The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

Throughout this current life of mine, I will pay no attention to my past lives, nor will I seek future lives. I wish to live vigorously, to pay back debt of gratitude and fulfill duty to avenge, to defeat valiant heroes from all species, and to proudly laugh at all the Gods and D.... Read more

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~ Fanwai (9) Day Tour ~ Fanwai (eight) if ~ Teaser ~ Fanwai (7) Questions about the past ~ A notification ~ Fanwai (6) New friends ~ Fanwai (5) What is more troublesome than Da Qinggen is ~ Fanwai (4) Mostly the smile ~ Fanwai (3) Frontline vitality

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v9 Chapter 49 Too smart to calculate v9 Chapter 48 Heaven and earth v9 Chapter 47 From time to time v9 Chapter 46 Magic debt v9 Chapter 45 Waiting is also today v9 Chapter 44 true colors v9 Chapter 43 It's time v9 Chapter 42 Deep water v9 Chapter 41 The closer you get, the harder it is

v9 Chapter 40 Le Su Xiaomeng v9 Chapter 39 The "thing" of exchange ~ in the evening v9 Chapter 38 The original question, the current answer v9 Chapter 37 Desperate v9 Chapter 36 No loser (third) v9 Chapter 35 Old adultery (two ~ Update together v9 Chapter 34 Yang Mou v9 Chapter 33 Playing cards without common sense v9 Chapter 32 evil creature v9 Chapter 31 The crack is hard to clear

v9 Chapter 30 After all v9 Chapter 29 Undercurrent behind calm (third more) v9 Chapter 28 Sap (second more) v9 Chapter 27 Unbelief v9 Chapter 26 I will report v9 Chapter 25 Acquaintance v9 Chapter 24 Expected v9 Chapter 23 Good things come v9 Chapter 22 See parents v9 Chapter 21 Can't escape the bitter sea v9 Chapter 20 Back to Tianhe ~ Update today continues at night

v9 Chapter 19 Inexplicable actions of the devil (third) v9 Chapter 18 "Organized" marriage (second) v9 Chapter 17 Aftermath (first) v9 Chapter 15 Inaction v9 Chapter 15 Forbearing Supreme ~ in the evening v9 Chapter 14 Shinjo Nyorai v9 Chapter 13 If I get Bodhi v9 Chapter 12 Have their own plans v9 Chapter 11 Nether Decree v9 Chapter 10 A bell rings the door ~ in the evening

v9 Chapter 9 Arranged witness v9 Chapter 8 true colors v9 Chapter 7 Advent of heaven v9 Chapter 6 Mingxia Fairy v9 Chapter 5 Zhuang Shengxiao Dream Fan Butterfly v9 Chapter 4 One pillow yellow beam v9 Chapter 3 Time is ruthless v9 Chapter 2 Causes of Fruits v9 Chapter 1 Meet each other ~ Today two more at night ~ Summaries and leave requests as usual v9 Chapter 184 My generation is not a lover

v9 Chapter 183 This is the other side, this is the Providence v9 Chapter 182 Unpredictable v9 Chapter 181 Ananda v9 Chapter 180 How ambitious v9 Chapter 179 First preparation v9 Chapter 178 Flat Sword and Flat Sword v9 Chapter 177 Out of nothing v9 Chapter 176 Ancestor v9 Chapter 175 Create a trend v9 Chapter 174 Bottom pay v9 Chapter 173 Lobby ~ in the evening

v9 Chapter 172 Supreme Demon v9 Chapter 171 Meng Qi revenge, from morning to night v9 Chapter 170 "Writing" history v9 Chapter 169 Each shrine ~ in the evening v9 Chapter 168 Ask for directions v9 Chapter 167 Break through v9 Chapter 166 "Consignment" v9 Chapter 165 Originally ~ in the evening v9 Chapter 164 Shengge will stop (two ~ Even more

v9 Chapter 163 Ten dead v9 Chapter 162 Fisherman wants to profit v9 Chapter 161 Crazy "world" v9 Chapter 160 Close the past v9 Chapter 159 Moth fling v9 Chapter 158 No place to hide v9 Chapter 157 Wind blows v9 Chapter 156 Skinless ~ in the evening v9 Chapter 155 Reopen the world v9 Chapter 154 Too smart to calculate v9 Chapter 153 Pull the hatred of supreme

v9 Chapter 152 "God willing" v9 Chapter 151 Liba Mountain v9 Chapter 150 Bold assumptions, verify carefully v9 Chapter 149 Xianggong taught me v9 Chapter 148 Why God's Will Is Unpredictable ~ Continue at night v9 Chapter 147 Ever since the gods (third) v9 Chapter 146 Eight-character Proverbs (second) v9 Chapter 145 The mystery of the ancient hibiscus tree v9 Chapter 144 Virtuous people v9 Chapter 143 Good trouble ~ Well, today's update is still at night

v9 Chapter 142 How old is the smoke v9 Chapter 141 The last rob me ~ in the evening v9 Chapter 140 Key to Robbery ~ Miserable night v9 Chapter 139 Absorptive authority v9 Chapter 138 Complex Thor v9 Chapter 137 The Power of Promise (Third) v9 Chapter 136 Yin Shang Ye Wang v9 Chapter 135 Old God and Old Ghost (first) v9 Chapter 134 Old things in heaven v9 Chapter 1 , Make up tomorrow

v8 Chapter 133 "Emperor of the Heaven" returns, its Wei Rusi v8 Chapter 132 Beidou pointing v8 Chapter 131 Beidou for driving ~ In the early morning, thank you all v8 Chapter 130 Fate v8 Chapter 129 Half-stone v8 Chapter 128 Good fortune gathers v8 Chapter 127 Nine days to reproduce v8 Chapter 126 Providence is on me ~ Still at night v8 Chapter 125 Half a year is up v8 Chapter 124 Under the rule of the emperor, all are king soil

v8 Chapter 123 Some things will never end v8 Chapter 122 Qian Xietang Qianyan ~ in the evening v8 Chapter 121 Anomalies of Little Peach v8 Chapter 120 "Each" has gains v8 Chapter 119 Drops of blood v8 Chapter 118 Opportunity? v8 Chapter 117 Not immortal v8 Chapter 116 complex v8 Chapter 115 Not alone v8 Chapter 114 Demon Race Progressing with the Times v8 Chapter 113 Nine heads

v8 Chapter 112 Heavenly Pride ~ Still at night v8 Chapter 111 Who is li v8 Chapter 110 Where is Erlang ~ in the evening v8 Chapter 109 Fire and theft prevention v8 Chapter 108 Mastery of cause and effect v8 Chapter 107 Bitter sea boundless road v8 Chapter 106 Heaven and earth structure v8 Chapter 105 Benefits (third) v8 Chapter 104 Monch? Monte? (Second more) v8 Chapter 103 Triple layout (first)

