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The Second Girl’s Naruto Journey

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“Blast it! The world! Break it! Reality! The Eye of Death! Open!”

The girl pulled off the blindfold of her left eye, and a dazzling light suddenly appeared in her pupils, making people unclear.

The girl’s expression gradually became mad, and she turned to the sky and smiled.

“Ahahahaha! Surrender to…”


Immediately behind his head, he encountered a hand knife.


The girl covered her head, her eyes streaming with tears and she looked aggrieved.

Kakashi clutched his forehead and looked at the second girl with a headache.

“Don’t fool people with your luminous eyes, okay.”

Kai next to him was still in a stalemate with a shocked expression, as if he hadn’t recovered yet, he looked at Kakashi stiffly with a dazed look.


- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TSGNJ
Alternate Title:中二少女的火影之旅
Author:Su of the Su family
Weekly Rank:#671
Monthly Rank:#163
All Time Rank:#3250
Tags:Chuunibyou, Fanfiction, Female Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Naruto, Overpowered Protagonist, World Travel,
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  1. Pfft protagonis sebenernya ga chunibyo asli dia op ya kekuatannya asli tapi punya karakter chunibyo banyak adengan lucu karna chunibyo nya, di dunia jujutsu kaisen ada bug dri "system" jdi pengen tau akhirnya begimana kayak nya banyak bgt karakter orang luar dri "cheat" tapi dunia "game" yg dia buat agak ngebosenin jdi gua aga skip keseluruhan coba ajh ada bumbu romance nya dikit gtu setiap novel protag cewe tentang anime pasti kebanyakan yuri atau ga ada romance dan novel protag male protag pati kebanyakan harem but i hate harem

  2. I don't get why mc keeps on saving people, the game she created is giving people an opportunity to be god because veryone in the game is either scum or did something bad, but she keeps on helping them. I really don't get why she even makes the game if she just helps them in the end, and for her the game is just entertainment so why did she went in and help them if it is just entertainment.

  3. sometimes i confused , does she have power or not...?? why she always disguise her self even its harming herself..?? and whats the point overpowered power if she never use it...?? like what the point have so much money but u life in miserable self harming life eating junk food...??

  4. quite fun, mc quite op, mc happy go lucky, there no dark village or scheme of upper village, everything is full of happiness and fun, mc trying save every character in anime even spare enemy (kakuzu) so yeah a beatiful world...

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