On the campus of T University, at the beginning of September, the afternoon was fierce and the air was quiet and hot. Only the cicadas reverberated between the woods and the teaching building.


A dull loud noise cut through the tranquility.

"Are you **** tired?"

Jiang Shaoyan moved his wrist, his finger joints clicked, and turned his neck, staring at the boy against the wall opposite him, a pair of black eyes revealing fierce:

"I want to send you a ride."

The students around the playground were shocked when they heard this loud noise. After the fright, they joined in the excitement, but they did not dare to get too close. A few recognized Jiang Shaoyan and whispered on the side:

"This new student, Jiang Shaoyan dares to hook up ..."

"Brother Yan teaches alpha to be a man again today."

"Fight, fight, I bet brother won!"

A trash can was tipped over on the ground, and the iron skin was sunken down. Obviously, it had just been subjected to inhumane violence. The beverage bottles, peels, waste paper, etc. were scattered all over the place, and the sewage leaked out, and the ground was green. Yellow smoked.

The boy who posted on the wall just escaped the flying trash bin just now. He was shocked and said to himself, "Fuck".

This metal trash can also be said to be 30 to 40 pounds, and the handsome omega in front of him was smashed with one hand.

What the **** is this King Kong Barbie?

Seeing that other classmates were whispering around, the alpha boy had a hard time on the face. He didn't make a fuss. He was fooled by an omega. He had just entered school. How did he mix up after it was passed?

He swallowed and shouted, "Someone like your omega would be nice! You have to choose between three and four, and don't look at how old you are!"

Jiang Shaoyan narrowed his eyes before his 21st birthday.

An hour later, the office of the Academic Affairs Director.

"Jiang Shaoyan! It's you again! It's only a few days before school!" Shen Yongmei hates iron and steel, "I have stayed in this school for more than 20 years, and I saw you such an omega for the first time!"

Jiang Shaoyan grinned: "It's cool, Director Shen."

"You still talk back!" Shen Yongmei held her forehead with a headache, "People want to ask you to ask the teacher to blame, thanks to me for blocking you!"

"An alpha was rushed into the hospital by omega, so I am sorry to ask me to guilt? Isn't it embarrassing."

Shen Yongmei got up again from the chair with annoyance: "Yes! Just give it to you, you can bear it! But you are badly broken! Believe it or not, call your dad?"

Jiang Shaoyan pouted: "Okay, aunt, my good aunt, I promise a peaceful settlement next time."

"You say this every time! Which time is it obedient? Can you save me and your dad?"

"I can't do it." Jiang Shaoyan stood up straight, and then he fell loose again, leaning diagonally against the desk, his muscular white arms propped on both sides, a casual look.

"Who let them come to provoke me first, and compare food."

Shen Yongmei simply couldn't take this nephew: "Although it's mainly their fault, but you should also find a target. The inhibitor can resist up to three years at most, and it's been a few months--"

"Aunt, I know." Jiang Shaoyan interrupted, "I will handle it."

"What can you handle? You don't even have a favorite!"

Shen Yongmei was really worried that Jiang Shaoyan had no favorite objects when he was about to reach estrus at the age of 18. His dad was reluctant to let him spend time with someone casually, allowing him to use inhibitors, which could temporarily block alpha pheromones. After estrus.

Jiang Shaoyan had some effects after injecting the inhibitor, but his original temper personality was not much like omega. Since he was protected by the inhibitor, he was no longer affected by the alpha pheromone, and he was lawless. There are countless alphas that are not well-intentioned to talk about. Nowadays, many lower-level alphas have to be respected when they see him.

Seeing that the inhibitor was about to fail, the nephew's emotional life was still not progressing, and Shen Yongmei was sad.

"Like ... There is one." Jiang Shaoyan said casually.

Shen Yongmei froze: "Is there one? Which one?"

"Called Zou Rui, of the same class, I think he is strong."

"Are you looking for an object or an opponent? It's quite strong ..."

