"What fights to death?" Ouyang Yu instinctively.

In such a case, Yu Hanxi felt that something was wrong and rushed forward to take away Ouyang’s cell phone.

However, when Ouyang Yu saw him move, he gave his son a wink.

Xiaochen immediately stepped forward and rushed to the jade, glaring at his arm, not allowing him to grab Ouyang's cell phone.

Yu Hanyu wants to open Ouyang Chen this little point, very simple, but...

This is his son, he can't open it, he is simple, and it's hard to fix the feelings between them.

The feelings between them are not easy to get better. If this embarrassment hurts the hearts of their mother and son, then he...

Yu Hanxi can only be in his heart, David is not keeping promises!

Since he is like this, he promised that his gift will not be sent!

Ouyang Yu looked at Yu Han and looked toward the window.

When she was far enough away from the jade chills, she asked, "Why is it a fight? Is it because you are awkward?"

David briefly said the situation to Ouyang Yu. After he finished, he paused. "Hey..."

Ouyang Yu knows what he wants to say, "You don't have to fight for me."

Although, when I heard that David liked her, she was shocked by Ouyang Yu and her brain was blank. However, when she returned to God, she knew what to do.

She is very grateful to David, who saved her before she can have her.

He is her savior, but her feelings for him are only grateful and friendly. She can die for him, but she can't live with her true husband and wife for the rest of her life.

She knows that when it is really good for one person, it is impossible to give the other party a glimmer of hope, and it cannot be left unstoppable.

She hopes that David can be good, and she can let her go as soon as possible, and take his bright and bright life instead of risking her life.

Therefore, she refused very simply and directly.

"Oh..." David knew that she would say this, knowing that he had no hope, but he still had hope, and there was hope for despair.

"I'm sorry David."

Although Yu Hanzhen couldn’t hear what Ouyang Yu and David were saying, he would read the lips and know what Ouyang Yu said. If you saw her, you don’t have to fight for me, let him know. No matter what David said, Ouyang Yi refused him.

This made his mood awkward.

He looked down at his son. "Okay, you don't have to hold me so tightly. I won't go grab your mommy's cell phone, go, let's go there and let your mom and you have a good time with you." Hey talk about conversation."

Ouyang Chen was surprised to see his relatives.

So generous?

"You blame me for being such a generous person!" Yu Hanxi saw his voice.

Ouyang Chen, "..."

Ouyang Yu, who was standing in front of the window, saw that Jade Han not only did not come to take her cell phone, but also took her son to leave to play, and people were very surprised.

Yu Hanyu...

Really changed a lot!

He used to be absolutely not allowed.

"Hey, he hurts you like that before, he still forces you to keep you, do you really want to go back to him?" David still wants to work hard for himself,

"There was a change in the original things. We didn't think that was between us." Although Ouyang Wei did not intend to return to Yu Hanxi, she did not say that she did not want David to think that he had hope and ruined him for her. life.

"More today, see you tomorrow~

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