Three shots in the sun, the big sun pierced the curtain and reflected on the eyelids, Jiang Shaoyan reluctantly opened a slit in his eyes, moved his body slightly to turn over, and immediately gasped in pain.

Wang Zhe happened to open the bedroom door and came in. When he saw that he was awake, he stepped forward and helped him sit up.

The quilt slipped off, revealing a naked body, and Jiang Shaoyan realized that there were red marks on his body, and there was almost no clean and complete place.

He was a little dizzy, and before he could understand what was going on, Wang Zhe took out a box of medicine from the plastic bag in his hand, opened it, took out a small pill, and handed him with water:

"I just went out and bought it, eat it ..."

"This ... cough ..." Jiang Shaoyan's throat was terrible, and he took a few sips of warm water before feeling better. "What's this?"

Wang Zhe's ears were reddish, and he whispered embarrassedly: "Birth control pills ..."

Jiang Shaoyan was stunned for a while: "Want to eat this stuff when you are not in estrus?"

If omega is not formed by the body during estrus, the probability of pregnancy is extremely low, and if it is in estrus, then the birth control pills may not be able to completely block pregnancy.

He suddenly thought of the "that" probability that Wang Zhe said when he let Wang Zhe mark it completely during the last estrus.

"So were you afraid that I was pregnant last time and not fully marked?"

Wang Zhe seemed very shy when he heard these two words, and said: "Um ... we are still studying, it is inconvenient ... Just take the medicine this time. Rest assured, there are no side effects, but I will I ’ll still try to get as few as possible ... get in less, or you ’ll be uncomfortable ... "

Jiang Shaoyan was amused by his innocent speech and deliberately teased: "Don't you say you want to **** me every day last night? What's not to say?"

Wang Zhe's face burst into red instantly: "Ah, I can do it, listen to you ..."

Jiang Shaoyan's alpha mood was particularly good after the play, and he took the pill without hesitation and swallowed it.

"Now I take the medicine first, but after two years, when I graduate, my job is stable. If you don't let me take it, I don't have any opinion." He smiled and looked at Wang Zhe, "Do you understand what I mean?"

Wang Zhe reacted for two or three seconds before suddenly realizing the meaning of what he said, jumped up suddenly and stuttered excitedly:

"Obviously understand !!" Pounced and hugged Jiang Shaoyan tightly, rubbing his head non-stop, whining with excitement.

"His ... pain, loosen ..." Jiang Shaoyan's body was still sore and he couldn't bear the tortured hug.

Wang Zhe immediately let go: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you have to sleep for a little longer. After only two hours of sleep, you must be exhausted."

Jiang Shaoyan paused and wondered: "Two hours?" He glanced at the clock at the head of the bed. It was nine o'clock. How could it be ...

Suddenly, the dull brain finally recalled the memory fragments of last night and this morning.

... Fuck, it has been done in the morning.

No wonder the body is so exhausted that its throat is so dumb.

The most embarrassing thing is that Jiang Shaoyan remembered that he seemed to beg for mercy in the end ...

"Oh ... brother ... no ... please ... oh ..." he begged Wang Zhe without self-esteem at the time, half was so confused and forgetful, half was really unbearable, but sane Wang Zhe, who didn't let him go, pinched his waist and violently bumped into it again and again, and finally Jiang Shaoyan's consciousness completely collapsed and dissipated, and he fainted and died, so that this memory was chaotic and broken.

"You **** ..." He gritted his teeth at the moment, embarrassed and embarrassed. "Good thing, I heard you beg you, is it right?"

Wang Zhe was surprised, but maybe he knew that he had the absolute sovereignty of the omega in front of him after the marking was completed, but he boldly retorted: "But you obviously like it ..."

Jiang Shaoyan's full stomach training was suddenly blocked by this sentence.

... I really like it.

Whether omega likes to be **** by alpha is too easy to tell. If he really doesn't like it, Wang Zhe certainly won't be hard.

"What about that? How many times have I said, don't just don't, forget?" He still moved out and taught Wang Zhe the set before, pretending to be angry.

However, Wang Zhe argued for his reason: "But you said yesterday that I wouldn't care about you, so that I can be satisfied ... forgot?"

Jiang Shaoyan stared, but he didn't expect Wang Zhe to train him in reverse, but he did say that, and he couldn't find any reason to fight back.

"You!" He broke his face, unreasonably pretending to be wronged: "You don't listen to me, and you don't cherish me when you get me ... It's so fierce to say you two ..."

Wang Zhe, who has always spoken mildly and mildly, was simply wronged and panicked: "I, I am not fierce to you, sorry, I'm wrong, don't be angry with the seniors, I am obedient, I listen to everything you say!"

"It's called someone's baby on the bed. When I get out of bed, I turn over and call my senior."

Wang Zhe was terribly worried, hurrying to hug him lightly and peck at his cheeks and corners of his mouth: "Baby, baby ... I like you the most, I listen to you ..."

Jiang Shaoyan let him kiss him, buried his head in his alpha arms, and smiled silently.

Fortunately, at least this silly dog ​​can still be controlled.