Jiang Shaoyan raised his watch and glanced at the time: "Aunt, I have to go back to the dormitory. The weather forecast says it will rain and thunderstorms. My clothes are still drying outside."

Shen Yongmei waved helplessly: "Go, go, I will deal with this matter for you. If you study hard, don't cause trouble!"


Jiang Shaoyan left the office and walked all the way to the dormitory building.

The air before the heavy rain was always so sullen, a nameless dry fire could not be held under the skin, it felt like sweating, and it was really annoying to raise my hand to wipe it.

When he returned to his dormitory balcony to collect his clothes, the sky was already overcast. The wind blowing from the wind was mixed with heat and humidity. The sweat that had been on his body for a long time suddenly came out, and was immediately dried by the wind. Much cooler.

Several clothes hung a little higher, and Jiang Shaoyan stretched his arm enough to feel a slight soreness and walked back and forth in the blood of his arm.


He scolded anxiously, and had to admit that the role of inhibitors was gradually fading away, and the nature of omega in the body was gradually returning.

He used to carry such a heavy trash can with little effort, but today when he smashed it with one hand, he actually secretly borrowed the power of other places on his body, otherwise it would not reach the deterrent power.

This is not the worst.

When the garbage alpha deliberately released pheromones to accost him, Jiang Shaoyan was keenly aware of the fluctuations in his body, and he no longer felt as indifferent as before.

The beast that had been sleeping for a long time seemed to perceive a smell, and was about to move, just because the inhibitor was still in the validity period, and this was not awakened.

There are still three months, but it's so **** bad.

If he couldn't find the alpha that he was in love with, he could only be forced to commit himself when the estrus came. He would rather be tortured to death by pheromone than to go to bed with someone who doesn't like or even strangers for three days and three nights.

The thick, thick gray clouds outside were suddenly brightened with white light, and a few seconds later a thunderous thunder burst.

The raindrops that had been holding for a long time finally fell, and at first they began to swell, and then quickly became strong, turned into a torrential rain, and even the wind could not go away, crackling on the balcony fence, splashing raindrops hit instantly Wet ground.

Jiang Shaoyan's clothes were taken in a hurry. If he was not careful, a clean T-shirt that had just been put on the floor fell to the ground and was soaked by the rain on the ground. He grabbed his clothes and hurriedly turned into the dormitory, closing the balcony door. The heavy rain was blocked behind the door in an instant.

He was so upset that he threw a clean stack of clothes on the bed, took off his clothes briskly and took a shower in the bathroom, washing away a sticky sweat, which made him feel refreshed. Then he put a towel for wiping his hair on his shoulders, threw the changed dirty clothes and the wet T-shirt into the basin, picked up the basin, walked out of the dormitory in a vest and flipped on the slippers.

The large dormitory building is in good condition. There are two rooms and each dormitory has its own guard. However, he is too lazy to do the washing himself. He usually goes to the laundry room to pay for the washing machine.

The dormitory building is not divided into special blocks for ABO. Anyway, most omegas of this age have a partner, and they will not be estrus casually, and some may not even live with alpha.

The attraction between alpha and omega is engraved in the genes.

This sentence was learned by Jiang Shaoyan from the biology book, but he has always been skeptical of this common sense.

He has never encountered an alpha that moved him since childhood.

The stronger the power and the more pure the pheromone, the more sought-after alpha is. They are natural leaders, standing at the top of the pyramid and looking down on all living beings. There are countless omegas who voluntarily send them to the door.

Such an alpha Jiang Shaoyan didn't want to fight at all, and he also knew clearly that his inflexible figure and unfamiliar personality might not get into the eyes of those alphas.

The remaining ordinary alpha, although powerful enough for general omega, is not a general omega.

When he was fifteen, he beat two alphas of the same age with one person, became famous in one battle, and became a well-deserved school bully in their junior high school.

His alpha must be stronger than him.

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