A light spot appeared in the drift bottle.


   Elok raised his eyebrows slightly, took the little drifting bottle, and said to himself:


   "Hey~~ It seems that Rich is not so unreliable."


   That little light spot is a small memory.


  In my memory, Rich, with jet-black hair, stood on the top of an unknown mountain and looked at the distant city with his back on his back. The towering spires rushed straight into the sky, but the huge city seemed orderly.


   He raised his eyebrows lightly, took this memory back into his mind, and put it away.


   If you encounter a danger that you can't resist, there seems to be a rescue.


   However, so far, Elok still can't figure out Rich's level.


   At first he thought that maybe it was similar to Professor Palmer, but later he thought it would be taller. Now he has a new perspective. Maybe it was a ninth-level demigod.


   As for the gods or legends.


   Elok also considered it, but there seems to be no god-level power in the profession of historian.




   Sunny day. There are also pigeons flying in the air in winter.


   For Florian, it seems that there is a lack of passion in these days. Not as happy as when he was a police officer.


   The nine-to-five work, coupled with various tasks that don’t require him to do anything, made him an idler on the ‘committee’.


   Although there are five committee members on the committee, he is the only one who comes to work every day.


   Not to mention Bishop Robert, even Count Otto rarely appears here, only Professor Palmer appears here instead of Count Otto.


   He looked at the simple resume, a piece of a4 size parchment paper, on which was written the message of a young man named Troy Bliss.


  Celancy, 18 years old.


   Father is Sir Bliss.


   is 185 in height and weighs 175 pounds (approximately 80 kg).


   went to a secondary education school and have a certain level of knighthood. Completed knight training.


   Florian pouted, a bit contrary to his huge size. Talking to himself:


   "It doesn't seem to be anything special? Elok sees some trace of fate. I really saw a ghost. He is not that group of astrologers."


   "Eighteen years old? Didn't Elok say fourteen or five years old? Also, what is this height. Isn't it the same height as Elok? That's not 175?"


   He put the parchment on the table and shouted loudly for Julian who might exist outside the door:




After waiting for a long time, no one took care of him. He had no choice but to walk out of the room and into the hall downstairs. After saying hello to a few young people in a hurry, he hurriedly looked for the busiest person in the whole building. .


   By the time Julian was found, more than ten minutes had passed, Florian looked at Julian in the Personnel Department and breathed a sigh of relief.


   "Hey, Julie. I thought you were not here today."


   "Oh, Commissioner Florian. What are you looking for?" Julian first got up and politely saluted Florian. Then wiped the sweat from his forehead and said:


   "I'm a little overwhelmed because of my busy schedule."


   "Is it about the recent recruitment?" Florian asked.


   "That's right. I thought of hiring someone to help, but this kind of work has become more complicated." Julian complained.


   She looked very distressed at the interview materials piled up on a whole table.


   In such an era, a government agency recruiting externally can almost squeeze the scene.


   It seems that the people of the Hutt Empire have no worries about their own survival.


   However, the final test results are mostly those who have connections and connections are hired. Rather than capable and level.


   However, Julianne still hopes to find someone who can help her.


   "Shouldn't the recruitment matter be handled by the personnel department? Why can't I see the people in the personnel department?" Florian looked at the empty office and asked in surprise.


   "The people in the temple are the people in charge. They seem to be called to a meeting. I heard that the temple is going to be reformed, or something." Julian buried her head and continued to look at the materials while talking to Florian.


   "That's it~~" Florian scratched his head, looking a little silly. He thought for a while and said:


   "That's right. I have someone to hire in advance. Give me an assistant. I told you before."

   "Hmm~~Yes. What's the name~~" Julie Ann scratched her head at the end of the quill pen in her hand, and raised her head to reveal thick dark circles.


   Florian smiled and replied:


   "Troy Bliss."


   He took out the resume in his hand, handed it to Julianne, and continued:


   "It's him. Just teach him to my office then. When will we have the next round of interviews??"


   Julianne glanced at the resume, nodded after thinking about it, and put it in a drawer under the drawer desk.


   Florian saw that there was already a stack of resumes in that drawer. There seem to be some people who have the same ideas as themselves.


   Then, she replied:


"Just these two days. Wait until I read these resumes again. The employment requirements of different departments are different. Those who go out on the field only need men. In the office, I hope that there are more women. The division of labor has to be different. Requirements."


   "It's really troublesome." She helped her forehead helplessly.


   "After all, it's too hard to go out to work. It's cold in winter, and the sun in summer is too cruel. The office needs to be more careful. The reception area has to be demanded." Florian explained with a perfunctory smile.


   "Of course, I know. But I hope someone can help me." Julianne pouted, looking aggrieved.


   Florian shrugged, smiled bitterly, and comforted:


   "There will be."


   He wanted to turn his head and leave, but he hesitated and said:


   "Maybe I can help you see some. But you know. Actually, I shouldn't interfere too much in personnel matters. This is not in line with my power and responsibility. I should be the power and responsibility of supervision."


   "But in fact, you have supervised it, and no one in the personnel department is doing anything. This is negligence." Julian said angrily.


   Florian's suddenly had some spirit, and suddenly said:


   "Yes~~ It makes sense."


   He frowned slightly, with some calculations in his mind.


   Soon after, I sat in the office and looked at the materials with relish.


   and Julianne have a different mentality, so I have a different mood. Florian seemed a little excited and happy because he finally had something to do, which was completely different from Julian's forced helplessness.


   "Can I ask that Troy Bliss for an interview tomorrow?" Florian asked, scanning the materials in front of him.


   "You can find him to help me in the afternoon." Julianne said casually.


   Florian was taken aback, shrugged and said, "Good idea!"




After lunch, Florian wanted to continue to help Julianne, but then thought that he had invited Troy Bliss to come to the office for an interview, so he confessed to Julianne in his heart, and drank tea in the office silently. .


   Soon after, a young man knocked on the door:


   "Is this the office of the supervisory committee?"


   Florian carefully observed the young man~www.mtlnovel.com~ It should be the Mr. Bliss.


   Indeed, much higher than Elok. And very strong. It does look like an adult. I don't know how Elok was convinced that he was not yet eighteen years old.


   However, from what I said just now, I can hear a bit reckless, a bit naive, and I don’t understand the rules.


   He got up from the sofa and walked behind his desk, casually pointed to the sofa next to him, and said:


   "Sit down, Bliss."


   After Troy Bliss sat down on the sofa, Florian asked:


   "I heard that you came from Cherancy. Some knight talents?"


   "That's right. My father is an honorable knight." Bully looked very proud and had a feeling of admiration for his father.


   "Well, what is the most important thing about a knight?" Florian continued to ask.


   "Loyalty and glory!!" Bliss replied firmly.


   This is the standard answer of a knight soldier.


   Of course, it is the kind of knight who specializes in cultivating war.


   Florian raised his eyebrows and said:


   "Good point! Come to work tomorrow. Remember what you said!!"