On the two days of the weekend, because Jiang Shaoyan couldn't eat enough, after all, he didn't recover so fast during the estrus period, and the two stayed at home without going anywhere. On the weekend evening, I simply packed up the things I had come down and went back to school.

After being completely marked, Jiang Shaoyan no longer has to worry about being affected by the smell of other alpha pheromones. It is like a dragon entering the water and is arrogant, not to mention that he used his own strength to resist the three alphas that night. It spread all over the T campus, and even the foreign school heard the legend, and looked over to see what such a fierce omega looks like. Jiang Shaoyan was unprecedented in the campus for a while, and was ranked first in the T big post bar.

Wang Zhe also rose with him. After that incident, Yao Yi was remembered by the school and stayed at the school to check. Zou Rui was even trained. He and Jiang Shaoyan's former complaints were dug up by the people who ate melons, relishing, Wang Zhe The one I played with Zou Rui before was hard to escape the gossip. Many people only realized that this seemingly docile dog alpha was so bad.

The school's hot post on Wang Zhe even surpassed Jiang Shaoyan:

[I said, how can the alpha that conquers Brother Yan be weak! ]

[Is this good and fierce alpha real? What's going on ... "

[The contrast is too great! But he is so handsome! ]

[Last time I saw him on the playground, wiping his clothes and wiping his sweat. That muscle ... was fascinating. ]

[You said who will win when brother Yan and Wang Zhe fight? I bet brother! ]

[Wake upstairs, your brother has been marked, did not see the suspicious red mark on his neck? I guess he must be miserable by his alpha in bed ...]

[My mom, brother Yan was crushed so badly ... I really want to get mad by his alpha sleep. ]

[Sister, do n’t complain. ]


Jiang Shaoyan flipped through the comments and posted, the temple's green tendons jumped straight, clicked on the reply box and cracked a line, click to send:

[Go away, he can only sleep with me, whoever wants to beat him will win me first. ]

Liu Han looked very speechless on the side: "... Can we hold back a little?"

"It's all under my eyelids, and I still hold a fart." Jiang Shaoyan threw the phone at the belly of the table, and looked at Liu Han with a bad look: "What do you want me to see? What do you mean?

Liu Hanyu wanted to cry without tears: "I just want to remind you that your alpha is so popular now, remember that his omega is too much, you look at him, don't let people grab it."

Jiang Shaoyan disdain: "If he can be robbed, I will screw your head down to you."

Liu Han hurriedly said: "Don't stop, it's too cruel." It took a second to react: "Why is my head ???"

"Who made you talk nonsense." Jiang Shaoyan gave him a white glance and smiled proudly. "He loves me terribly and I can't live without it. Do you understand?"

Liu Han said angrily: "You are provoking! My family Xiao Xiao also loves me to die to death, what is so great! Jiang Shaoyan I tell you not to be too proud!"

"That classmate, shout! What do you stand for me!" The professor in front of the lecture shouted sharply. "Don't be too proud, I think you're very proud! Give me a lesson!"

After class, in order to compensate for the embarrassment of Liu Han who stood for a class, Jiang Shaoyan generously invited him to dinner. Judging from the timetable, Wang Zhe should be out of class at this time, and the two went to the classroom where Wang Zhe took the class.

Before I arrived in the classroom, I saw Wang Zhezheng talking with a girl at the door.

The girl was petite and exquisite, and she looked very cute. Wang Zhe was much taller than her, lowering her head to listen to her, and the smile on her face was gentle and sweet.

"Well, did you see that?" Liu Han pouted in that direction. "I told you to look at it."

Jiang Shaoyan gave him an elbow and Liu Han bent down painfully: "Why do I always get hurt by you ..."

Jiang Shaoyan didn't have the mood to listen to him, and walked to the door with a cold face.

"What are you talking about? You're so happy?" He glared at the girl with glacial eyes. "Classmate, at noon, you should go to dinner."

The girl saw Jiang Shaoyan excitedly yell, looked at Wang Zhe with a red face, and said excitedly: "Yan, Yan brother! You two are really good match! I, I, I super cute you two! Must be together forever Oh!"

Jiang Shaoyan was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't expect this to be the case.

