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When the end of time comes, the protagonist is on a boat … because of fairy tales, the legendary Siren (Sea Monster), which brings disaster and fear, has become a beautiful and kind mermaid in people’s impression.

In fact, they like to drag people under the endless waves…

In the last days, Xia Yi, who was waiting for death silently in desperation, thought he would be devoured by a sea monster, and encountered an unimaginable accident.

- Description from shubaow


Short Title:SMA
Alternate Title:海怪联盟
Author:Heaven Chaser
Weekly Rank:#6158
Monthly Rank:#5379
All Time Rank:#5437
Tags:Apocalypse, Autism, Calm Protagonist, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Mutations, Shounen-Ai Subplot, Special Abilities, Survival,
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  1. hey... while reading this, i feel scared as well. In my place, in the country where I live, there are hundreds of dead fish that washed up on the beach. I don't know if other countries too? by the way, isn't the ice melting somewhere? Indeed it could be global warming, but can we be a little aware? I'm just saying to be more aware, so don't be too outspoken. thanks.

  2. Oh my God.. I felt this horror and the nearest sea is hundreds of kilometers away from my house, I understand you very well⁦(;;;・_・)⁩

  3. Ah the a part between 15 and 16 is missing some plot. Not to mention in the beginning before “15” Are actually chapters maybe 1-17 in condensed form. I’m looking back and forth between English translator from novelupdates to here on MTL, so I could find difference and seee if I should wait on translator, or try my hand at figuring out this novel on MTL. I’ll reply to this comment to see how it goes.

  4. Yeah the MTL ch 16 is part of the real ch 19 and the beginning of ch20... English translator on Dummynovels is currently up to about it chapter 31. So if you want to wait or try your hand at MTL if they fix or not, or wait for the translator to update I’ll let you decide. It says they update every Saturday. I’m going to try to read both, I’m glad they have the “ch.” number before having the rest of the plot down to indicate the true chapter I’m on, on MTL. Makes things a bit easier. Hope there’s no more missing plot. Even if it’s a little bit...

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