~ I'll be home late at night v8 Chapter 102 Years always make people change v8 Chapter 1 free v7 Chapter 101 Hit the west v7 Chapter 100 Six feelings v7 Chapter 99 Power of order v7 Chapter 98 Su Meng v7 Chapter 97 Have you remembered v7 Chapter 96 World security ~ in the evening v7 Chapter 95 Sun Wuzhi v7 Chapter 94 getting Started

v7 Chapter 93 No coincidence v7 Chapter 92 Killer v7 Chapter 91 Beginning with Wuji, returning to Wuji v7 Chapter 90 Scam v7 Chapter 89 Greedy words v7 Chapter 88 Years v7 Chapter 87 "Life and Death Book" v7 Chapter 86 Carelessly ~ in the evening v7 Chapter 85 Get started first? v7 Chapter 84 Oldest universe v7 Chapter 83 Yuxugong is the first of the three great schools

v7 Chapter 82 meet v7 Chapter 81 Unexpected v7 Chapter 80 Heart Bell ~ in the evening v7 Chapter 79 Step by step v7 Chapter 78 Delay v7 Chapter 77 Stolen books v7 Chapter 76 Weird seal ~ in the evening v7 Chapter 75 Preparations (third more) v7 Chapter 74 Zhenwu Yijian (second more) v7 Chapter 73 Origin of life and death (first)

v7 Chapter 72 Elated Jumping Trap v7 Chapter 71 The secret of the other side v7 Chapter 70 Buddha v7 Chapter 69 Wish v7 Chapter 68 Ancient stone temple ~ This is even more early in the morning v7 Chapter 67 Mingxiu Boardwalk v7 Chapter 66 Mysterious wish v7 Chapter 65 Funeral Desert v7 Chapter 64 bid farewell v7 Chapter 63 Wish v7 Chapter 62 Born here, so is sermon

v7 Chapter 61 Providence is unpredictable v7 Chapter 60 See the poor figure v7 Chapter 59 The return of the emperor v7 Chapter 58 Enemies of life ~ in the evening v7 Chapter 57 Tahoe v7 Chapter 56 "Evil" blocked v7 Chapter 55 This will not fall v7 Chapter 54 Soul lamp v7 Chapter 53 Behind the door v7 Chapter 52 Liveliness v7 Chapter 51 River of Destiny

v7 Chapter 50 Deity v7 Chapter 49 Stop Wall v7 Chapter 48 First test v7 Chapter 47 Zhixu Mountain v7 Chapter 46 Human appearance ~ Update schedule for the next few days v7 Chapter 45 Start lurking v7 Chapter 44 Inquire v7 Chapter 43 Da Zhou Defense Manual v7 Chapter 42 Demon level v7 Chapter 41 Six as always v7 Chapter 40 Mencius

v7 Chapter 39 Mutation v7 Chapter 38 Just waiting for Dongfeng v7 Chapter 37 A sigh v7 Chapter 36 Homeland can't bear to look back v7 Chapter 35 Plan for the future v7 Chapter 34 Three Corpses v7 Chapter 33 clue v7 Chapter 32 The eternal battle v7 Chapter 31 Manpower is sometimes poor v7 Chapter 30 Aftermath v7 Chapter 29 undercurrent v7 Chapter 28 Supreme Demon

v7 Chapter 27 Shot v7 Chapter 26 Emperor's legacy v7 Chapter 25 Swire First Kills v7 Chapter 24 "Sky" descending v7 Chapter 23 One after another v7 Chapter 22 Wanfo v7 Chapter 21 Each has its own hand v7 Chapter 20 Flew v7 Chapter 19 This is also OK v7 Chapter 18 Long time no see v7 Chapter 17 Settle everyone v7 Chapter 16 Four swords stand side by side

v7 Chapter 15 Daqinggen's Revenge v7 Chapter 14 The origin of the enemy v7 Chapter 13 Already withered (for monthly pass) v7 Chapter 12 After the tsunami, brothers can be here (for monthly tickets) v7 Chapter 11 Splendid mountains and rivers v7 Chapter 10 enough v7 Chapter 9 Block four envoys v7 Chapter 8 Always come v7 Chapter 7 Ordered by the emperor v7 Chapter 6 Su Xianzun (third) v7 Chapter 5 Driving place v7 Chapter 4 Interior view

v7 Chapter 1 , Make up tomorrow (including paragraphs) v6 Chapter 3 Fairyland v6 Chapter 2 Yun Shen is ignorant v6 Chapter 1 "Xianjie" heard v5 Chapter 237 In the dark v5 Chapter 236 Frequent appearances (third more) v5 Chapter 235 Yuanshi per capita (second) v5 Chapter 234 Innate nature v5 Chapter 233 ash v5 Chapter 232 Similar tree v5 Chapter 231 "Watching" v5 Chapter 230 Ancient Tree Phantom

v5 Chapter 229 Man Tian Shen Buddha v5 Chapter 228 Things in the story v5 Chapter 227 unforgettable v5 Chapter 226 See me v5 Chapter 225 What matters to you v5 Chapter 224 Palm illuminator v5 Chapter 223 A new "battlefield" v5 Chapter 222 Practice is never lonely v5 Chapter 221 Declare v5 Chapter 220 Everyone returns to the monkey year v5 Chapter 219 Return v5 Chapter 218 Back Mountain Seal

v5 Chapter 217 Empty v5 Chapter 216 Physical backtracking v5 Chapter 215 Follow the emperor to adventure v5 Chapter 214 Green Hills v5 Chapter 213 Hills v5 Chapter 212 Monster into the city v5 Chapter 211 Against Buddha and I (3rd monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 210 Desperate and oppressed world (second monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 209 Absorb relics (first monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 208 Lin Qian Grinding Gun (3rd monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 207 Unreliable wishes come true (second) v5 Chapter 206 Special Operations Section (first)

v5 Chapter 205 A murder v5 Chapter 204 Pity (first) v5 Chapter 203 Fairly conscientious knife v5 Chapter 202 Destined battle v5 Chapter 201 The strongest celestial being of all ages (third) v5 Chapter 200 Yaozu's plan (first and second) v5 Chapter 199 Demon projection v5 Chapter 198 Top forces today v5 Chapter 197 Twenty years of the new calendar v5 Chapter 196 Sigh (second more) v5 Chapter 195 The Heavens Collapse (First) v5 Chapter 194 True dragon can bend and stretch (third more)

v5 Chapter 193 How much is ancient and modern (second) v5 Chapter 192 Purple Bamboo Forest in the South China Sea (first) v5 Chapter 191 Broken childhood wish v5 Chapter 190 Block the door v5 Chapter 189 Out of the sky v5 Chapter 188 Embrace the world v5 Chapter 187 The wind rises (third) v5 Chapter 186 Things about old pigs (second) v5 Chapter 185 Big Brother (first) v5 Chapter 184 Wu Yan's Treasure v5 Chapter 183 Imagine Yuanshi v5 Chapter 182 Immortal position

v5 Chapter 181 Crazy song when you cry v5 Chapter 180 Man is never indomitable v5 Chapter 179 Guessed the beginning but didn't guess the ending v5 Chapter 178 Drive ** Road v5 Chapter 177 awesomeness v5 Chapter 176 Fuchsia Eye v5 Chapter 175 Yuanshi Tianmo Reappears v5 Chapter 174 Endless abyss v5 Chapter 173 Toshiba Raft v5 Chapter 172 Remote fortune telling v5 Chapter 171 Like a half-day in metamorphosis v5 Chapter 170 Luojiao things

v5 Chapter 169 I do n’t know who I am v5 Chapter 168 Unusual earth v5 Chapter 167 Life's fork v5 Chapter 166 "go back" v5 Chapter 165 The original appearance of history v5 Chapter 164 No iren v5 Chapter 163 Ten brakes v5 Chapter 162 Jiuqu Yellow River Formation v5 Chapter 161 Puppet v5 Chapter 160 His change v5 Chapter 159 The weight of the universe v5 Chapter 158 Thirty six ancient wells

v5 Chapter 157 Tentatively v5 Chapter 156 Beautiful Jade in the World v5 Chapter 155 Nine imprints v5 Chapter 154 Temperament is born from the heart v5 Chapter 153 Worshiping the emperor (can finally be updated) v5 Chapter 152 Unreliable Master (for a monthly pass) v5 Chapter 151 Preaching the Tao v5 Chapter 150 It's all up (the monthly pass for insurance) v5 Chapter 149 Darkness Chen Cang v5 Chapter 148 Twenty-four heavens v5 Chapter 147 The flood washed the Dragon King Temple (second) v5 Chapter 146 Su Shi Marriage (first)

v5 Chapter 145 Cross the galaxy v5 Chapter 144 Myth era? Vest era! (First monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 143 Immortal (the third one is for monthly pass) v5 Chapter 142 Immortal Demon God (second monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 141 Su Meng's "Current State" v5 Chapter 140 World Realms v5 Chapter 139 Heart attack v5 Chapter 138 Night Emperor Awakening v5 Chapter 137 Assigning tasks v5 Chapter 136 Meng Dahu * You v5 Chapter 135 Lobby v5 Chapter 134 Anatomy of a layout

