"Damn!" he punched aside the glass.

The glass is instantly broken into thousands of pieces.

There are some things that can't be solved without thinking.

If David and Ouyang Yu are in love, David may break the battle, but he knows that Ouyang Yu knows that he does not have him. She cares about him very much, and she cares about it, not love. .

Even if he loses everything, he can't be with her.


The only choice he can make is divorce.

When it was time, Yu Hanyu called on time.

"I want to talk to you. No matter what I am married to, I want to get a divorce. I always have to talk to her. After I talk to her, I will go through the divorce process immediately." Anyway, David still holds There is a glimmer of hope, even though he knows that it is impossible, but he still wants to give it a try.


There is a hint of a glimpse of it, he may change his mind and go to great lengths to fight.

Yu Hanzhen can hear his insistence. He wants the marriage between them to end soon. After a while, "I can only let you talk on the phone. Also, you are a smart person, you must not use me. Say more, you know, what can be said, what can not be said."

After David was silent, "I know."

"Then wait a minute." Yu Hanyu finished, holding a mobile phone to find Ouyang Yu.

Ouyang Wei saw that he instinctively wanted to run, she still did not want to face the current jade.

"David's phone."

Yu Han’s words succeeded in retaining her footsteps.

"David?" Ouyang Yu’s surprise.

Yu Hanxi, "..."

What do you want to do when you want to hang up?

Yes, Ouyang Yi took the phone from him without waiting for him to decide whether to hang or not.

Her eagerness to wait makes Yu’s mood worse.

But... he didn't go back to the phone.

"David! Are you okay?" Even though she listened to her son last time, David was fine, but David didn't contact her for so long, so she couldn't help but worry, afraid what he was doing. It’s a thing.

"I am very good." Her concern has warmed David's heart. The anxiety and murder of these days have been smooth.

"That's good..." Hearing him well, Ouyang Yu completely let go of her heart, and then she just wanted to say something.

David said, "Oh, if I said, I have never had other sweethearts. I always like you. I want to be with you. I will use this excuse to marry you. What will you do?" ?"

Although, Yu Hanxi does not let David talk nonsense.

However, David still said it, he wants to know, want to know, Ouyang Yu has no trace of men and women to him, she has a little chance of staying with him.

Ouyang Yi people, he... What did he say?

Ouyang Yi has never doubted David, because David’s sweetheart, she has seen, she can see full of true love from the woman’s eyes.

Now, he suddenly said this, leaving her brain blank and not knowing what to say.

David feared that the mobile phone would be taken away by Jade Han, so, without waiting for Ouyang Yu to return to God, he followed closely. "Hey, if you want to be with me, I am willing to fight for you." war!"

As long as she is willing to be with him, he can fight at any cost!

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