Another night of excessive desire, Jiang Shaoyan woke up with two big dark circles, and his throat was smoking.

Turned around and looked at the culprit around, oh, sleeping soundly sweet.

"Hiss ... hurts!" Wang Zhe was picked up from his sleep by pulling his cheeks, looking at his violent omega with discontent: "What's wrong ..."

Jiang Shaoyan could lift his arm, and his lower body looked like a broken frame. Wang Zhe was so scary that he struck hard every time he hit it. What's the use even if he blocks his mouth? The loud and loud sound almost penetrated the dormitory wall.

But this is not what made Jiang Shaoyan angry.

"Your brother, brother, dare to go to the balcony, will you do me next time to perform in public in the Thousand People Hall?"

Wang Zhe put his arms into his arms flatteringly: "You said I was hot and I took you out ... I won't let others see it."

Jiang Shaoyan still didn't buy it, and Wang Zhe clearly became bad. He just said "It's hot" and he was hugged to the open-air balcony and covered his mouth to do the work. He didn't have the strength to resist. After a few minutes, I went back to the dormitory, but in case the strange noise was noticed in the next-door dormitory, I could see it clearly by looking a bit.

"I suspect that the post has already been posted at this time. Which alpha releases so many pheromones in the middle of the night." Jiang Shaoyan glanced at him coldly. "If there is omega because your pheromone is spring, I will be derailed."

Wang Zhe's face collapsed immediately: "How can this be ..."

"Why not? You don't want others to smell my pheromone, do I want others to smell my alpha pheromone? Know your identity, you are my man, only me, OK?"

Wang Zhewen Yan said, shaking his tail happily again: "Okay, I'm wrong, I won't do that again."

Jiang Shaoyan nodded with satisfaction and patted his silly dog's head: "It's so good."

He was just talking casually, but when he swiped his phone at night, he found it really hot.

1L: "I depend, did you smell it last night? Which alpha pheromone tastes so powerful?"

2L: "Smelt it! But after a while, I feel it came from the middle of the third floor downstairs. Who lives there?"

3L: "Are you mistaken upstairs? The school can have this kind of pheromone alpha. According to my investigation, no one lives there."

4L: "Why did you investigate this kind of thing on the third floor ..."

5L: "A chicken cage warning on the third floor."

6L: "On the third floor, your village has just connected to the Internet? The new male **** alpha who conquered Brother Yan won't live there."

7L: "Lying trough!"

8L: "Lying trough!"

9L: "Lying trough!"

10L: "My day, I almost forgot this one! It is said that his pheromone burst can scare three alphas!"

11L: "Too exaggerated? His pheromone is so fierce? I thought it would be as gentle as he himself."

12L: "I don't believe it, unless let me experience it for myself."

13L: "12L, how are you?"

14L: "12L, how are you?"

15L: "12L, how are you?"

16L: "Want to experience? Okay, come to 312. Brother let you experience the experience."

17L: "Wang Zhe himself is upstairs?"

18L: "Brother, look at me! I can do anything!"

19L: "Brother choose me! My voiceless soft body is easy to push down!"

20L: "Wait, I think the tone of 16L is not quite like Wang Zhe ..."

Jiang Shaoyan sneered, and directly ate the ID on the 12, 18, and 19 floors, and typed a line in the input box: Brother is waiting for you in the dormitory, and the acquaintances will come and be beaten, otherwise it will be useless to call Dad if I know who you are. Too.

After pressing send, he threw the phone away, still uneasy, and kicked Wang Zhe, who was doing his homework at the desk. Wang Zhe was unprepared and slammed forward. The fountain pen drew a long line on the paper, and half of the worksheet was considered scrapped.

He was not angry, but turned around and still calmly calmed down: "What's wrong? Who made you angry?"

Jiang Shaoyan couldn't be more sorry. He was just making a fuss, but he didn't care about ruining Wang Zhe's homework.

"Look at your beating ... I'll copy it for you again and move it away," he said, rolling up his sleeves.

Wang Zhe smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, anyway, I'm not in a hurry to pay, have I done something wrong? Then you can fight if you want to fight."

Jiang Shaoyan took his alpha that was too docile, and he hummed twice: "What's the point of hitting you? I'm going to abuse you, go, and play with me. If you make progress, you will be rewarded."

Wang Zhe nodded immediately, put down the pen and went out with Jiang Shaoyan, and also called Liu Han and Luo Yongheng.

A group of people arrived at the playground and happened to have an empty basketball hoop. I just wanted to walk over, but found that under a shelf next to it, members of the school basketball team were practicing, including Zou Rui and Zhang Hong, and many students were watching. The other party also found them, and his face suddenly became unsightly.

Luo Yongheng asked angrily: "Brother Yan, shall we change places?"

Jiang Shaoyan didn't care at all: "It's fine here, it doesn't matter." He warmed up a little and greeted several people to start playing, not paying attention to the situation around him and the whispers of other students.

Wang Zhe was a little absent. He missed the ball several times and his expression became more and more frustrated.

Jiang Shaoyan passed the ball to Liu Han: "You are playing first." Then he trot to Wang Zhe.

"What's wrong." He took Wang Zhe's hand and shook it, with a hint of coquetry in his tone: "Don't you reward me?"

He did not intentionally do this in front of everyone, but this did not prevent everyone from being shocked by his move.

"Is this brother Yan, my **** ..."