v5 Chapter 133 Demon Fairy Buddha v5 Chapter 132 Layout with death v5 Chapter 131 200,000 years in a dream v5 Chapter 130 Yidao Zhenshen v5 Chapter 129 Block the way by death v5 Chapter 128 Wang Jia Yin Mai v5 Chapter 127 Leopard in the tube, the secret of antiquity v5 Chapter 126 caveat v5 Chapter 125 Wang Siyuan's request v5 Chapter 124 Makoto Onigami v5 Chapter 123 Wang Jiazhi v5 Chapter 122 The third task

v5 Chapter 121 Goodbye land pressure v5 Chapter 120 The sword is moving, and the sheath grass is quiet v5 Chapter 119 Two years since leaving the body ~ A big story is over, please take a long time to complete the outline v5 Chapter 118 return v5 Chapter 117 One Heart Sword Road (Third) v5 Chapter 116 League v5 Chapter 115 Strange man v5 Chapter 114 Thank you Bodhisattva v5 Chapter 113 Ancient versus ancient v5 Chapter 112 "Nirvana" v5 Chapter 111 Gone

v5 Chapter 110 extreme v5 Chapter 109 Blood moon v5 Chapter 108 Brother reunion v5 Chapter 107 The "Covenant" of the East China Sea v5 Chapter 106 Grand mockery v5 Chapter 105 Peak return v5 Chapter 104 Layer by layer v5 Chapter 103 Witty Meng v5 Chapter 102 Attack one's own weakness with one's own strength v5 Chapter 101 Triple net v5 Chapter 100 Hanchan Temple v5 Chapter 99 Top law body (recommended for Monday)

v5 Chapter 98 A long "night" (recommended for Monday) v5 Chapter 97 "A Big Hand" v5 Chapter 96 Emperor of Heaven v5 Chapter 95 question v5 Chapter 94 Listen to thunder in a silent place v5 Chapter 93 Visitors from Yuhuang Mountain v5 Chapter 92 Who carries whose pot? v5 Chapter 91 Fortune telling v5 Chapter 90 Encounter? (Second more) v5 Chapter 89 Zhuo Biting (first) v5 Chapter 88 exchange v5 Chapter 87 Reviews

v5 Chapter 86 Cut off v5 Chapter 85 Sad and regrettable (second monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 84 Sound the East and West (the first one is the monthly ticket recommendation ticket) v5 Chapter 83 Tengu eating day v5 Chapter 82 Manifestation (second) v5 Chapter 81 A showy man (first) v5 Chapter 80 Guiding the consequences v5 Chapter 79 Tiaohu Lishan v5 Chapter 78 Jiangdong Covenant v5 Chapter 77 News revealed by Ren Qiushui v5 Chapter 76 Biyue Sword Fairy v5 Chapter 75 Middle Ages

v5 Chapter 74 Aftermath of Power v5 Chapter 73 A pair of feet v5 Chapter 72 Never bow v5 Chapter 71 Onlookers anxious v5 Chapter 70 plot v5 Chapter 69 The first losers (second more) v5 Chapter 68 Frustration (first) v5 Chapter 67 Four Emperors v5 Chapter 66 What is the island owner? v5 Chapter 65 "Melee" v5 Chapter 64 Yin Shang Coming v5 Chapter 63 Star picking tall building

v5 Chapter 62 Taikoo Famine v5 Chapter 61 Fengyun Club v5 Chapter 60 Winter solstice v5 Chapter 59 Preliminary projection v5 Chapter 58 A wonderful river v5 Chapter 57 There must be something wrong v5 Chapter 56 Virtual him v5 Chapter 55 Scheming puppet v5 Chapter 54 Strange journey v5 Chapter 53 One sword each v5 Chapter 52 Munch's preparation v5 Chapter 51 game over

v5 Chapter 50 Open heaven and earth in a leaf v5 Chapter 49 Refining v5 Chapter 48 Fuso ancient tree v5 Chapter 47 Strategic shift v5 Chapter 46 Please behave v5 Chapter 45 Troublemaker Su Xiaomeng (recommended vote) v5 Chapter 44 "Cooperate" v5 Chapter 43 Ask a hand v5 Chapter 42 To the top ten islands v5 Chapter 41 Night Emperor's Wonder Request (Six thousand v5 Chapter 40 No complaint v5 Chapter 39 Overseas wonderland

v5 Chapter 38 One of the Three Caves of the Cunning Rabbit v5 Chapter 37 Past and future are illusory v5 Chapter 36 King Sansei v5 Chapter 35 Drink it v5 Chapter 34 An inexplicable adventure v5 Chapter 33 Do good things without a name v5 Chapter 32 Looks familiar but different v5 Chapter 31 Shouguang Fragment (for monthly ticket) v5 Chapter 30 Traveling the world and traveling the Xinghai v5 Chapter 29 Whose opportunity ~ Section has changed) v5 Chapter 28 Forty years like a dream (third more)

v5 Chapter 27 Abacus of land pressure (second) v5 Chapter 26 Time knife v5 Chapter 25 Eastern Emperor Bell Shard v5 Chapter 24 Features of Overlord v5 Chapter 23 Please continue to die v5 Chapter 22 Treasures in the pond v5 Chapter 21 Not simple v5 Chapter 20 Dangerous and rewarding Yaochi v5 Chapter 19 Cunning Demon v5 Chapter 18 Fantasy into reality v5 Chapter 17 Non-existent enemy v5 Chapter 16 Taishang Wuji Yuan Shiqing Cloud

v5 Chapter 15 Playful v5 Chapter 14 Misty v5 Chapter 13 Frost Palace v5 Chapter 12 This trifle was established (two v5 Chapter 11 I wish people a long time (two v5 Chapter 10 Return of Enemies v5 Chapter 9 Can only help you get here v5 Chapter 8 One word can be the law of the world v5 Chapter 7 Right and wrong v5 Chapter 6 World Realms v5 Chapter 5 "Human flesh adapter" (recommended for Monday) v5 Chapter 4 Secret Meeting of Dharma

v5 Chapter 3 Rely on v5 Chapter 2 Three people three things v5 Chapter 1 meet v4 Chapter 25 Indestructible Yuan v4 Chapter 24 Living in the moment v4 Chapter 23 Win without dispute (second and third) v4 Chapter 22 Another me (first more) v4 Chapter 21 Lingshan Peak v4 Chapter 20 An irresistible enemy v4 Chapter 19 White dragon horse with hoof facing west v4 Chapter 18 Myth Reappears v4 Chapter 17 relief

v4 Chapter 16 Dan furnace v4 Chapter 15 This matter has nothing to do with wind v4 Chapter 14 Ananda is dead v4 Chapter 13 Ananda Pure Land v4 Chapter 12 Resurgence v4 Chapter 11 Antipathy v4 Chapter 10 What are the characteristics v4 Chapter 9 Strong is destiny v4 Chapter 8 One sword and one life v4 Chapter 7 Meet v4 Chapter 6 With loneliness and madness v4 Chapter 5 The endless sea of ​​bitterness

v4 Chapter 4 There used to be a mountain and a temple in the mountain. v4 Chapter 3 Rivers and lakes night rain ten years lights v4 Chapter 2 Ten Years Trail (10 Months) v4 Chapter 1 A remnant lamp, the mountain gate collapsed (for monthly pass) ~ Volume IV Summary Take a day off v4 Chapter 401 Extreme Brand v4 Chapter 400 After all, can't escape (the third one is for a monthly pass) v4 Chapter 399 Not going to say everything (second monthly ticket) v4 Chapter 398 This life, the next life v4 Chapter 397 At that time, young youths were thin and thin (the third one was for monthly tickets) v4 Chapter 396 The sixth day of April (second) v4 Chapter 395 Origin of life and death (first)

