The dim palace chamber. Only the ministers closest to the emperor, even princes and brothers, can come here to discuss real major issues together.

"They will retaliate. They are now in the shack of the wild villagers. They are plotting!" An older woman in a pure black elegant evening dress hurriedly spoke.

She sat on a classically magnificent chair extremely dignified and couldn't find the slightest rudeness.

Her expression was agitated, and her face was full of disgust. As if talking about bed bugs in the toilet.

She looked out the window contemptuously with her arrogant face, and then at the ruler of the Hutt Empire-Kafka XI.

Catherine de Elizabeth Kafka. Queen Catherine. The mother of Kafka XI.

"I need to investigate. Things shouldn't be what you want to say. I need to find the real enemy behind the scenes. I need to find the murderer!" Kafka XI was lying halfway on a sofa, but it seemed that there were not many rules.

He was not as old as the outside world said, so he immediately left with a crane. Half-length black hair draped over his shoulders, and there was a moustache on his lips. The body looks strong and powerful. It's just that the posture is quite inelegant.

In addition to a bunch of mothers and children, there are also two of Kafka XI's most valued sons and his two younger brothers.

All ministers are excluded.

In the royal system, only members of the royal family are their own. Those ministers represent other rights systems. They represent different classes and of course different positions. There is no room for deliberations on certain key issues.

Only members of the royal family are reliable.

The two brothers of Kafka XI stared at him and exaggerated loudly:

"My brother. You see, they hate it to the extreme. They will rush into the palace and occupy it. Become the new royal family!"

"They will kill all of our people, all of us! They will slaughter us."

Kafka XI was silent, which made his two sons also start to stand up, and said as they walked:

"Father, didn't you hear? They have been hitting people and weapons. Come and fight us!"

"They brought the set from the wild to Dameya!"

Having said this, Kafka XI stood up abruptly from the sofa, took his elder son by the arm in disregard of royal etiquette, and said loudly:

"We also have weapons. We also have people. And, more!"

Queen Catherine stopped Kafka XI’s excitement and stated the facts indifferently:

"They are under the banner of axiom. They twisted into a rope. It turned out that they were just to show the public, to celebrate my dear sister's wedding. But now~~~"

Queen Catherine's face was a little more lonely, she shook her head and sighed:

"Even Grenoye is dead. He is our weapon to control public opinion. But now, our weapons are gone. And the enemy's weapons have increased~~"

"I think if your father is alive, he should know what to do."

"We cannot let the weapon in our hand become a sharp knife against ourselves. Nor can we let public opinion become a weapon to oppress ourselves."

"Enough. I don't want to hear him anymore. I will do things impartially! I swear!" Kafka XI waved his arm and interrupted his mother's speech, making him look crazy.

Catherine stood up suddenly, walked in front of Kafka XI, and shouted grimly:

"Then investigate and protect your distant cousin. Let's see what the incompetent emperor's army is doing? Loyalty to the court! Compromise with the enemy!"

"You will make a mess of your country! No, it's terrible now! Kafka~"

"Since your father died, I have been working day and night. It's me! It's me! What are you doing?"

"Are you still awake? Those wild men from the wilderness are robbing you of your rights. They are robbing the royal family, even the temple."

"Isn't the sacrifice and bloodshed by Delta not enough? Shouldn't Eaton pay for it?" Catherine asked.

Kafka XI's excited hands trembled, and he wanted to continue raising the volume to refute loudly, but he was hugged by his brother who suddenly rushed up. The voice was slightly more pleased and said:

"My dear brother. Just a temple has frustrated our rights. Do you want a temple that is more domineering and kidnapped by public opinion to rule the Hutt Empire?"

"At that time we will no longer be rulers and become servants of the people. What rights do we have left? Those particularities will be called history. We are held in the palace. This will become a prison. And we He is the only prisoner among them."

"The rights we were once proud of will become someone else's. We will be in vain. No one will fear us anymore."

"People will use their so-called collective mental power to kidnap the divine will. What will we become by then? Think about it, my brother?"

"I said, we have weapons! We also have troops!" Kafka XI shouted.

"But you put your army on the other side of the river~~" Queen Catherine had a cold face.

"As long as we get rid of all the leaders, the concentrated public opinion will naturally be self-defeating. A group of mobs without the leaders will naturally become a piece of loose sand."

"That's right." His brother put his hands around his chest, lowered his head, and leaned closer to Kafka XI and continued:

"Now as long as you go to the end, get rid of the leaders. It's just a matter of time. When the time comes, we will solve them all at once."

"Odini, Tedini, Frozen, Dubakaf, Jersey, Miosa~~~"

"And Staunton." Queen Catherine Monkey added.

(Grand Duke Eaton—Stanton Eaton Pest silevers)

"No, you can't kill him." Kafka XI exclaimed with excitement and some despair.

"What? You pity your poor daughter?" Queen Catherine looked extremely cold. He lowered his eyes and said.

Kafka XI sat on the sofa with a grim expression and messy hair and explained:

"We, we still need their power to guard Cherancy~~Cerancy~~"

"You want his life and he will be buried with the Hutt Empire~~"

"He is dead, we can naturally take over his army. Don't forget, we are the royal family." His brother stood behind him, hunched over Kafka XI's ear, said.

Kafka XI suddenly fell into a state of silence, with a trance on his face.

Upon seeing this, his brother stood up, walked to Queen Catherine's side, and asked softly:

"So, how many do we kill?"

"Seven?" he asked nonchalantly.

The crowd didn't speak, but the other prince on the side suddenly came up. He is another biological brother of Kafka XI and the third son of Queen Catherine.

He Shunzhuo wears an off-white gown with a round neck. His expression carries the standard indifference of a royal family member. His voice is not loud but shocked the audience:

"No, it's eight. Katerina also counts."

Queen Catherine glanced at her son in surprise, but there was a complicated expression in her eyes. Relieved? Shock?

"She can't be counted as one of us right now. UU Reading she will join the Temple of Axiom."

"No~~~Katrina~~" Kafka XI collapsed and collapsed on the sofa. Shouted desperately:

"Kill all. All, all! The entire Delta should be buried! The entire empire should die!"

The Queen Catherine glanced blankly at the collapsed Kafka XI, then turned to look at others, and said:

"Have you heard? Our emperor said, all. Eight~~"

"Of course, my mother. But we still need an opportunity." The prince who stood opposite Catherine last spoke with a faint smile and replied.

The emperor Catherine sat in the position where she was sitting at the beginning, took a cup of tea, took a sip, and slowly said:

"The opportunity of contract appears. It is only a matter of time. We have to clear the axioms out of Delta~~~"

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