Chapter 473 Suffocation

When a brother who has been dead for many years, he appeared before his eyes in this way.

What kind of mood should it be?

Confused, shocked, ecstatic, like in a dream?

The unspeakable surprise hit Ace's heart.

The appearance of Sabo and the touch of his father and his companions desperately rescuing him brought him to the depths of his soul.

The man who made this decision to accept his fate calmly couldn't help but shed tears.

"Sabo, you...!!!"

With tears in his eyes, Ace looked at Sabo's gaze, and there was still a sense of trance in a dream.

Sabo looked up at Ace and smiled: "I haven't seen you in so many years, why have you become crying like Luffy?"

"It's obviously you guy, who disappeared for so long without authorization..."

"Ah, actually I didn't even expect..."

Sabo raised his head against the brim of his hat, stopped talking in time, and said seriously: "Anyway, let's leave together first..."

"Ace, we're here to save you!!!"

Luffy's loud voice directly interrupted Sabo's words.

He was blasted by the palm of the Warring States period, and he seemed to be fine.

After all, when he fell to the ground just now, Robin's soft spider web helped him remove most of the impact.

Luffy, who couldn't wait to save Ace, turned on the second gear and came to Sabo as quickly as possible.

The three brothers, who had been separated for many years, met again in this way.


A crack appeared on the ground.

Jasmine, one of the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army wearing a miniskirt, got out of the cracks in the ground.

Just now, it was his timely assist that allowed Sabo to repel Fujitora and relieve the gravity field that was pressing on the straw hat group.

"You guys, this kind of occasion is not suitable for reminiscence!"

In the moment of racing against time, Jasmine reminded her in due course.

Sabo nodded, turned his gaze, and looked at Maude who was standing next to Ace.

There was no greeting, and there was no extra emotional expression, as if looking at a stranger.

The current position is different, this is a necessary cover.

Jasmine also looked at Maude, her little mouth pursed slightly, and with difficulty resisted the urge to greet Maude intimately.

Is it only Sabo and Jasmine?

Or did you hide a hand?

Maude looked calmly at the straw hat group and Sabo who surrounded the execution platform.

The situation in the field, for the Navy, began to become a little pessimistic.

at least,

Before the navy can get rid of the group of beasts, the force that can return to the execution stand in time is quite limited.

However, with the monster-level combat power of Fujitora, even if the straw hat group and the revolutionary army break through here, it is not so easy to save Ace.

"Luo should hide it well."

As Maude's thoughts turned, he suddenly thought of the situation on Luo's side, and immediately glanced at the situation on the white beard's side.

The appearance of the Straw Hats and the Revolutionary Army out of thin air seemed to sound the whistle of the intermission, delaying the momentum of fighting each other on the battlefield.

After all, even the white beard and the red dog stopped at the same time with a tacit understanding.

However, the reason they stopped was to understand what happened on the execution platform for the first time.

When they have a general understanding of the situation, they may continue to fight in the next second.

Taking advantage of the gap between the white beard and the red dog, Maude must rush to take down the head of the white beard before Sabo and the straw hat team move.

"Just in case, stop them from rescuing Ace first."

Maude's thoughts were certain, and his momentum came out, covering the straw hat group below.


"Idol... is coming for real!"

"This time, I will never fall down so easily."

Feeling the terrible aura from Maude, the gang in straw hats tightened their nerves, as if they were facing an enemy.

They knew better than anyone else about the horror of Maude.

Usopp stared at Maude in a daze, and stopped talking.

The aura that shrouded in the slightest hint of retreat made Usopp realize that the favor card could not play a role at this time.

Finally, it was the time when Aka Dog left the execution platform to deal with White Beard.

He thought that he would be able to take Ace away in one fell swoop with a surprise attack, and then leave the battlefield as quickly as possible to complete this extremely difficult rescue operation.

But he didn't expect that Maude would flash directly from the midfield to the backcourt, becoming one of their biggest obstacles.

Robin subconsciously touched the shelter in his pocket.

If it is taken out now, it will be able to resolve the obstacle that Maude has formed against them.


She is very sure.

Maude will stop them, but will not kill them.

Under this premise, the only opportunity to ask for help should be used...

In terms of timing, it might be better to use it when retreating.

The central area of ​​the square.


The green pheasant controlled the ice thorn gun to penetrate the vitals of several beasts.

"Ah la la..."

He was exuding a cold air, silently looking at Nicole Robin under the execution stage.

"Nicole Robin, you know what this occasion means to you..."

"Even so, you still made a rather irrational choice."

"Then, if you die here, you can't blame anyone."

Robin's appearance was reflected in the eyes of the green pheasant, recalling the scene of returning "freedom" to Robin in the city of water, as if it had happened only yesterday.

He didn't expect it.

Robin, who is regarded as a heavyweight criminal in the eyes of the world government, finally found a shelter after many hardships, but he has to take great risks to participate in this war that should have nothing to do with her.

all around the world.

Before the broadcast screen, there was silence.

Everyone is watching the picture on the screen intently.

The air was so dull that the breathing was slightly oppressed.

Ten minutes ago, they thought that the Navy had a chance to win, and as a result, all sorts of changes were endless.

Especially the sudden appearance of the Straw Hats and the Revolutionary Army in front of the execution platform directly affected the nerves of countless people.

When the execution platform tilted, many people even thought that Firefist Ace was going to be rescued.

"Nicole Robin, son of the devil..."

"The Revolutionary Army has joined forces with the Straw Hat Pirates!!!"

"How did the navy deploy defenses? If it weren't for Qiwu Haimod's timely action, the consequences would be disastrous."

"Will they save Firefist Ace?"

"What a joke, that evil blood... must never let it go!"

"How long is the execution time?"

"31 minutes!"

"If you want me to say, it's over if you execute it directly."

"I also feel that way!"

The endless changes made the people in front of the screen feel deeply disturbed.

In their view, it is more important to get rid of the evil blood of One Piece quickly.

Therefore, they believe that the Navy does not need to observe the execution time.

"Look, Maude is going to shoot again!"

Countless eyes gathered on the figure exuding amazing momentum on the screen.

"His changing..."

They looked at Maude on the screen in amazement, no matter the size, appearance, and even skin color, they were changing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Malin Vandor, on the execution stage.

Warring States was surprised to see Maude whose whole body had changed significantly.

He clearly felt that Maude's breath was constantly getting stronger.

It was so strong that he couldn't help being wary.

Under the execution stage.

The straw hats opened their eyes and watched Maude change in a short time.

First, the skin color tends to gray, and then the body shape expands a circle.

In the end, circles of black lines appeared on his face and even his arms.

When the signs of change finally stopped, the Straw Hats felt an unprecedented sense of oppression.


The Maude in their eyes disappeared.

next moment,

They didn't have time to do anything, they were shocked to find that their body seemed to be imprisoned by something, and they couldn't even move their fingers.

Immediately after,

A fierce suffocation eroded their minds.

"Where is Maud?!!!"

"What is going on..."

It seemed that it was because of the horrible oppression that almost suffocated them.

So much so that their sense organs appeared some confusion.

He could clearly feel the oppression from Maude, but he didn't know where Maude was.

(End of this chapter)

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