Wang Zhe scratched his head shyly: "Thank you for your like, we will ..." He glanced at Jiang Shaoyan carefully: "Right ... Senior?"

Jiang Shaoyan took a deep breath, changed his cold face, and held Wang Zhe's arm, Canran smiled: "Of course, I love you so much."

Wang Zhe blushed in an instant, and there were many students coming and going around, many of them heard this, and lowered his voice to gossip and whisper.

The girl was even more excited: "I will definitely go to the cp building to build it for you! This year's most adorable cp vote you must win!" Then she ran away shyly.

Jiang Shaoyan inexplicable: "what is the most cute cp voting, and this boring thing?"

Liu Han finally slowed down and stepped forward and said, "Yes, Xiao Xiao and I won the third place last year, as well as the award ceremony."

"It sounds very—" Jiang Shaoyan just wanted to say "stupid", but turned his head and saw Wang Zhe's thoughtful look.

"what happened?"

"It's nothing." Wang Zhe smiled. "It would be nice if I could get the first one. That means everyone thinks that I am the best match with you."

Jiang Shaoyan looked at his charming smile, and his throat rolled: "... it's not as good as our own words, there is no need to care about other people's views."

Wang Zhe nodded: "Well, the senior is right."

Liu Han also echoed on the side: "That's right, my family and my family Xiao Xiao are the best in the world, and he is the best."

Jiang Shaoyan patted his shoulder.


That night, in the friends group:

Jiang Shaoyan: [Click here to vote for No. 1. ]

Liu Han: [? ? ? Isn't this the most cute cp vote? Are you talking boring? ? Do n’t you care? ? ]

Jiang Shaoyan: [True man can bend and stretch, as long as my stupid dog is happy, let him be bored. ]

Liu Han: [So what do you pretend to be tall during the day? ? Shameless? ? ]

Jiang Shaoyan: [This is a surprise, you know a fart, do n’t compare it, vote for Lao Tzu, each person can only vote one day, and I want to buy an account if there is a lack of an account. I bought 500. ]

Xiaoxiao: [My mahahahaha is in a trance! ]

Luo Yongheng: [... Brother Yan, it's actually not necessary, you two are already the first. ]

Jiang Shaoyan: [It is only one month before the deadline, and the second place is only more than three hundred votes away from us. I am afraid that it will be overtaken. What is the second place? I have never heard of it. ]

Xu Qian: [Faculty of flowers of the Department of Journalism! Last month, I confessed in public on the campus news live broadcast program that you are in the hospital, so I do n’t know. Anyway, there was a burst of fire, of course, not both of you. ]

Jiang Shaoyan: [Journalism Department, got it. ]

Xu Qian: [... what do you want, brother, how do I have an ominous hunch ...]

Jiang Shaoyan: [... what do you want, I asked casually. ]

"Senior, do you eat cherries?"

Suddenly, Wang Zhe's voice came from behind, and Jiang Shaoyan quickly put down his phone to prevent him from seeing the chat history and turned to look at him.

Wang Zhe just finished washing a bowl of cherries, put it on the table on Jiang Shaoyan's side, took a stool and sat down, and smiled and asked, "Do you eat it? It's sweet."

Jiang Shaoyan pinched the fresh green handle, took a ripe dark red cherry, looked at it for a few seconds, and suddenly thought of something, he said: "Do you know, it is said that a person with a good kiss can tie the cherry handle with his tongue, you try?"

"I can't do it ..." Wang Zhe didn't have much confidence, but still put a cherry into his mouth obediently, and tried awkwardly for a long time without success.

Silly dog ​​is a little frustrated: "Does this mean that my kissing skills are bad ..."

Jiang Shaoyan ate his cherry directly and vomited his core: "It's okay, we can practice more." It is said that the couple who won the first place at the award ceremony of the cp vote must kiss in public, if they don't practice, silly What should the dog do when he dare not dare to kiss him.

Wang Zhe's eyes lit up immediately, his expression eager to try: "Okay, then ... when did you start practicing?"

The implication is very easy to understand.

Jiang Shaoyan laughed lowly, straightened up and moved to sit on his lap, his hands gently touching his rolling knots.

"Just now."

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