David knew that Ouyang Yu was in the Imperial Capital, but he came to the Imperial Capital and sent all the people to look for it. He could not find their mother and son there.

"Damn!" David smacked the vase on the table to the ground.

He has lived to this day and has not failed so much.

Just when he wants to say something.

His confidant rushed in with his mobile phone, "Mr., Jade."

David reached for the phone.

"At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Jinxuan Restaurant will see you." When Yu Hanxi finished talking, he hung up the phone and didn't talk to David.

When David called, the phone was turned off.

This gave David's handy phone in his hand!

Yu Hanxi thought that David would be angry now, with a slightly hooked mouth and a happy look at the window.

At 6 pm, Jin Xuan Restaurant.

"Yuhan, you'd better put my wife right away! Otherwise, don't blame me, you are welcome!" David was dark and gloomy.

Although the emperor is not his territory, he can eliminate the power of Yu Han in the Y country!

Yu Hanxi did not speak, just throwing a piece of information to David.

However, David did not go to see the information.

"Yuhan, your people in the Y country are in my control, as long as I give a command, your power in the Y country will be wiped out."

"You'd better read this information and say this again." He didn't move, and Jade Han helped him open the information and let him see.

David's face became more and more ugly with the hand of the jade chilling flipping the data.

"You said, if I give such evidence to Jensen, what would you do?" Yu Hanqi raised his eyebrows.

David is indeed a very strong person. His power in the Y country is also unable to be dealt with by Yu Hanxi. Therefore, he will take Ouyang Yu and his son to stay in the emperor and not return to the Y country.

However, he can't deal with it. It doesn't mean that others can't deal with David.

The powerful enemy also has his enemies.

He can't let the enemy's enemies do it!

However, both of their mother and son care about this David. If he is killed, he may lose the hearts of both his mother and son, so he is willing to use these to negotiate with him.

David’s face was deep and deep, this **** jade!

After a short silence, he, "What do you want?"

"I heard that the marriage between the two of you is a fake marriage."

David's hand clenched, oh...hey... told him something like this? She...she...dos it tempted to be jade?

No... can't say it moves again.

There is always only Yu Han in her heart... He knows... I always know this.

Yu Hanxi leaned back on the back of the chair. He seemed to be lazy and casual, but did not miss any emotional changes on David's face. After confirming what, his mouth was slightly ticked. "Although you do not have the husband and wife, you can Legally, it is a husband and wife. I want you and my woman to lift such a legal relationship." Yu Hanxi believed that Ouyang Yu said that there was a couple between them because the two of them were really married.

David’s hand was tighter and tighter. “To dismiss the marriage, let me see you.”

"Don't see, I believe that with your ability, you can get married too." The relationship between Yu Hanyu and Ouyang Yu has just made some progress. He will definitely not let David see her, lest Cross section.

"If you don't let me see her, I won't marry her with this! I promised her, want..."

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