In the middle of the week, there was a club cultural festival, which continued from day to night, and the astronomical agency where Wang Zhe was located also signed up, intending to mount several astronomical telescopes on the rooftop of the highest building of the school, inviting interested students to the evening Come and watch the stars at night.

Jiang Shaoyan, a boring non-community, went to arrange the venue early with his alpha, and he could carry heavy equipment on his shoulders with one hand and move it away without seeing any effort.

The two betas who were working together to move the same equipment could n’t help but sigh: “It ’s better to see one thing than another ...”

But Jiang Shaoyan wasn't too satisfied with his current figure. After moving things, he pulled Wang Zhe to show him his arm muscles.

"Let me show, is my muscles less obvious than before? Why does it seem to be softening when I hold it?"

Wang Zhe squeezed gently: "No, it's the same as before. It doesn't matter if it becomes soft, it comes back after practice."

"You said it was easy, how easy is it for omega to build muscles?" Jiang Shaoyan poked on Wang Zhe's biceps with a strong feel, "It's like your alpha, you can train all muscles if you like."

After he finished, he felt the chest muscles of Wang Zhe even more. Wang Zhe usually does n’t show much flesh, and almost never wears tight-fitting clothes, so he ca n’t see how he looks from the outside. Only Jiang Shaoyan has seen how strong and beautiful his alpha body is when naked, especially when sweating on the bed. As he panted, tightening the muscles of his waist and abdomen, the male hormones burst into flames, making him **** and obsessed.

Wang Zhe grabbed his turbulent hands and his ears were unnaturally red: "I'm working hard to exercise ... in order to make you like me all the time."

Jiang Shaoyan frowned: "Did this say, I don't like you if you have a stature?"

"No ... but by comparison, you definitely prefer me with a good figure, not me with a fat body."

This is true. After all, everyone loves beauty. Jiang Shaoyan does not want to struggle with this for the time being, and asks: "When do you stay with me every day, when do you go to the gym? Why don't I know."

Wang Zhe smiled and said: "I sometimes go to the playground to run and run in the morning before you wake up, and when you have classes but I don't have classes, I occasionally go to the school gym, where there are a lot of equipment."

"Good you." Jiang Shaoyan grunted, "I secretly go to the gym with my back, but let me eat so much every day, want to make me fat and ugly to highlight your handsome and handsome? Scheming alpha."

Wang Zhe raised the corner of his mouth higher, reached out and put the man in his arms, and shyly said, "No one likes you like that, only I like you ... You are my own, not very good Well?"

Not to be outdone, Jiang Shaoyan slapped Wang Zhe's shoulder lazily, leaned his head back and leaned back, and whispered in an angle that others could not see:

"Isn't it yours early? Or, go back at night and confirm again?"

After all, Wang Zhe struggled, shyly, and buried his head and stopped talking. After a while, he nodded insignificantly.

Not far from the president of the Astronomical Society: "These two ... can we converge a little bit ... the day is bright, the world is big, the arms are cuddled, what a system!"

Members: "President, are you jealous of others?"

"I'm not! I don't have it! Ooo ..."

When the night gradually fell, the students who had previously seen the promotion of the Astronomy Society came one after another. In addition to the seven professional astronomical telescopes on the roof, there are smaller handheld telescopes. The president and members enthusiastically instructed the students how to use them. It didn't take long for almost four or five people to gather in front of each telescope.

Wang Zhe actively greeted his classmates to observe, but he was always rejected politely. Looking at the only empty telescope in front of him, he dropped his head in frustration and turned to ask Jiang Shaoyan: "Senior, why didn't they come to me ..."

Jiang Shaoyan immediately withdrew his murderous stern eyes, coughed twice, and exhorted: "Don't be sad, no one looks at us."

"Well ..." But his expression was still lonely. "Do they think I look unreliable ..."

Jiang Shaoyan felt as if he had lifted a stone and hit his foot.

"You're reliable, especially reliable, I ... I'm going to buy some food. You're busy first." He hurried away.

When he came back twenty minutes later, the telescope at which Wang Zhe was responsible was already packed with a dozen people, and Jiang Shaoyan counted with his eyes narrowed.

Fuck, nine omega.

He walked slowly and quietly, Wang Zhe was surrounded by a group of people, but he was tall and still very eye-catching, Yu Guang captured his omega figure at once.

"Senior! You are back." He smiled brightly, but several omegas around him shivered.

Jiang Shaoyan whispered coldly: "Wow, there are so many people."

A group of omega hula broke up and cleaned up.

"Why are you all gone ..." Wang Zhe was confused for a moment, then greeted with a smile and said happily: "Senior, after you left, I have a lot of people here, do you see them? They all said I guide Very good. "

Jiang Shaoyan rubbed his silly dog's head: "You're already fine."

It's just getting more and more likeable, headache.

For the sake of Wang Zhe's self-confidence, Jiang Shaoyan made concessions after all. Instead of staying on the side and staring at him, he retreated to a position farther away, and quietly watched the students in Wang Zhe's energetic and flying zone to observe the starry sky.

The activity lasted until nine o'clock, and the school security guard would come to catch people later. After sending away the last batch of students who came to visit, the members of the Astronomical Society packed the equipment back to the club as they were, and they were busy for another hour.

On the way back to the dormitory, a group of people chatted to the sky with words and laughs. Jiang Shaoyan walked behind and hooked Wang Zhe's little finger with his hand, shaking it gently.

