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"This is the commonality of the new gods. They will always develop to this point." Rich looked a little sad and didn't know who he was crying for.

He was silent for a moment, then continued after a sigh:

"Forget it, let's not talk about this. Compared to the weakness of the newly born gods, I am still more interested in this pilfering ceremony."

Elok is actually interested in both, but now that Rich has already said this, he also said:

"Then you think, who is stealing the gods? The Ilya family of **** stealers?"

"Huh?? Unexpectedly you know this family? They are famous **** stealers. But they are not the only **** stealers. Surely you also know Modo?" Rich said in a little surprised.

"In addition to these two most famous **** stealers, there are actually quite a few thieves. But they basically won't be active in the Hutt Empire and Khebri. The extraordinary soil and spiritual environment here are not suitable for them. "

"Most of them are active in the Kingdom League and the Free Will Federation. In the Free Will Federation, it is not even an evil organization. They unscrupulously steal the power of the gods."

"However, they don't steal the power of the Lady Liberty. It's not that they don't want to, but they can't. That's why the Lady Liberty is willing to support them. This has resulted in the thief becoming a legal existence in the Federation of the Will of Liberty."

"The most famous Ilya family was also supported by the Lady Liberty and killed the Modo family."

Elok raised his brow, and he didn't think there was such a secret in it. This reminded him of one thing, the opinions he knew from the elves were secretive. He rubbed his chin and then said:

"This reminds me of a secret that I learned when I was in Darkmoon Forest. The rise of Exile Modo was because a piece of Jacques Crystal was stolen from the goblin tribe of Darkmoon Forest. And the decline is due to Because that piece of Jack's magic crystal was stolen by the Ilya family."

"Jacks Magic Crystal?" Ritchie found the point of Elok's words all at once.

"Yes, combined with the secrets of Prometheus that I learned just now, I think the magic crystal originally appeared in the Darkmoon Forest again, is it ~~~" Ailock said guessingly.

"It's very likely." Richie replied.

"In that case~~~ If the division trend within the Hutt Empire is combined again. The Ilya family is probably behind the scenes. Or, it is possible that there is a trace of the Statue of Liberty. They are in the next big game."

"I really didn't think there was such a secret in it. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even know. Tsk tusk~~~"

Elok lowered his head in thought for a while, then nodded slightly. Replied:

"But I want to know if this has anything to do with heaven?"

Looking at Rich's expression, Elok explained in detail:

"A while ago, I also saw two similar idols. One of them was the idol of the fallen God of War, and the other was the idol of the Mother Goddess. I saw it in a member of heaven."

"In addition, that piece of Jacks Demon Crystal is probably given to Prometheus by the God of Desire. Is it possible? The God of Desire is also involved in it."

"Heaven?" Rich asked suspiciously. Then said:

"As far as I know, the family of **** stealers and the goddess of liberty and heaven can be said that the well water does not violate the river water, there is no relationship of interest, and it is not hostile. The only dispute may be that sometimes the group of thieves steal the head of the **** of desire. superior."

Rich's face was rare and less calm, frowned and thought hard, then said after a moment:

"But I don't think this is a coincidence. There are not so many coincidences in the transcendental realm."

"I think so too. There is no coincidence in the transcendental realm. If there is, it must be because we don't have enough information. The law of attraction works at all times." Elock agreed.

But after being silent for a long time, he did not continue the analysis. Seeing that neither he nor Rich had any ideas, he broke the topic and said:

"I have another question. I actually wanted to ask you a long time ago."

"Ask!" Rich replied decisively.

Elok organized the language and asked the question he had been thinking about for a long time:

"About Liberty and Irelia. I learned from a book that Irelia is the strongest pirate. I used to think that Irelia is the Statue of Liberty. But someone told me that Irelia is not a god. . Then who is Irelia? Who is the Statue of Liberty?"

Rich took a serious look at Elok, with no meaning in his eyes, and then replied affirmatively:

"The Lady Liberty is Irelia. But Irelia is not a god."

Ellock suddenly became puzzled and asked:

"Then why call it the Statue of Liberty? It's not a god. If you call yourself a god, you are not afraid of being swallowed by the sea of ​​mental power?"

"The profession of pirates cannot become a god, and it is impossible to follow the path of the gods. But this does not prevent Irelia from possessing the mighty power of the gods." Richie explained with a mouthful.

"The purpose of pirates is freedom and detachment, detachment from material constraints, detachment from the limitations of the astral world. The most important thing is to detach from the limitations of the sea of ​​mental power to avoid erosion."

"The approach of the gods is to form a large sea of ​​spiritual power as their own body to avoid erosion. The two run counter to each other. Therefore, it is impossible for a pirate to become a god. It is only suitable to follow the legendary route."

He paused, glanced at Elok, then turned and said:

"But Irelia took the wrong path. When Prometheus first took the path of the new god, he thought he was the best way to resist erosion. He wanted to be a god, so he madly absorbed faith. However, due to the characteristics of pirates, it is simply not suitable for attracting so many non-personal mental powers."

"So, he was stuck between the gods and legends and couldn't move, he was stuck between the gods and the ninth level and couldn't advance or retreat."

"He has a huge body of mental power, but he can't actually control it. He wants to progress with this, but the transcendental rules do not agree. But let him give up the current results, it will only make him collapse, let him He became the nourishment of the sea of ​​mental power. He can only be stuck there."

"But no matter what, he has the power of a god. It is also the biggest obstacle to your progress."

Elok listened carefully to Richie's words, looked at him, and asked:


"Because a profession can only have one voice." Richie replied with a smile.

After a moment of silence, Elok nodded thoughtfully and said:

"alright, I got it."

He digested the many secrets that Rich had told, groping his chin to think about his way forward, and finally asked:

"There is one last little question I want to ask. Regarding the recurrence yesterday."

"I just wanted to use yesterday to reproduce you, but unfortunately, I failed. I think I didn't make any mistakes, or do I have a wrong understanding?"

Rich glanced at Elok, with a hint of surprise in his eyes, but with a reasonable feeling, he shook his head slightly and said:

"Well~~~ Yesterday's reappearance at level five... It is indeed possible to reproduce a biological entity. I did feel a trace of history throbbing just now. Unexpectedly, you want to experiment with new methods. Yes, very exploratory."

"But it didn't work, why don't you try a few more times? Maybe you chose the wrong memory."

He blinked his eyes and asked, "When did you choose the memory?"

Elok shrugged and replied casually:

"When you were fishing on Lake Sitori."

Rich suddenly fell into helplessness and embarrassment, rubbing his forehead and frowning.

He looked at Elok, UU reading www. uukanshu.com scolded:

"How did you choose at that time? It was a stupid choice. I can't bother you at that time. Go, choose again!"

"Uh~~" Elok stood helplessly in place, curled his lips, and said:

"Then how did you read the newspaper at home? Or when I complained that Il's cooking was too light?"

"You are really helpless~~" Rich frowned and continued to curse. "Can't you choose a time to show my greatness?"

He glanced at Elok for the last time, took a big sip from the wine glass, turned into pieces of fading memory light, and instantly dissipated in front of Elok.

"Uh~~~But the problem is that I haven't seen you when Yingwei~~~" Elok said to himself rather aggrievedly.

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