v4 Chapter 394 Causes of Fruits v4 Chapter 393 The relationship between the Nine Seals of Yuan Dynasty v4 Chapter 392 Deadly v4 Chapter 391 Coordinated vertical and horizontal (recommended for Monday) v4 Chapter 390 Slash v4 Chapter 389 Four Elephants v4 Chapter 388 Six Prints v4 Chapter 387 Want to say rest v4 Chapter 386 Thunder v4 Chapter 385 trap v4 Chapter 384 Peerless Soldier v4 Chapter 383 Again

v4 Chapter 382 Hate forever v4 Chapter 381 Prime hand waved the magic pen (third more) v4 Chapter 380 The present fruit in the hall of this life (second) v4 Chapter 379 Hatred is more than profit (first) v4 Chapter 378 The first gap (third more) v4 Chapter 377 Retreat v4 Chapter 375 Martial arts v4 Chapter 375 Eternal law v4 Chapter 374 Legend of the Fire ~ Take a day off v4 Chapter 373 salvation v4 Chapter 372 Eight roads

v4 Chapter 371 "Return" v4 Chapter 370 Asked v4 Chapter 369 Two swords combined v4 Chapter 368 Get more help from the Tao v4 Chapter 367 Battle of the Tombs v4 Chapter 366 The scourge of annihilation v4 Chapter 365 Where did Xiaomeng go (recommended ticket) v4 Chapter 364 "Bagman" v4 Chapter 363 Tentative v4 Chapter 362 Kimiko feather v4 Chapter 361 Hidden in the city v4 Chapter 360 What's next

v4 Chapter 359 The other v4 Chapter 358 Nothing more than three v4 Chapter 357 Nether Seal v4 Chapter 356 The fairy touches me v4 Chapter 355 That sword v4 Chapter 354 Why not come v4 Chapter 353 Munch's preparation v4 Chapter 352 Destined Death (Third) v4 Chapter 351 Domineering head catcher (second) v4 Chapter 350 Zhang Family in Longnan (first) v4 Chapter 349 Mei Fei v4 Chapter 348 Love one another

v4 Chapter 347 View Dossier v4 Chapter 346 One person as one faction v4 Chapter 345 uninvited guest v4 Chapter 344 Magic soldier v4 Chapter 343 Yi Jin Returned Home (Third) v4 Chapter 342 Intimidating Da Qinggen (second more) v4 Chapter 341 Limits of the Seven Killing Monument (first) v4 Chapter 340 return v4 Chapter 339 Huang Tianli v4 Chapter 338 Seven Killing Monument (for monthly tickets) v4 Chapter 337 Midnight fierce "bell" (for monthly tickets) v4 Chapter 336 prison

v4 Chapter 335 Nangong Red Day v4 Chapter 334 Seven Killing Monument v4 Chapter 333 Draw helper v4 Chapter 332 confirm v4 Chapter 331 The words are amazing v4 Chapter 330 Maternal grandmother v4 Chapter 329 Come to an end v4 Chapter 328 "evidence" v4 Chapter 327 Skilled publicity v4 Chapter 326 First thing v4 Chapter 325 encounter v4 Chapter 324 Raiders "hanging"

v4 Chapter 323 Helpless Nangong Chong v4 Chapter 322 interesting v4 Chapter 321 Monch's "Archive Point" v4 Chapter 1 Midnight update v3 Chapter 320 Active persecution v3 Chapter 319 Fate "delayed" (third) v3 Chapter 318 兰 Wakadera v3 Chapter 318 Lan Ruo Temple (second more) v3 Chapter 317 The sky is dead (first) v3 Chapter 316 Three God Techniques v3 Chapter 315 Mystery v3 Chapter 314 Sweep the haze (third more)

v3 Chapter 313 Create opportunities (second) v3 Chapter 312 Fate v3 Chapter 311 The Last Word of God v3 Chapter 310 The same way v3 Chapter 309 real body v3 Chapter 309 True body (first) v3 Chapter 308 People in the North (recommended) v3 Chapter 307 Phantom Realm v3 Chapter 306 Get to know each other (recommended for Monday) v3 Chapter 305 Whetstone ~ Section has changed) v3 Chapter 304 Revealed news

v3 Chapter 303 Despised Demon v3 Chapter 302 Six Hearts v3 Chapter 301 Drive "Sheep" to explore the road v3 Chapter 300 Meet the Blue Blood v3 Chapter 299 Road encounter v3 Chapter 298 Liu Luo v3 Chapter 297 Budo Heart v3 Chapter 296 Maniac and Maniac v3 Chapter 295 Pass through the door v3 Chapter 294 The already-owner Wang Siyuan (the third one is a monthly ticket recommendation ticket) v3 Chapter 293 Sky list and place list update (second) v3 Chapter 292 How to open the seal (first)

v3 Chapter 291 Message in Biyu Palace v3 Chapter 290 The end of the war v3 Chapter 289 One hand can make waves v3 Chapter 288 Celestial Sword v3 Chapter 287 Answers to past questions (two v3 Chapter 286 Double Star (for monthly ticket) v3 Chapter 285 Rival (for monthly ticket) v3 Chapter 284 Admiral of the 1st Army (two v3 Chapter 283 Siege of the Tibetan Sword House v3 Chapter 282 Guard short v3 Chapter 281 Proper arrangement v3 Chapter 280 Full list of unlisted people (two

v3 Chapter 279 Well prepared v3 Chapter 278 Facing Gu Xiaosang v3 Chapter 278 Come here, come fast v3 Chapter 277 Take an unusual step v3 Chapter 276 Death of Six Desires (for monthly pass) v3 Chapter 275 Second Bayan v3 Chapter 274 Dead stare v3 Chapter 273 Inner Regiment v3 Chapter 272 He Xintong (recommended monthly ticket) v3 Chapter 271 Members of the "investigation team" v3 Chapter 270 The secret mission given by Han Guang v3 Chapter 269 Abacus

v3 Chapter 268 Shocking news v3 Chapter 267 Communicate with his heart v3 Chapter 266 There is no good or evil in chaos v3 Chapter 265 Evil Demon v3 Chapter 264 Yunhe's requirements v3 Chapter 263 Suddenly malicious v3 Chapter 262 Swindling v3 Chapter 261 Jade Deficiency v3 Chapter 260 The most unexpected discovery v3 Chapter 259 One palm for one sword v3 Chapter 258 Mother v3 Chapter 257 Immortality

v3 Chapter 256 Killing more than taking treasure v3 Chapter 255 Disappointment and hope v3 Chapter 254 In front of Yuxu Palace v3 Chapter 253 undercurrent v3 Chapter 252 Inexplicable induction v3 Chapter 251 Former magnetic field v3 Chapter 250 In your opinion? v3 Chapter 249 Gentleman revenge, right now v3 Chapter 248 Moments Returns v3 Chapter 247 Shameless "open" v3 Chapter 246 The wind is rising, the world is coming v3 Chapter 245 Life is difficult

v3 Chapter 244 Divide into three v3 Chapter 243 Scary assassin v3 Chapter 242 Be a hero v3 Chapter 241 Catch v3 Chapter 240 Gold account spy (the third is to recommend a vote) v3 Chapter 239 Shijiapu v3 Chapter 238 Perfect interior v3 Chapter 237 Extreme love is extreme sword v3 Chapter 236 Reincarnation (second monthly ticket) v3 Chapter 235 leave v3 Chapter 234 The style of that sword (two companies even ask for a monthly pass) v3 Chapter 233 Rabbit up and down (for monthly pass)

v3 Chapter 232 Break the altar v3 Chapter 231 Sharpen the woodworker by accident (for monthly tickets) v3 Chapter 230 Tongtian Road (for monthly tickets) v3 Chapter 229 eve v3 Chapter 228 World security v3 Chapter 227 Shameless Meng v3 Chapter 226 Crazy Miao Cong v3 Chapter 225 The importance of experience v3 Chapter 224 Xiong v3 Chapter 223 World's First Product (Third) v3 Chapter 222 Real men never look back at the explosion (the second one is for a monthly pass) v3 Chapter 221 Fight against the grass