"I didn't believe it before, but I have to believe it now ..."

"Niu Bi, Wang Zhe really Niu Bi ..."

Even Zou Rui was attracted attention.

He had known Jiang Shaoyan for nearly three years, but even when they were the closest, he had never seen Jiang Shaoyan look like this.

At that time, T did n’t know that freshman came a beautiful and arrogant omega, a group of single alphas were all about to try to conquer him to highlight their alpha style, but within a few months, when Jiang Shaoyan beat the seventh After the unintended alpha, most people have counseled, and they have not forgotten to make excuses for themselves, sourly saying that this kind of omega is boring even if it is soaked, it is not gentle and fragrant, and it is too ugly to hug.

At first, Zou Rui was not interested in Jiang Shaoyan. He was mostly a sweet omega, why should he chase a hard stone? But when Jiang Shaoyan, who has always been cold-faced and refused to accept others for thousands of miles, seemed to care so much about him, his vanity and desire to conquer swelled, and it might be interesting to think about playing for fun, so he patiently made Ambiguous, waiting for Jiang Shaoyan to take the initiative to confess.

But who knew that the plan was about to succeed, but halfway killed a Wang Zhelai.

Of course, Zou Rui is annoyed, not only because the omega is about to be robbed, but also because he has lost face, and he vowed to others that Jiang Shaoyan liked his terrible likes, and he was beaten hard. Originally thinking that Jiang Shaoyan was just mad at being with a weak **** alpha, but did not expect to be serious, and Wang Zhe was not weak at all.

He seemed to be the biggest loser.

Lose, lose, he was angry for a while, and he did n’t think about it anyway. Jiang Shaoyan was not his dish anyway, just a fresh picture, even if he caught it, it ’s estimated that he will get bored after a while, which is arrogant. How is the fierce omega comparable to other sweet and charming omega? I'm afraid it won't even be coquettish.

But at this moment he discovered that Jiang Shaoyan was actually coquettish, and he was more hooky than all the coquettish people he had heard.

"You still can't play ball?" Jiang Shaoyan still faced Wang Zhe, seemingly ignorant of the eyes and comments of the people around him, scratching Wang Zhe's palm and chuckling: "It's not much practice to do this. I teach you, brother. "

This "brother" shouted quite naturally, and was extremely indulgent and obedient. Obviously, this is what he usually calls. Everyone present knew that Jiang Shaoyan was two years older than Wang Zhe.

Zou Rui was also stunned, and there was a trace of regret in his heart.

He seems to have missed an amazingly enticing omega.

Wang Zhe was shouted in public, and was a little embarrassed: "I ..." He looked at the people around him, and whispered into Jiang Shaoyan's ear: "I'm afraid I'm playing too bad, and I'm ashamed of you ..."

Jiang Shaoyan didn't care: "We just play casually. If you are nervous, you are ashamed if you want to be embarrassed. They dare not say mine. Rest assured."

Liu Han was close, and heard it on the side, said: "... Is this what you said? Is it okay for Xiao Wang to be embarrassed?"

"Well, it doesn't matter." Wang Zhe smiled and said to Jiang Shaoyan, "I'm relieved then."

Liu Han: "... Disturbed."

The four people played for more than an hour before they left for fun. The students around them thought that there would be gossip to watch, and all the mobile phones were held in their hands to prepare at any time. Unexpectedly, nothing happened, and Jiang Shaoyan and his party left. The interest fell into disappointment, and then went away.

After the basketball team completed the daily training, Zou Rui dragged his exhausted body towards the dormitory building, thinking about Jiang Shaoyan's hook-like appearance just now, holding a fire in his heart.

Zhang Hong walked with him all the time, and he looked unhappy, probably guessing what he was thinking, comforting: "Brother Rui, they must have shown it to you deliberately, don't go to your heart, just Jiang Shaoyan's temper, private finger Maybe he is so cruel to him alpha, you should be thankful that you lost this explosive bag. "

Zou Rui thought about it, and felt a little reasonable. He was just relieved, but suddenly he glanced at two figures on a balcony of the dormitory building, and he stopped suddenly.

Zhang Hong glanced down his eyes, his eyes widened in shock.

The location of the dormitory on the third floor is not high. The light in the dormitory illuminates the balcony and makes it clear.

The two figures hugged each other and kissed again.

Jiang Shaoyan, who has always been proud and fierce in everyone's impression, is incredibly obedient at this moment, being kissed back constantly, and his waist bent down repeatedly, it seems uncomfortable, but when Wang Zhe parted his lips and wanted him to take a breath, he actively pursued It's as though craving for a kiss is like craving for alpha.

After the kiss, Jiang Shaoyan leaned on Wang Zhe's chest and didn't know what to say. Wang Zhe tightened him all at once. Jiang Shaoyan smiled a bit badly, bowing his head to Wang Zhe's throat and licking it for a while, tight Then his lips pressed against Wang Zhe's body all the way down, and finally reached the place covered by the balcony wall, never got up again.

Zhang Hong swallowed and found that his voice was a little dumb when he spoke: "Lying trough ... Brother Ge ..."

He was hard to speak, but when Zou Rui propped up, he was relieved. "Jiang Shaoyan ... maybe it was deliberately shown to you ..."

"Fart!" Zou Rui gritted his teeth, "Look what, let's go! Do you think I am not ashamed enough!"