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Elok nodded clearly, and then said:

"The living space in a world is limited. If we want to develop in a limited space, we must of course eradicate dissidents."

"Yes, the world is already this big. Besides, it's getting smaller and smaller because of the war." Richie replied with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Elok asked in surprise.

Rich took a sip of the beer he had just brought, and said nonchalantly:

"It means literally. Due to various wars, the land area is getting smaller and smaller. The world was originally connected. It is a pity that it was broken into many pieces by the war between the gods."

"Don't interrupt, you continue to listen to me." Richie glanced at Elok. Continue to say.

"During the Third Age, the elves were the most powerful race among the three races. Giants and dragons combined were the top elves. Humans were able to live because of the protection of the elves. The current development in the Delta region is pretty good. . Equivalent to affiliation."

"Prometheus was not a **** at the time. It was just a good relationship with the elves. He even married an elves' wife. The name was Charles. For this reason, elves were very friendly to humans."

"But at the same time, humans are not content to be affiliated. What they want is to grow bigger and bigger, which can sit on the same level as the elves. They even hope to be stronger than the elves. At this time, another powerful The gods of God have taken a fancy to the human race."

Rich looked at Elok and said calmly:

"God of Desire~"

"As a native god, the stronger the desire in the sea of ​​mental power, the stronger he is. The strong desire of mankind allows him to see powerful opportunities."

"He secretly helped mankind. He also pitted against the elves secretly. He provoked the tribe war at the end of the Third Age from it."

"At the end of the war. Prometheus got a key item. A Jacks Demon Crystal called the "Stone of Sin"."

"Jakes demon, you should be clear." Rich looked at Elok.

"Know a little bit. A powerful transcendent species at the same level as the Laplace demon. The profession is a thief. Ancient species, something that existed before the Era." Alock slightly frowned and replied seriously.

Rich nodded in satisfaction and continued:

"That's right. Jacks magic crystal and Laplace magic crystal have the same incredible magic power. If used properly, it can steal the power of the gods. Of course, compared to the methods of the legendary **** stealer family, they are weird and powerful. A lot."

"So, Prometheus made the most despicable decision to make mankind prosperous."

"He used the trust of the Elf King Sesrik to steal the power of the Elf King regarding the power of the sun and the power of order. He became a powerful **** with the power of the sun and the power of order."

"And the Elf King, who lost most of the power of the gods, fell as expected in the war at the end of the Third Age. Even so, he desperately killed the Giant King."

"In the final battle, he fought with the Giant King for three days and three nights, and finally all ended up in the Gulf of Destruction. The Gulf was punched out by the Giant King with a powerful punch. As a result, the Eastern Continent separated from the main continent and went out independently. "

"The giant king at that time had the authority to destroy, that is, the demon profession."

"You know why I say that the land is hitting less and less."

The corners of Elok's mouth twitched, and he looked in the direction of Destruction Bay somewhat inconceivably, shook his head slightly and sighed:

"The mighty power of the gods!!! They are all used for destruction."

Rich's expression didn't know what he was thinking, and he looked a little depressed. He took a sip of his beer and said:

"If it weren't for Prometheus's despicableness, now the elves should rule the continent. Human beings are really born out of desire, and powerful from despicableness."

Elok lowered his head, with a wry smile on his face.

Sometimes the truth is so satisfying to accept. Beneath the surface of the light is deep darkness.

He sighed, looked up at the ceiling, and sighed:

"No wonder the elves are so wary of humans now, even after thousands of years have passed. No wonder the elves define Prometheus as a betrayer and a sinner."

"But from the perspective of humans. Or from the perspective of human ruling the world now. Prometheus did the right thing." Richie said with a wry smile.

"Although there are some details that I can't confirm. But through the development of the matter, one or two can be guessed."

"Who gave Prometheus this taboo thing like Jacks Demon Crystal? Where did it go in the end? And who gave Prometheus the method of using Jack Demon Crystal?"

"I don't know. But I think there must be a trace of the **** of desire in it!"

"The Goddess of Desire wants humans to be strong, but he wants to be constant. He can be regarded as a hero to humans."

"However, the God of Desire is not the same species as us. He is like a captive human being, only to provide him with a continuous force of desire. Make him strong."

"So, he is the evil god!" Elok defined him.

Rich waved his hand, showing the small memory that Elok brought to him just now, and then said:

"This idol is indeed Prometheus. But since Prometheus was betrayed and fell, his idols have been scattered everywhere. It is not surprising that one appears. It is not this idol that interests me a little, but This ceremony."

"Ritual? You mean, this meeting is an extraordinary ceremony?" Elok asked in surprise. This made him completely unexpected.

"Yes. This is a rather hidden and extraordinary ceremony." Rich first affirmed Elok's guess. Then he explained:

"It reminds me of those thieves."

Elok knew who Richie was referring to the thief. It's nothing more than a family of **** stealers. The Ilya family, and Modo the exile.

I remember Richie said a few months ago that he knew a well-known thief who was very good at ‘opening the lock’. So he got a one-time key.

Therefore, Rich should have a good understanding of the profession of thieves.

After thinking for a moment, Elok continued to speculate and asked:

"You mean, this is a ritual of stealing the gods? Stealing the power of the gods? Who is the target of stealing? Ozer??"

"It should be said, the **** of axiom-Ozell." Rich explained.

"Huh?" Elok was even more confused.

"In the realm of order, Ozell is already a little split. It's like schizophrenia, do you understand?" Rich didn't know how to talk to Elok, or whether he knew it or not.

But at this point, Elok suddenly realized that he immediately connected the situation in the Hutt Empire, and said in surprise:

"You mean, Ozer split into two gods? One is the God of Order in the Temple of Order, and the other is the God of Order in the Temple of Axiom. That's why there is a division within the Temple of Order??"

"This~~~~ is incredible." Elok shook his head slightly in shock.

"Right or not. The Temple of Axiom believes in not the **** of order, but axiom itself. It is more like a **** of nature. Do you understand? I call him the **** of axiom." Rich denied Elok half.

"That means that the conflict between the natural gods and the new-born gods split Ozer, the **** of order?" Elok said again ~www.mtlnovel.com~ is not completely split, but two gods appear. . . This gave the Hutt Empire a premonition of division. "Rich continued to explain.

"And I guess that the object of this ritual stealing power is the **** of justice who is not powerful yet. So, this reminds me of those thieves who steal the gods."

"And this split gives me a hunch that every new **** will have such a catastrophe. At first, they collected faith with confidence and ruled a huge empire with confidence. Later, they felt that they were a little weak and not enough to unify. Rescuing such a vast divine realm. Later, for strength, they began to engage in dictatorship in different ways."

"After all, they will be kidnapped by public opinion, by believers, and kidnapped by the rules they set for themselves. They are a group of poor people without independent will."

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