v3 Chapter 220 Wen Jing (third monthly ticket) v3 Chapter 219 Asking the real stone v3 Chapter 218 Enemy outside, restless inside v3 Chapter 217 Must first sharpen v3 Chapter 216 Before the death mission v3 Chapter 215 Aggressive and domineering v3 Chapter 214 also v3 Chapter 213 Ancient mirror v3 Chapter 212 Return to Eternal Valley v3 Chapter 211 In front of the sword **** Su Wuming (the second one for monthly tickets) v3 Chapter 210 Killing chicken marmoset v3 Chapter 209 The "fisher" (third)

v3 Chapter 208 Fook? Woe? v3 Chapter 207 Who are they (first monthly ticket) v3 Chapter 206 Seen before death (the third is to recommend a vote) v3 Chapter 205 Let me die for a while v3 Chapter 204 "Tasting" exercises (first) v3 Chapter 203 South Disaster (second) v3 Chapter 202 Seek identification v3 Chapter 201 leave a message v3 Chapter 200 Attacks from before v3 Chapter 199 The "story" told by the sword v3 Chapter 198 Hidden Shadow in the "Past" v3 Chapter 197 Man who is not calm everywhere (for monthly pass)

v3 Chapter 196 Think too much (for monthly tickets) v3 Chapter 195 Another tree (third more) v3 Chapter 194 Pretend to be stupid (second more) v3 Chapter 193 Sanshengdian v3 Chapter 192 Kill the road v3 Chapter 191 Sword come v3 Chapter 190 Unpredictable (first) v3 Chapter 189 Heaven punishment gate v3 Chapter 188 An amazing peach v3 Chapter 187 Life garden v3 Chapter 186 Old-fashioned ~ Tomorrow the first will be at 12:30, as well as talking in dim sum

v3 Chapter 185 You have Zhang Liangji, I have a wall ladder (third) v3 Chapter 184 If i see v3 Chapter 183 Willow head v3 Chapter 182 After dusk v3 Chapter 181 Watch the fire from the other side v3 Chapter 180 Just sighed a few people back v3 Chapter 179 calm v3 Chapter 178 Abnormal (recommended) v3 Chapter 177 Task situation v3 Chapter 176 Traveling Xinghe v3 Chapter 175 Survival v3 Chapter 174 Task change

v3 Chapter 173 Undercurrent (first) v3 Chapter 172 Kill the demon v3 Chapter 171 Tianma cart (second) v3 Chapter 170 Tianhe? Galaxy? (First more) v3 Chapter 169 Tianhe Floating Island v3 Chapter 168 Grand Master's power (second) v3 Chapter 167 Ancestor v3 Chapter 166 Nantianmen v3 Chapter 1 Post an hour v2 Chapter 165 Wuzhishan v2 Chapter 164 Spiritual journey v2 Chapter 163 Appraisal

v2 Chapter 162 Empty brute force v2 Chapter 161 treasure house v2 Chapter 160 Dixian Legacy v2 Chapter 159 Sound east and west (third) v2 Chapter 158 She wants to kill you v2 Chapter 157 Planning v2 Chapter 156 Forbidden water v2 Chapter 155 trust v2 Chapter 154 Where Yang Ye Goes (first) v2 Chapter 153 Little gains (third more) v2 Chapter 152 Lucky hit v2 Chapter 151 Strength is not enough for the vision (first)

v2 Chapter 150 Antiquity secrets v2 Chapter 149 Evil Thoughts Appear v2 Chapter 148 Legend continues v2 Chapter 147 Return to Jiuxiang v2 Chapter 146 Tea as a metaphor v2 Chapter 145 String movement v2 Chapter 144 Vigorous burial of Xinghe v2 Chapter 143 Two great demons (thank you all) v2 Chapter 142 Battle of the Magic Soldiers v2 Chapter 141 Essence of blood is cited (last month and a half for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 140 No phase v2 Chapter 139 Break a sword

v2 Chapter 138 Magical power v2 Chapter 137 With or without phase sword v2 Chapter 136 Visit one after another v2 Chapter 135 Stop sending it v2 Chapter 134 A knife buried deep in my heart v2 Chapter 133 Wind and rain come v2 Chapter 132 Overlord Six Cuts v2 Chapter 131 Arriving Tree v2 Chapter 130 Ginger is old and spicy v2 Chapter 129 There should be something happening inside v2 Chapter 128 Crossing danger v2 Chapter 127 Old World

v2 Chapter 126 Negotiations with the nymph v2 Chapter 125 Shangshui Fairy v2 Chapter 124 A Test of Lust v2 Chapter 123 First News from China v2 Chapter 122 ** Road v2 Chapter 121 A plan that was broken before it started v2 Chapter 120 The Holy One Follows v2 Chapter 119 Magic v2 Chapter 118 Jianzhuang Branch v2 Chapter 117 Water control v2 Chapter 116 He Jiu's anomaly (second recommendation) v2 Chapter 115 Hall of Fame

v2 Chapter 114 Magic mark v2 Chapter 113 First to Linhai v2 Chapter 112 Strange hearth v2 Chapter 111 Dharma magic v2 Chapter 110 Meet the "enemies" v2 Chapter 109 Phantom? Really? v2 Chapter 108 "Poison Hand", please v2 Chapter 107 Tieyilou ~ Revise a detail v2 Chapter 106 Heaven Shard v2 Chapter 105 Points v2 Chapter 104 Things about Yuxu

v2 Chapter 103 Old Taoist identity v2 Chapter 102 Ram awarded v2 Chapter 101 Ye Gao is bold v2 Chapter 100 Injustice v2 Chapter 99 There is a way v2 Chapter 98 Raid v2 Chapter 97 Terrible arrow v2 Chapter 96 Bottom pay v2 Chapter 95 Changes to Camp v2 Chapter 94 Innocence of killing v2 Chapter 93 Three measures v2 Chapter 92 Prestige

v2 Chapter 91 Differences in Jade Xu v2 Chapter 90 Unexpected "confession" v2 Chapter 89 First encounter v2 Chapter 88 Scared Bolejun v2 Chapter 87 Suffering v2 Chapter 86 Handy Bole v2 Chapter 85 Preparation (for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 84 Unseal hand bones (for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 83 Going through the first difficulty v2 Chapter 82 Nine Fingers v2 Chapter 81 Cheating (second more) v2 Chapter 80 Invitation

v2 Chapter 79 Jianghu is still the same v2 Chapter 78 You and me v2 Chapter 77 Storyteller (for double monthly pass) v2 Chapter 76 Fear of Essence v2 Chapter 75 Under the Yuxu Gate v2 Chapter 74 Yin Yang change (recommended for Monday) v2 Chapter 73 Dahi witch v2 Chapter 72 Retreat v2 Chapter 71 Flat boat blocking the road v2 Chapter 70 Tenth entrance v2 Chapter 69 Farewell to grandpa v2 Chapter 68 "Lifesaving Curse"

v2 Chapter 67 Lankao Temple v2 Chapter 66 Cut off halfway v2 Chapter 65 Majestic posture v2 Chapter 64 Heat up v2 Chapter 63 Chonghe's true strength v2 Chapter 62 Break a sword v2 Chapter 61 Changshengdan v2 Chapter 60 Lingbao's speculation (recommended vote) v2 Chapter 59 Cause and effect v2 Chapter 58 Insolvent Blade v2 Chapter 57 One step ahead v2 Chapter 56 Clues strung into a line

v2 Chapter 55 This knife v2 Chapter 54 Two causes and effects v2 Chapter 53 Connection on both sides v2 Chapter 52 Quoting v2 Chapter 51 The beginning of the sky, no yin and yang v2 Chapter 50 "Teru" earthquake v2 Chapter 49 Kindness, kindness, no way v2 Chapter 48 select v2 Chapter 47 Respective backhand ~ Section has changed) v2 Chapter 46 Howling Dog v2 Chapter 45 Real and fake Jiuniang

