"What do you think of me dressing up as a pirate today? Ill."

   A young man with black hair and black eyes, with a smile on his face, opened the door, took off his classical dress and hung it on a wooden hanger with a hollow at the door, and stumbled quite handsomely on the ground.

   After stabilizing his body shape, he picked up the black lace top hat that had just fallen to the ground due to wrestling, hung it next to the dress, and held the white seagull feathers on it.

  , who also had short black hair behind him, the black pupil of Il was taken aback, and he curled his mouth unconfirmed.

   "Huh? How about it." The young man walked to the sofa, poured himself a glass of water from a small teapot with a blue background and a tulip pattern and asked again.

   "If Elok, you mean the pirate dressed up as a pirate at the first ball after the coming-of-age ceremony. Although it is a fancy dress ball. Well. Very suitable. You will be very famous."

   Yi Er took off the little white lace-rimmed hat and hung it on the coat rack, kicked off the little black leather shoes from her feet, and wore a light blue little baroque dress. Sitting casually beside Elok.

   Elok’s hand holding the teacup in mid-air fully expressed his embarrassment, “I’m not good at dancing. Why do you want others to approach me? It’s best to stay away from me.”

   "This is really great, my dear brother, I even practiced with you for a whole week because of this." Il rolled his eyes. "Don't tell others that we know you when you go out at night. I'm afraid of embarrassment. I don't care about others. You'd better stay away from me."

   Ellock had to smile angrily, and sat on the sofa holding a teacup without talking.

   In fact, only Elok knows about it. He is just a little uncomfortable with this kind of social interaction. Half a year ago, I was still a clerk in a small company called Chen Song. Who knew that the company’s computer socket was leaking electricity. Chen Song traveled through a wave of electric light and flint to this place with a European classical atmosphere-the city of Droll.

  Drol City-the capital of Navis Province on the southern coast of the Hutt Empire. Adjacent to the mysterious sea, known as the pearl of the mysterious sea.

  The Hutt Empire, the motherland of Elok, is also known as the place of origin of mankind, located in the southeast corner of the new continent.

   To its west is the Kableli Empire ruled by the sun god. Perennial war with the Hutt Empire. In the north is a kingdom alliance composed of many small countries.

   The opposite of the sea is the East Continent, known as the paradise of the freers, where the Free Will Federation and the rulers of the Storm Empire are located.

   Elok didn't think it was a place where humanity originated. He just felt that the people here were quite ignorant. Human civilization is still at a low level.

   At present, the Hutt Empire is under the rule of Emperor Kafka XI.

   In addition to the rulers, the Hutt Empire is also guarded by gods. That is the real God, above all else. People call it the **** of order-Ozer.

   Now he is called Elok Fasma. I have just grown up today, 18 years old. Quite handsome, a little thin. The height of more than 170 points is not too high, probably because it is not fully developed. He has black hair and black eyes, a high nose, and some thin lips and eyebrows.

   is now a student of the second higher school in Droll City.

   To be precise, it should be a freshman. Because just a few days ago, Elok relied on his own nonsense, copying from the east to the west, and relying on the memory that was obviously strengthened after crossing, he passed the graduation exam a few days before the exam.

   There is nothing to be proud of, this is the basic quality of contemporary college students.

   Elok has a lovely sister, Iver, 14 years old. Once a student at the No. 1 Middle School in Droll City, he somehow dropped out of school two years ago. Surprisingly, his father was very supportive. I don't know what to tinker with every day, often missing for a whole day, and sometimes staying in the room all day without going out.

   Two people live with his father Rich. Rich is the recorder of history in Droll City. I usually stay in the government office drinking tea and flipping through the newspaper. Occasionally record what happened in the local area. For example, the Duke gets married today, and which relative of the Duke dies tomorrow.

   Elok has no information about his mother. My father never said it.

   Although the family is not so wealthy, it can guarantee that the three people will have nothing to worry about.

