Chapter 472, Ace

Based on intelligence, Maude knew that the Straw Hats would emerge sooner or later.

And Fujitora relied on the "mind eyes" constructed by seeing and hearing colors, and saw the transparent state of the straw hat group heading straight to the execution platform from Houcheng District.

At the moment when the golden lion is suppressed, Fujitora no longer needs to focus on the central **** to clamp down on the four islands suspended above Malin Vandor.

The reason for paying special attention before is largely because the deterrence of these four floating islands is too strong.

After all, if it was an oversight, the Golden Lion would smash the floating island down.

The entire Marin Vandor will sink into the sea in an instant.

The consequences are terrible.

Fujitora naturally dare not care.

Now, due to the outstanding performance of Huang Yuan and hundreds of elite navies, the Golden Lion Club did not spare any effort to implement the plan of smashing the island onto Malin Vando.

Fujitora shot, and immediately suppressed the action of the straw hat group with the gravity field.

"This heavy pressure is..."

"Uh, my body is heavy."

"It's gravity!"

Nami bent her knees, struggling to withstand the gravity falling on her body, and looked at Fujitora with a monster-like gaze.

For a while, they gathered under the execution platform, and they were pressed hard by the gravity field from top to bottom.


The place under their feet was suddenly pressed into a shallow pit by the gravity field, indicating that the strength of the gravity field was strengthening.

"Damn it, there is no way to fight like this."

Sanji gritted his teeth.

The increasing pressure seemed to force them to lie on the ground.

The vine knotweed knife was slightly out of its sheath, and his eyes opened slightly, revealing the whites of his eyes.

If it were not for the sudden appearance of the straw hats, Fujitora would free up his hands, and should first assist Karp, and then try to deal with the hidden danger of Marco in a short time.

It can only be said that the timing of the appearance of the straw hats helped Marco offset some risks invisibly.

On the execution stage.

Maude looked at the straw hat group suppressed by Fujitora blankly.

He just said to the straw hat group: You might die.

This sentence is not a joke.

In the midst of this huge wave that is about to change the times, even people like Fujitor who don't admire killing to solve things will change their minds in time.

In other words,

At the moment when the Straw Hats attacked the Warring States and tried to rescue Ace.

In order to stifle the risk in the cradle, Fujitora would not keep his hands.

The regiment killed the straw hat group, let alone.

after all,

This is war.

Regardless of the existence of Fujitora, the Warring States alone is not an existence that the straw hat group can easily deal with.


Near the execution platform, it was not just the Straw Hats and the amazing soldiers.

There is also the revolutionary army headed by Saab who sent the straw hats here.

"How long has the transparent fruit been eaten, has it been developed to this level, Sabo..."

Maude flashed red in his eyes and glanced around, but did not find Sabo's location.


Saab's excavation of the ability of transparent fruits has reached a height that the previous users could not reach.

I am afraid,

When Sabo uses the ability of transparent fruit, he not only makes the body transparent, but also makes things different from substances such as smell, breath, movement, and even sound.

It is precisely because of this that the straw hat group can directly touch the execution platform under the nose of the Warring States Period.

If it hadn't been for Lu Fei, who had made an opening statement when he appeared, it wouldn't have attracted so much attention.

"No breath..."

Maude "searched" for two or three laps, but still couldn't find Sabo's position.

In theory, Saab, and even an unknown number of revolutionary forces, is most likely not nearby.

But Maude was quite sure that Sabo and the others were nearby, but they hadn't had the ability to remove the transparent fruit.

"The revolutionary army... how much force will it deploy?"

Maude didn't continue to waste energy looking for Sabo, he just put away his sights, and turned to look at Fujitora.

Although he can't find Sabo's location, Maude can roughly guess Sabo's mode of action.

On the execution stage, he and the Warring States period guarded him, while under the execution stage, Fujitor used gravity to force the straw hat group into desperation.

In this case, if Saab is still in a transparent state, there is a high probability that it will directly attack Fujitora.

As Maud predicted.

When he looked at Fujitora, less than three seconds passed.

Behind Fujitora, a figure wearing a top hat and holding a steel pipe suddenly appeared.

Surprisingly, it was Sabo who Maude had searched for two or three laps just now, but couldn't find anything.

"How can you keep pressing people down?"

Sabo revealed his figure, and while muttering to himself, he held up the armed color covering a high level and slammed it at the back of Fujitora's head.

With the aid of the transparent fruit ability, this sneak attack sap has a very high hit rate.

It's a pity that Sabo is facing Fujitora...

Almost as soon as Sabo showed his figure and made a sneak attack, Fujitora quickly turned around, and the rod and knife in his hand suddenly pulled out of its sheath, blocking the steel pipe that Sabo had smashed down with all his strength.

clang! ! !

The steel pipe slammed into Fujihu's rod and knife, bursting out a dazzling spark.

The confrontation between the armed colors makes the intersection of the steel pipe and the rod and knife sparkle with black arc-like energy.

Fujitora took the sneak attack steadily, and did not even lift the gravity field that was suppressing the straw hat group.

With his slightly white eyes, he "looked" straight at Sabo and exclaimed, "Is it the power of transparent fruit...I can't help but remind the old man of some interesting past events."

"Hey, you must be able to'see' me, blind man!"

Sabo stared at Fujitora solemnly, instilling endless power into the steel pipe, but he couldn't make any further progress.

It was only a brief confrontation that Sabo realized that the man in front of him was undoubtedly a monster through and through.

Fujitora didn't say a word, he blessed gravity on the rod and knife, and pressed down Sabo's steel pipe in one fell swoop.


Sabo was startled, only to feel that the strength from the steel pipe had become heavier, and the competition in strength quickly fell.

In this case, you should retreat decisively to avoid being pressed out of the flaw.

But Sabo gritted his teeth.

This could be called an unwise move, which made Fujitora keenly smell something.

And at this moment, the stone slab under Fujitora's feet, without warning, undulated violently like a wave.


Fujitora was a little surprised.

The violently undulating ground directly flew him on top.

When Sabo saw this, the corner of his mouth ticked slightly.

While Fujitora lost his balance, while withdrawing the steel pipe, his arm-covered right hand made a dragon claw gesture with the middle index finger folded together.

Dragon hook claw!

Sabo went straight to the Fujitora gate.

Fujitora was calm and calm, and the horizontal knife blocked Sabo's claws.


Although Fujitora blocked the dragon's hook and claw, he was knocked out when he was in the air.

At the same time, the gravitational field covering the straw hats disappeared.

"Jasmine, well done."

After repelling Fujitora, Sabo glanced at the ground where the agitation had stopped, and immediately looked at Ace on the execution platform.

at this time,

Ace's eyes widened and he looked at Sabo in a daze, with an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

"Yo, Ace."

Facing Ace's gaze, Sabo smiled and said, "Why, don't you recognize me?"


Ace's expression was shocked, and there was an incredible light in his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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