v2 Chapter 44 Find another way v2 Chapter 43 Looking for Qu Jiuniang v2 Chapter 42 Vertical and horizontal v2 Chapter 41 Another hand bone v2 Chapter 40 Difficult or stingy v2 Chapter 39 Xue Lengzhao's Reminder v2 Chapter 38 Break the future v2 Chapter 37 Ten Hearts v2 Chapter 36 Advance v2 Chapter 35 Chaos Fish v2 Chapter 34 You're trapped by cause and effect v2 Chapter 33 Storms (recommended tickets)

v2 Chapter 32 Drive this martial art v2 Chapter 31 test v2 Chapter 30 Antiquity v2 Chapter 29 Yunhe Real v2 Chapter 28 Libashan v2 Chapter 27 Refining gas v2 Chapter 26 Antiquity Practice ~ Tomorrow will be at 12:30 v2 Chapter 24 Fierce sword pill v2 Chapter 23 Mechanism v2 Chapter 23 Do not have Dongtian (the third is to ask for a monthly pass) v2 Chapter 22 Causal knife

v2 Chapter 21 Strange door v2 Chapter 20 Identification of harvest v2 Chapter 19 Pick v2 Chapter 18 Xuanshui Dang Mo Qi (first monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 17 A sword v2 Chapter 16 Drawn door v2 Chapter 15 He's crazy v2 Chapter 14 Completely broken v2 Chapter 13 Ancestral spirits v2 Chapter 12 Black hand v2 Chapter 11 Health gate v2 Chapter 10 treacherous

v2 Chapter 9 Temple v2 Chapter 8 Strange ghost v2 Chapter 7 Watchmen v2 Chapter 6 Han Hai Dangerous v2 Chapter 5 Location v2 Chapter 4 Halle v2 Chapter 3 Looking northwest v2 Chapter 2 remind v2 Chapter 1 Meet and smile (recommended for Monday) ~ Send the fourth and ask for monthly tickets and the third volume summary v2 Chapter 352 Go out laughing and go out (fourth more) v2 Chapter 351 Full house drunk three thousand passengers (second and third)

v2 Chapter 350 Catastrophe v2 Chapter 349 Chaos v2 Chapter 348 Six Destroyed Palms v2 Chapter 347 Changes in Yulin Garden v2 Chapter 346 Illusion encounter v2 Chapter 345 Feeling v2 Chapter 344 Wordless Stele v2 Chapter 343 Sincerity v2 Chapter 342 Qiong Huayan v2 Chapter 341 Choi Kiyoha v2 Chapter 340 "Abandon the former suspect" v2 Chapter 339 Doum Yuanjun

v2 Chapter 338 Bird beast v2 Chapter 337 Melee (third) v2 Chapter 336 "Narrow" road meets v2 Chapter 335 Total catch v2 Chapter 334 Imperial edict v2 Chapter 333 The flood washed the Longwang Temple v2 Chapter 332 Momentum suppression v2 Chapter 331 Liu Shuyu v2 Chapter 330 Rewards v2 Chapter 329 Crooked v2 Chapter 328 Two invitations v2 Chapter 327 Lose one's name

v2 Chapter 326 Xiaolou listen to autumn rain all night v2 Chapter 325 Dignified into the capital v2 Chapter 324 Qiong Huayan v2 Chapter 323 Riming wind lazy killing day v2 Chapter 322 The world makes me quiet v2 Chapter 321 Lingbao Tianzun v2 Chapter 320 afterwards v2 Chapter 319 First line between life and death (for monthly pass) v2 Chapter 318 Fierce confrontation v2 Chapter 317 "wait" v2 Chapter 316 First meeting v2 Chapter 315 Intelligence of the Wolf Killing Club

v2 Chapter 314 Shaman (second) v2 Chapter 313 Old Unn v2 Chapter 312 The Battle of the Divine Sword and the Sunset King of the Sword Emperor v2 Chapter 311 Excalibur Puppet v2 Chapter 310 The endless sea of ​​bitterness v2 Chapter 309 Spiritual Journey v2 Chapter 308 The deceased person (the second one is to ask for a guaranteed monthly pass) v2 Chapter 307 Unexpected resurgence (guarantee monthly pass) v2 Chapter 306 Realms of Reality (for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 305 Yellow beam v2 Chapter 304 Snow mountain v2 Chapter 303 Do you dare to go?

v2 Chapter 302 Sanssouci Valley v2 Chapter 301 Come without any effort v2 Chapter 300 How bitter v2 Chapter 299 Go north v2 Chapter 298 Chicken Sword God of the Day v2 Chapter 297 Munch's Choice v2 Chapter 296 Live for death v2 Chapter 295 No one dares to beat its front v2 Chapter 294 Yin Yang Mirror v2 Chapter 293 Stunned v2 Chapter 292 Cut off the connection v2 Chapter 291 Fight

v2 Chapter 290 Wait for each v2 Chapter 289 Swindler v2 Chapter 288 Imaginary v2 Chapter 287 Patriarch (good luck everyone) v2 Chapter 286 Witchcraft Doll v2 Chapter 285 Zerg (Happy New Year) v2 Chapter 284 Benefits of successful mix-in (two v2 Chapter 283 Alien (recommended monthly ticket) ~ Section has changed) v2 Chapter 282 Daning v2 Chapter 281 Fire v2 Chapter 280 Easy to know

v2 Chapter 279 Not a person (for a monthly pass) v2 Chapter 278 Newcomer (don't say happy festival) v2 Chapter 277 King Kong Seal (for monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 276 Two drunks v2 Chapter 275 Windfall v2 Chapter 274 Ancient Road (for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 273 Double Star Yaoshi v2 Chapter 272 Inexplicable character v2 Chapter 271 Real left-hand demon (for monthly pass) v2 Chapter 270 The sky is angry, the five thunder blasts v2 Chapter 269 Shaking v2 Chapter 268 In addition to the old welcome (recommended monthly ticket)

v2 Chapter 267 Number one v2 Chapter 266 Eternal disaster v2 Chapter 265 With a smile v2 Chapter 264 Nowhere to step on iron shoes (for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 263 Hexin Yanyu v2 Chapter 262 Old things v2 Chapter 261 Tiger Pan v2 Chapter 260 The secret of joining forces v2 Chapter 259 Fight without war is entirely up to you v2 Chapter 258 Mid-level Pavilion v2 Chapter 257 Cross one hand v2 Chapter 256 Unexpected clues

v2 Chapter 255 Seeing injustice (third congratulations to the Golden League Script) v2 Chapter 254 In a hurry v2 Chapter 254 Hurriedly (second monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 253 Unexpected guest v2 Chapter 252 One for ten sessions v2 Chapter 251 Frustrating v2 Chapter 250 Wind rises from the city (first thanks to the Golden League script) v2 Chapter 249 Knife pointing v2 Chapter 248 He Jiu v2 Chapter 247 Don't worry about the future without "confidants" v2 Chapter 246 Ten Mile Tianxiu v2 Chapter 245 Chop heart

v2 Chapter 244 Xiao Meng v2 Chapter 243 Night run v2 Chapter 242 Weird Shen Family v2 Chapter 242 Weird Shen Family (Second) v2 Chapter 241 Quit v2 Chapter 240 Destiny v2 Chapter 239 Unexpectedly smooth v2 Chapter 238 Blue shirt v2 Chapter 237 Xingyun's Feast v2 Chapter 236 Heart-shaped mirror stand v2 Chapter 235 Unlucky Beiming Squad v2 Chapter 234 Essence and integrity

v2 Chapter 233 After all v2 Chapter 232 Mother and daughter v2 Chapter 231 Thank you for sending me my sword v2 Chapter 230 Mountain people have their own ideas v2 Chapter 229 Xuan Wu Pei's whereabouts v2 Chapter 228 Half step v2 Chapter 227 Red Eyebrow King v2 Chapter 226 Divine Spear v2 Chapter 225 Ippirakawa v2 Chapter 224 Plum blossoms in the snow v2 Chapter 223 Snowy night (third recommended ticket) v2 Chapter 222 Reentry Jiuxiang