   As a result of inheriting a part of this body's memory, it was not difficult to overcome difficulties such as language barriers, inconvenient transportation, and complicated clothes. Elok quickly adapted to this world.

   During this time, Elok was really bored and panicked, especially after he graduated. Before graduating, Elok had a few good friends who skipped class together and went out to wander around. After graduation, the old buddies have gradually moved away.

   Until a few days ago, Elok complained to his sister Il that the world was too boring and nothing magical happened. Il actually began to show off his ability to fetch objects from the air next to him.

   Elok's eyes widened in surprise.

   There are extraordinary powers in the world of feelings.

   Through three consecutive days of bribery with small cakes, Elok learned of the existence of extraordinary powers in this world from Il’s mouth.

   named-extraordinary professional.

   Through meditation, one can become an extraordinary professional who can use extraordinary power.

   just as its name—professionals. Different occupations have different skills. Elok learns that Il is a "witch".

   As a witch, Il’s profession is really notorious.

   But as long as you don’t hate it, don’t you?

   Elok begged Il with a shy face for several days, wanting to learn the extraordinary powers from Il, the sticky Il was annoying.

   Then Yi Er said ruthlessly: "You don't have that talent. Find your father to study. I just learned from Dad."

   Elok's father is a "historian", which really fits the name of the historian. But I have never seen him cast any skills.

   Elok is preparing to ask his father Rich about something extraordinary today, but he hasn't figured out how to speak. So after a long delay, he prepared to come back to talk to his father privately in the evening.

   Today is not only Elok’s birthday. On this day, young adults who have just grown up must attend the coming-of-age ceremony held in the temple, and in the evening they need to attend a dance party to prove that they are already grown up and start socializing. The social season of Navestbon, which lasts for five months a year, has just arrived.

  The social season is a blind date season for men who have just grown up. Elok is very annoying, still a free love hobby.

   Until the evening, Elok gently put down the "Book of the Prophet" in his hand. Wipe its cover and place it carefully on the shelf.

   muttered to himself: "I don't know what's the use. Hey~~"

   This book suddenly appeared next to Chen Song's pillow on the first night of his journey.

   Elok thought if there was any secret about his journey. Open it and see, well, there is not a word on it. Only the title of the book "Book of the Prophet" and the author's name-Azeroth on the cover. Angrily, he cursed: "I am embarrassed to be called a prophet without writing a word. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com"

   Returning from his thoughts, Elok tidyed up the clothes he had just worn. A deliberately dirty three-corner hat on top of his head, with two moustaches, and found a piece of cloth cut into a monocular blindfold and put it on his left eye. Wearing a shabby old dress. Dressed up like a pirate, um~ a free pirate.

   opened the door and walked downstairs pretendingly. I saw that my father had just opened the door and was about to go downstairs, so he walked and said, "Father, I will use your one-handed sword today."

   "No problem, it hasn't been used for a long time. After all, I am a civil servant." Richie replied, and said with a weird smile: "I wish you a good evening, and it is best not to come back."

   Ellock ignored the last sentence: "Thank you, father. This is more alike."

   "Elok, you are all grown-ups. I slept with the imperial princess when I was your age." Ritchie continued.

   Elok squinted at Rich, but didn't say what was in his heart. Blow, then blow, and see if it’s bigger than last year’s tornado.

   took down the one-handed sword hung on the wall of the living room downstairs, loved it, and played back and forth.

   It is a Western one-handed sword with a simple wooden scabbard. It has a silver guard with a wave pattern, and the grip is wrapped in non-slip leather.

   Elok pulled out and saw the slender sword body that looked like a new one. The blade is very sharp without any damage. It is really a good sword. Raise his eyebrows lightly and hang it on his waist.

   It's hairy. I want to go back after giving me Elok, it's impossible! Just treat it as my adult's gift.

   He stood proudly in front of the mirror in front of the door, looking at the one-handed sword hanging from his waist and the pirate costume on his body.

   "Ha! I want to be a free pirate."