden, otherwise he would not be pressed into bed like that ...

Okay, maybe it will.

At the entrance of the junior high school, they refused to enter. They circled the campus and then took a taxi to the high school. The high school was relatively loose. The guards also recognized Jiang Shaoyan, the problematic student of the year, and let them in. Wandering all the way, Wang Zhe babblingly recalled:

"It hasn't changed a little bit here. I remember you always played under that basketball hoop. One-on-one wins the alpha, which is particularly powerful."

"And the small woods here, I saw an alpha blocking you, and I wanted to help you, but you hit him in a few times ..."

"Your class changes seats once a week. You will sit by the window every other month. I will see you very close when I pass by ... I will come to see you every time after class, you never found out Ever ... "

Although Wang Zhe said these words with a smile, Jiang Shaoyan felt very uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry ... I'll be fine if I found out earlier."

He had never secretly loved a person, and did not know what it was like, but just imagined those years, Wang Zhe buried his feelings in his heart silently, admiring him alone, and even playing inhibitors for him. With unsatisfactory sarcasm, the heart throbs uncontrollably.

Wang Zhe seemed to understand his thoughts, and said softly: "No need to apologize, did you think I was sad at the time? Actually not, I am content, seeing you can be happy for a day, and my mind is all for you I like it, where is there time to be sad? Instead, it is closer to you later, and the more you want to get, the easier it is to lose. "

He smiled: "Of course, now I get everything I want, with you every day, only happiness is satisfied."

Jiang Shaoyan's heart collapsed softly and took his hand to stick to his heart.

"Wang Zhe."


"Just when we just met, here, confess to me again."

Wang Zhe stunned, then came to understand, gently chuckled softly, and said softly: "Senior, I--"

"I like you, please socialize with me."

Jiang Shaoyan took the lead and raised the corner of his mouth. He was obviously a smug look, but said on his mouth: "I'm too good, my fellow, do you agree?"

Wang Zhe was beating heartily, raising his hand and gently pulling back Jiang Shaoyan's hair, which had been messed up by the wind. After checking his face for a long time, he began to sink heavily:

"I promise."

"Then you have to pamper me and love me forever, otherwise I won't spare you."

"Well, I will always ... love you."

"me too."

The sunlight in the early summer was bright and warm, illuminating Jiang Shaoyan's brows with smiles, full of love and sweetness.

"I will tell you every day in the future, I love you."


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