v2 Chapter 221 Three-style exterior (first recommended ticket) v2 Chapter 220 Title (third more) v2 Chapter 219 Immortal (second more) v2 Chapter 218 Mission intelligence v2 Chapter 218 Mission Intelligence (first) v2 Chapter 217 Complete the Yi Jin Jing (third) v2 Chapter 216 Lottery (second more) v2 Chapter 215 Jiuzhen (first recommendation ticket) v2 Chapter 214 Soul Sword v2 Chapter 213 encounter v2 Chapter 212 Bixia Yuanjun's doubts v2 Chapter 211 struggle

v2 Chapter 210 Scramble for consciousness v2 Chapter 209 Zhen Mo v2 Chapter 208 False can be chaotic (the first is to recommend a vote) v2 Chapter 207 Golden Emperor (third) v2 Chapter 206 Earthquake (second more) v2 Chapter 205 Bixia Yuanjun's plan (first) v2 Chapter 204 The picture (the third is to recommend a vote) v2 Chapter 203 Senior v2 Chapter 202 Forgetfulness v2 Chapter 201 trust v2 Chapter 200 Kill two v2 Chapter 199 Oncoming Demon

v2 Chapter 198 Night Watch Remnants v2 Chapter 197 "Peerless" master v2 Chapter 196 Appraisal v2 Chapter 195 Eight Devil's Troubled Times v2 Chapter 194 Takechi Makoto v2 Chapter 193 Mentoring v2 Chapter 192 Moco Finger v2 Chapter 191 Revisiting the original place (first monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 190 Shui Zanghai (3rd monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 189 Mind Fighting (second more) v2 Chapter 188 Ten interest (first monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 187 Who is coming (The third is to recommend a vote)

v2 Chapter 186 Left Demon (second more) v2 Chapter 185 Will count v2 Chapter 184 Must be smashed (third) v2 Chapter 183 New ranking (second monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 182 have to do v2 Chapter 181 The Real "Results" of the Long Street War v2 Chapter 180 The fire emperor burned Qiankun v2 Chapter 179 Explained with a knife (first) v2 Chapter 178 Slightly v2 Chapter 177 Cross the road v2 Chapter 176 Jiubu Shenyi (3rd monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 175 Extremely "Devil"

v2 Chapter 174 Nine poses (first thank you for your support) v2 Chapter 173 Soul Sickness v2 Chapter 172 Weird Duan Rui v2 Chapter 171 Xiao Su v2 Chapter 170 Xia Xiayi Yi Xiaomeng (the third one for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 169 Boating on the lake (second monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 168 The Battle of Jinshui v2 Chapter 167 Waiting (three monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 166 The ten-knife agreement (second monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 165 Donghua Qingshu v2 Chapter 164 Cut off Jiuyou Road v2 Chapter 163 Sinister

v2 Chapter 162 Who is the cardinal v2 Chapter 161 The core of the layout v2 Chapter 160 Kill one each v2 Chapter 159 Invitation from Jiang Hengchuan v2 Chapter 158 Moonlight v2 Chapter 157 The main show is coming v2 Chapter 156 "Mistakes" in the passenger car v2 Chapter 155 yield v2 Chapter 154 The Awake Snake King v2 Chapter 153 Two guardians v2 Chapter 152 North Street v2 Chapter 151 Trail of Wolf King

v2 Chapter 150 Hunt v2 Chapter 149 Tentative (third more) v2 Chapter 148 Are acting v2 Chapter 147 Do not come v2 Chapter 146 reward v2 Chapter 145 Second step v2 Chapter 144 Hi trick v2 Chapter 143 Nine Regrets in Life v2 Chapter 142 Zhenlongtai v2 Chapter 141 Too sullen magic trick v2 Chapter 140 Life-and-death transition v2 Chapter 139 Shinmu Dotsuka

v2 Chapter 138 Impermanence v2 Chapter 137 Level of thinking v2 Chapter 136 Unexpected clues v2 Chapter 135 Qing emperor died v2 Chapter 133 Break up v2 Chapter 133 No cocoon, no butterfly v2 Chapter 132 Not crazy v2 Chapter 131 True and true v2 Chapter 130 Normalization v2 Chapter 129 Realm overwhelming v2 Chapter 128 Bump into v2 Chapter 127 Killing

v2 Chapter 126 Sword near sound v2 Chapter 125 Hero building v2 Chapter 124 Jiangdong v2 Chapter 3 Make up, add more in the next two days v2 Chapter 123 Dongyang Shenjun v2 Chapter 121 madman v2 Chapter 121 Mountains fall v2 Chapter 120 Corpse v2 Chapter 119 This is the public place (recommended for Monday) v2 Chapter 118 Late at night v2 Chapter 117 Weird corpse v2 Chapter 116 Old clock

v2 Chapter 115 Nightmare life v2 Chapter 114 Su Su head v2 Chapter 113 Sudu v2 Chapter 112 Miles frozen v2 Chapter 111 Sky Wound v2 Chapter 110 reward v2 Chapter 109 Looking back always v2 Chapter 108 Green light v2 Chapter 107 Pass away (third monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 106 Unwilling v2 Chapter 105 Desperate vitality v2 Chapter 104 Miserable (third)

v2 Chapter 103 Langya Divine Voice v2 Chapter 102 ** All tires (first monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 101 Heart (Last half day for monthly pass) v2 Chapter 100 Winning is easier than winning (please ask for a monthly pass on the last day) v2 Chapter 99 Just a little bit (for a monthly pass) v2 Chapter 98 Exhausting the mountains and rivers (for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 97 Encirclement v2 Chapter 96 The second day v2 Chapter 95 Demon v2 Chapter 94 Live v2 Chapter 93 First day ~ Wait until the door is reached, it will be late at night (it has been changed in the morning)

v2 Chapter 92 Great evil v2 Chapter 91 Start v2 Chapter 90 Kuang Lei Zhen Jiu Xiao v2 Chapter 89 People list update (for recommended votes) v2 Chapter 88 Furious (recommendation on Monday) v2 Chapter 87 Battle of the people v2 Chapter 86 Good practice in six doors v2 Chapter 85 Aftercare v2 Chapter 84 Towering gate v2 Chapter 83 Plain-clothed white skirt spiritualist (third) v2 Chapter 82 Wan Hua Jiu v2 Chapter 81 Face to face

v2 Chapter 80 Rivers and lakes bureau v2 Chapter 79 Batu First War v2 Chapter 78 A new look at Meng Qi (the first one is for a monthly pass) v2 Chapter 77 Er Yu Wo Fraud (3rd monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 76 Secret of the Dark Lady v2 Chapter 75 "Solicit" v2 Chapter 74 Tentative v2 Chapter 73 Yuqiao lights like day v2 Chapter 72 Yin Yang Sanhe ~ Section has changed) v2 Chapter 71 tell a story v2 Chapter 70 Zhou Junren Jiepu

v2 Chapter 69 Ba Du v2 Chapter 68 It's over v2 Chapter 67 Evil god v2 Chapter 66 "The gods are not dead" v2 Chapter 65 Thousand Faces v2 Chapter 64 Unreasonable play v2 Chapter 63 Small **** battle v2 Chapter 62 Dagger v2 Chapter 61 Tu Po v2 Chapter 60 Breaking the waves v2 Chapter 59 Turn your hands over the clouds v2 Chapter 58 Cause and effect

v2 Chapter 57 Daozhen Shijia v2 Chapter 56 Broken copper v2 Chapter 55 After wave v2 Chapter 54 Battle of Flower Moon v2 Chapter 53 Tang Mingyue v2 Chapter 52 Tokgo sky sword battle v2 Chapter 51 The other way v2 Chapter 50 Take the sword, the wine is not yet open v2 Chapter 49 Yicheng Family v2 Chapter 48 Gentleman's wind v2 Chapter 47 Onlookers passers-by Meng v2 Chapter 46 Early summer snow