Wang Zhe immediately approached like the golden retriever who heard the master's bell: "Huh?"

Jiang Shaoyan looked up at the sky. In fact, at night, in the big city, there were not many stars, but there were still some invisible stars twinkling in the night sky.

"On the day of the meteor shower, did your wish come true?"

Wang Zhe slightly stunned, and then smiled: "I realized."

"What is your wish, can you tell me now?" Wang Zhe didn't tell him that time, in fact he always wanted to know.

Wang Zhe smiled in a low voice without speaking.

Jiang Shaoyan thought he didn't want to say, so he didn't ask any more. After the dormitory building was separated from the others, as soon as the dormitory door was closed and the lights were not turned on, Wang Zhe pushed him against the door.

The brown-green eyes shine through, brighter and brighter than any star seen tonight.

Wang Zhe's voice was deep, but it was hard to hide happiness and satisfaction: "My wish that day was actually very simple. At that time, you asked me to be your alpha. I was still a little unsure, so I wished meteor, I hope you can really like me ... ... Now this wish has been fulfilled, right? "

Jiang Shaoyan grinned: "Also learn to ask me to confess to you, great, you guessed it?"

Wang Zhe leaned closer and closer, his handsome face charming: "I don't guess, I want you to say."

"What if I don't say it?"

"Then ... I'll kiss you until I speak."

Jiang Shaoyan got excited at once: "You kiss, you kiss."

Wang Zhe smiled bitterly: "How do I feel that I lost ..."

Jiang Shaoyan didn't resign, he said: "You can't help but talk, hurry up."

Wang Zhe immediately took a peck at his omega's soft lips and his eyes began to deepen.

"Baby, open your mouth ..."

Jiang Shaoyan's legs were soft.

The silly dog's lowered voice was too **** suspicious, and he didn't shout him like that after the mark. With this shout, all kinds of stimulating pictures that night came to my mind, making him awkward and involuntarily obey the order and opened Mouth, even protruding tongue out.

There was a quiet silence in the dormitory, only a slight cracking kiss was left. Wang Zhe didn't kiss too deeply, hooked Jiang Shaoyan's tongue, and occasionally swept the upper jaw and dentition gently. Jiang Shaoyan was used to being kissed warmly, so shallow. The kiss made him tickle, and he hummed to make his alpha kiss deeper.

But Wang Zhe pressed his shoulder to prevent him from moving, stopped the kiss, and smiled against his lips: "No ... you said, I will kiss you again."

"Say what ..." Jiang Shaoyan had long forgotten the content of the conversation just now, and he was thinking about being kissed.

"Say what I want to hear."

Jiang Shaoyan had to force himself to recall, and then he understood what Wang Zhe wanted him to say. When he discovered that the initiative was in his hands, he turned again:

"I like ... you are here." He deliberately teased, raised Wang Zhe's lower body, raised his eyebrows: "Don't say, I want to crawl over my head and order me, you are a hundred years earlier."

If before, Wang Zhe would rub his neck fondly, begging him to speak, but this time he did not do so.

"If you don't say anything--" Wang Zhe's hand quietly reached into his omega's clothes. The temperature in his palm was so hot that Jiang Shaoyan couldn't help shrinking, but he was buckled up and could not move. The hand under Wang Zhe was wrapped by another big hand, and he even felt that the implement rubbed his palm.

Wang Zhe whispered the second half of the sentence: "... the service you like will be suspended tonight."

Jiang Shaoyan's throat rolled continuously, but he couldn't stop talking dryly: "... Are you going to **** me in the dormitory?"

Wang Zhe's eyes were bright, and he nodded.

"Who is this ... you don't have the guts." Jiang Shaoyan didn't believe it, even blushing even when he was outside, how could he dare to be intimate in the dormitory.

"I just don't want others to hear your voice and smell your pheromone." Wang Zhe said, his face was indeed a bit red, but his voice became deeper and duller.

"But last time I found out that my pheromone can completely cover you ... so it doesn't matter."

Jiang Shaoyan leaned back against the door, thinking of Wang Zhe's suffocating pheromone taste, his legs were so soft that he tended to slide down, he swallowed, and he was still proud. Do you hear all the dormitory buildings? "

Wang Zhe burned with a rubbing face, but the green light in his eyes revealed a thrilling and possessive desire.

"Then I will block your mouth."

Jiang Shaoyan was stunned, and was pressed tightly against the door, and Wang Zhe's muffled voice came from his ear:

"What you said, I'll get you here ... I can't make you sound, and you can't scream even if I don't kiss, and I will hold you on the bed and make you until you My body is all my stuff, and the whole school will know the next day that you have been ruined by me ... "

Jiang Shaoyan was shocked.

"If you ... learned from anywhere ..."

Wang Zhe continued to pretend to be bad for a few seconds, and finally broke the credit: "I learned from the Internet ... do n’t you like the overbearing alpha ..."

Jiang Shaoyan was relieved. Fortunately, he almost thought he could not control the young wolf.

But even if Wang Zhe just learned, the lethality is strong enough.

"I like you as much as I like, I like you, your wish came true as soon as you made a wish, fool." Jiang Shaoyan's whole person was terribly soft, hanging Wang Zhe's neck, a look like Ren Jun picked .

"Let me see your domineering power, brother."

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