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The Saint Seiya Who Shines in Marvel

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Novel Summary

Le Xia traveled to the Marvel world. He was born ordinary after encountering an old bronze box, and his life was destined to be extraordinary.

“Put on the holy clothes and guard the love and justice on the earth!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SSWSM
Alternate Title:闪耀漫威的圣斗士
Author:Swordsman 23
Weekly Rank:#9652
Monthly Rank:#4465
All Time Rank:#3445
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Nationalism, Saint Seiya, Weak to Strong,
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52 Comments on “The Saint Seiya Who Shines in Marvel
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  1. Me encanta que metan saint seiya en las novelas, pero que el autor se contradiga de tal manera me sacó las ganas de leerla. "El saint seiya protege, no destruye" Hasta ahora lo único que sabe hacer es matar y pelear para torcer a los héroes ya conocidos (típica trama china)

  2. One of the worst story and protagonist I have ever read ! But it should get a high rating among the woke 🌈 readers because it checks the blue check marks ! 1) it has got representation in the non White protagonist 2) it’s has got a Simp for the main protagonist aka a MAN that dreams of sucking other MEN’s dicks 3) the antagonist are the White MEN patriarchy so it checks all those blue haired land whales 🐳 blue check marks ! Truly an awful story and a dumpster fire 🔥

  3. Wtf?? You do know that many villains in marvel are those who you call "white MEN patriarchy"(literally the stupidest thing i've heard this month) right?

  4. There is something wrong with this author. He keep saying that MC dont want to be discovered, lowkey kinda hero. But he keep on getting into trouble without enough cover on his face/body. He keep using extraordinary power outside. The healing water, the "falcon" wing, and his mind is like a damn 12 years old in a puberty. Cant keep a distance from Gwen and his sister, obviously he said that he dont want them to be in trouble by being by his side or knowing his identity, but the next chapter he confess and even in the fight when his sister get kidnapped he fight without mask.. too much man! Too much! Most normal criminal he will kill without mercy, saying barabara.. then he didnt kill Dr Connor.. really dude that man/scientist have almost no bottom line in his research, although i think in this novel he wont continue being a villain

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