v2 Chapter 45 Jiang Yanwei's discovery v2 Chapter 44 Wang's Book of Changes v2 Chapter 43 Death Task Stress ~ Three more completed, for monthly tickets, for Monday recommended tickets v2 Chapter 42 Gone but "go" (third more) v2 Chapter 41 Within your reach, everyone makes the enemy (second monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 40 Two "swords" v2 Chapter 39 Night has arrived (third) v2 Chapter 38 Huangtu Baye talks and laughs (second monthly ticket) v2 Chapter 38 Old fox and little fox v2 Chapter 36 Self-defeating v2 Chapter 35 Sneak in (second ticket)

v2 Chapter 34 Heaven and Man sympathy (the first is to ask for votes) v2 Chapter 33 Broken (third more) v2 Chapter 32 Tian Luo Gong v2 Chapter 31 Slam capture (first vote) v2 Chapter 30 Then "will" (third vote) v2 Chapter 29 Different attitudes v2 Chapter 28 Long talk (the first is to ask for votes) v2 Chapter 27 Three messages v2 Chapter 26 Cooperation v2 Chapter 25 Qunying Convergence v2 Chapter 24 Kendo said (recommended for Monday) v2 Chapter 23 Roadblocker

v2 Chapter 22 The sword enters Beijing v2 Chapter 21 Yezhen Mountain Temple v2 Chapter 20 Four strokes v2 Chapter 19 Impermanence v2 Chapter 18 Oncoming v2 Chapter 17 Langya Ruan v2 Chapter 16 Collaborative task v2 Chapter 15 Evil robbery v2 Chapter 14 Yao Family Ghost v2 Chapter 13 Zhenwu insider v2 Chapter 12 Xiaomeng's "part-time" v2 Chapter 11 Lin Zhenwu (recommended ticket)

v2 Chapter 10 Overlord knife (recommended on Monday) v2 Chapter 9 pressing v2 Chapter 8 momentum v2 Chapter 7 Night travel v2 Chapter 6 Rush into a doctor v2 Chapter 5 Wang v2 Chapter 4 Swordsmanship v2 Chapter 3 "Study" v2 Chapter 2 Extraterrestrial Stone v2 Chapter 1 Fight against the sword ~ Section has changed) v2 Chapter 65 People List (3750 votes plus more)

v2 Chapter 64 Interception (second recommendation) v2 Chapter 63 No error (recommended ticket) v2 Chapter 62 Bright future (3600 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 61 Murder and rescue (second recommendation) v2 Chapter 60 Fierce god v2 Chapter 59 Running water v2 Chapter 58 Not together v2 Chapter 57 Fifth level successfully v2 Chapter 56 Obstacles v2 Chapter 55 "Xanadu" v2 Chapter 54 Legacy of the Demon Saint v2 Chapter 53 Encountered in another country

v2 Chapter 52 Go by the sword v2 Chapter 51 Teana v2 Chapter 50 got windy v2 Chapter 49 Thanks drunkard ~ Section has changed) v2 Chapter 48 Yuan Mengzhi's plan v2 Chapter 47 Occupancy v2 Chapter 46 The arrogant "horse bandit" ~ Section has changed) v2 Chapter 45 Intoxicated Legacy (3150 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 44 Measurement of strength (3,000 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 43 So I ’m here myself.

v2 Chapter 42 "Tracking" (recommended ticket for the bottom guarantee) v2 Chapter 41 Young and heroic (2850 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 40 Return to the sand set (2700 votes plus more, for monthly tickets) v2 Chapter 39 Gu Changqing (second at the bottom) v2 Chapter 38 Chou don't stay overnight v2 Chapter 37 Preparation (2550 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 36 "Warm up" (2400 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 35 With or without return (2250 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 34 Yuanmeng's Posthumous Letter v2 Chapter 33 Snow falling knife v2 Chapter 32 Law number v2 Chapter 31 Snow God Palm

v2 Chapter 30 Samsara v2 Chapter 29 Meng Qi's preparation v2 Chapter 28 Evaluation (bottom first) v2 Chapter 26 Devil's Grave Collapse (1650 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 25 Behind the door (1500 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 25 Into the mountain (1350 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 24 Gu Xiaosang's Purpose (1200 plus) v2 Chapter 23 Destined person (guarantee monthly ticket for second guarantee) v2 Chapter 22 Image of Demon Lord v2 Chapter 21 Catching up separately (1050 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 20 Reminder (900 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 19 Four Sealed Soldiers (750 votes plus more)

v2 Chapter 18 Yan Luo Tie (600 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 17 Kill (450 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 16 Simple and rude (300 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 15 Hunted and killed (150 votes plus more) v2 Chapter 14 Tongyou (second reserve) v2 Chapter 13 "Excellent vision" (the bottom is the first) v2 Chapter 12 Night comes v2 Chapter 11 Fengyunzhuang v2 Chapter 10 New "teammates" (click for recommendations) v2 Chapter 9 Little friends' ideas (click for recommendations) v2 Chapter 8 Real opportunity v2 Chapter 7 Red hole

v2 Chapter 6 Counterattack v2 Chapter 5 Gobi v2 Chapter 4 Fierce battle v2 Chapter 3 "Scourge" v2 Chapter 2 Crying old man v2 Chapter 1 Hanhai edge Chapter 83 Punishment Chapter 82 Challenge Chapter 81 Knife Chapter 80 Meng Qi's choice (click to recommend Sanjiang ticket) Chapter 79 Fu Zhenzhen (for Sanjiang ticket) Chapter 78 Entrance

Chapter 77 Mystery gift Chapter 76 Cui Xu's weakness Chapter 75 Two old foxes Chapter 74 Dungeon Chapter 73 Scam Chapter 72 The power of onlookers Chapter 71 Poor You San Ye Chapter 70 Shadow of a famous tree Chapter 69 Rivers and lakes dispute Chapter 68 Enthusiastic Chapter 67 Fantastic shape ** (click for recommendation) Chapter 66 Sword God in White (Please click for recommendation)

Chapter 65 Market news Chapter 64 Weird martial arts Chapter 63 I only know a little Chapter 62 Bad reputation and golden letters Chapter 61 Zhibi Chapter 60 The style of painting is not right Chapter 59 remuneration Chapter 58 Twelve Phases of God Chapter 57 Real death Chapter 56 murderer Chapter 55 Smash Chapter 54 Zhenhui's troubles (click for recommendations)

~ Section has changed) Chapter 53 Eyesight (click for recommendations) Chapter 52 Coming to the cell (click for recommendation) Chapter 51 Triple torture Chapter 50 Hard practice Chapter 49 Special Cultivation Land Chapter 48 Mysterious reason Chapter 47 Unexpected joy Chapter 46 Way to leave Shaolin Chapter 45 Selection of knife Chapter 44 Individual choice Chapter 43 Picker

Chapter 42 Fingerless Chapter 41 Cardinals behind Chapter 40 Stone room Chapter 39 Accidental wealth (click for recommendations) Chapter 38 Palms Chapter 37 Yibo Yuntian belongs to Xiaomeng Chapter 36 Doerca Chapter 35 Wind and rain Chapter 34 Branch line Chapter 33 Master of Silence Chapter 32 Reunion Chapter 31 bloody battle

Chapter 30 "Huayuan" Chapter 29 Besiege Chapter 28 New missions (click for recommendations) Chapter 27 Rewards and "penalties" Chapter 26 Wicked Meng (click for recommendations) Chapter 25 Yan Wu Dian Yi Ba (click for recommendations) Chapter 24 Duel Chapter 23 "Goodwill" Chapter 22 reaction Chapter 21 Misfortune Chapter 20 Secret Chapter 19 courage

Chapter 18 return Chapter 17 exchange Chapter 16 Meng Qi's "ideal" Chapter 15 Fort Lord Chapter 14 suicide Chapter 13 Help Chapter 12 First war Chapter 11 Knife Chapter 10 First Chapter 9 Hermitage Chapter 8 Strange reunion Chapter 7 The pride of the sky

Chapter 6 Luo Hanquan Chapter 5 Little Jade Buddha Chapter 4 Hyakuzuki Motoki Chapter 3 Looking up at the moon Chapter 2 Empty door Chapter 1 movement

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