"You not only want to get married, but you also have to talk to you after the divorce, saying that you want to be with your beloved woman, so you must divorce her." Yu Hanxi interrupted his words.

Although this is a negotiation, he did not reject his qualifications!

"Yuhan, don't be too much!" David slammed his hand on the table.

"What are you so angry about? Are you not a favorite sweetheart? You don't like jealousy, let you divorce, what kind of gas do you have?" Jade cold immediately said again, "This way, I will give you a free gift, waiting for you to follow. After the divorce, I will give you some of your opponent’s evidence, and lay a sunny road for you!"

Yu Hanyu’s intelligence is first class.

David is silent.

"If I were you, I would have accepted it with pleasure. How can you still look ugly?" Yu Hanqi raised his eyebrows.

"I promised that we will only divorce when she wants to leave. I have to keep my promise and not see her. I am not sure that she wants a divorce. I will never divorce!" David said.

"Don't say so grandiose, you deceived the mother and the son, you can't lie to me, you don't have a so-called beloved." Yu Hanxi picked up the road.

If David is a comrade like he thinks, then he will also believe that this marriage is a purely false marriage, saying that he likes women, because the identity problem can not be with the beloved woman, will marry him, He is absolutely unbelieving.

A woman who is in love is not going to lick other women, to kiss the woman’s face, and to be screamed by other women’s children.

There will be no women, and men who can tolerate themselves will do so.

Therefore, there is only one possibility in this case, that is, David likes to be jealous, but he does not like him. He used the excuse to deceive and marry him for the first time in the near water. .

David's face slammed to the extreme.

"You like it, but she doesn't like you! Otherwise, you don't need to marry her in this way. So, you want to destroy your career for a woman who doesn't love you? Loss of inheritance. Qualifications? Also, you can't deal with me when you have a career as a heir, let alone you lose more of it. You should know better than me. If you lose all of this, you have nothing! 筱筱Still leave you!"

"Oh, don't say this, just say that if you lose these, you can save your life, it's a problem." Yu Hanxiao said with a smile.

"Damn!" David rushed forward and reached out to grab the collar of Jade.

But Yu Hanxi, a sideways, escaped his attack.

Then stand up, "I will give you two hours to consider the time. I will call you at 8:00 in the evening. If you choose to divorce, your future will be brilliant. If you choose not to leave, you can think for yourself."

Yu Hanyu said that he turned and left.

He did not take the information on the table.

Because, he still has a lot of shares.

David looked at the back of the jade, really wants people to stop him and kill him.


No matter what he thinks, he is not made to do.

Because that information is enough to ruin everything he has now.

He also knows clearly that things are like Yu Hanxi said, if he loses everything he has now, he will not have the chance to get Ouyang Yu in the future, and he may not be able to keep his life.

"There are updates~

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