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The words written in the yellowed paper of Mucheng and the letterhead of the power of the undulating years of the sky were finally seen by the white woman!



Chu Feng lamented that he had received the contents of the paper of Mucheng for many years, but he was always difficult to understand. After all, his own evolutionary level was not enough, and it was difficult to reach. However, the origin of the paper was attached to the stone can, and he would have the opportunity to see it later.




Not far away, the particle flow is once again shocking, like the cross-flow of the Milky Way, the silver waterfall pours, the particle flow transforms part of the person, and the white woman reappears the blurred body.


Its style is unique, and its temperament is unparalleled. It is like a generation of supreme female emperor who overlooks the change of the era and wants to interfere with the survival of the vicissitudes of time. At the same time, there are also twilight flows out of unspeakable style, which is amazing.


Is this a real recovery? She slammed... smashed the scorpion!


It is a pity that part of the body is the flow of particles, where it is lingering, and the scent of scent is like a dream, which is very unreal.


Chu Feng opened his mouth, wanted to ask too many things, and there was endless confusion in his heart. He wanted to use the white woman to uncover the fog.



He also spoke for Rong Chufeng. A bunch of inexplicable particles flowed into Guanghua, and he was like a fireworks in front of Chu Feng, pointing to his heart.


"It was actually going out from there."


A few simple words made Chu Feng taut, just like being suppressed by a cosmic starry sky, almost suffocating, but fortunately there was no murder and maliciousness, and then it was unimaginable.


He knows that this is talking about his roots, where the earth is pointing!


This is an instinctive intuition, and Chu Feng does not have to think about other things.


The woman in white once again spoke, and her voice contained immortal rhyme. Although it was as beautiful as the sound of the sky, it also made the evolutionist feel that it was impossible to confront the immortal Tianyu.


"Another world... walked out twice."


what for?


These words are very incomplete. I don't know which ancient epoch is unrecognizable. I can only understand the meaning of the words by listening to the true meaning of the avenue.


Chu Feng is very anxious, he is guessing, what exactly does it mean in the degree?



Gradually, he realized that two people had walked out of the earth, or that one person had ever walked through the two worlds? !


He has such a flash of light and conjecture!


At the same time, the woman's avenues of truth have revealed a partially blurred picture.


Once in a chaotic land floating in the universe, there was too much blood and fire, endless battles, and finally captured by people, evolved into a blue planet, and finally the man cut off the Taishan on the star!


There is no doubt that the chaos is the predecessor of the ancient earth!




Like Huang Zhong Da Lu roaring, resounding through the ancient times, cleaning up the soul of the people, and then let the heavens and the earth burst!


It is an invisible wave mark, a big sound!


It does not spread the mundane, only in the right place, the right person echoes, roar!


Chu Feng heard it and saw a man who was the stalwart man who cut off Taishan. The black hair danced and looked like electricity!


Its dawn seems to have spanned countless epochs, shining through!



Chu risked some grievances, who is that person? ! In the meantime, there seems to be a sword light that crosses the ages and cuts off the sky and the sky!


Later, Chu Feng saw that another person was coming out of the earth. The starting point was the earth, and it was also related to the Taishan Mountain! That was actually accompanied by bronze gongs... set sail from Taishan!


Then, some terrible and grand pictures appeared, but they were too vague, and the one who walked out of the earth with the gongs disappeared.


"Two people, still one person, are coming out of the earth!"


Chu Feng is amazed. Is this what the white woman said twice?


There were two people who came out of the earth, or did they say that there was a man who had two worlds, and that he had stepped out of the earth, and both had been in the same place. !


Unfortunately, the bodies of the two people are too vague and not meticulous, but they are all slender and strong, with some of the same qualities.


"Is it two people, or one person?!"


Chu Feng’s heart is ups and downs, and it is impossible to calm down. Because the man’s truth in white is too deep and unpredictable, it is difficult to understand.



The most important thing is that the mantra of the white woman did not confuse him, but spoke in her own words, but only in her heart.


The beautiful face of the white woman's particle flow is not very clear, but it is slightly different, even slightly stunned. Obviously, she has a Chu style, and her mood is fluctuating.


These people are trapped in the sky and their faces should not change. This situation is enough to explain the serious problems.


"Reenacting history, reshaping the ground, wanting to copy the glory, and then shaping it forever?"


This time, Chu Feng realized most of the true meaning, although there were some omissions, but after all, he understood most of the time. Even if there is something behind, it is incomprehensible, but it is enough.


In combination with the ninth year, then, according to some of the truths and pictures that were taken from the woman's mantra, Chu Feng was shocked, and he confirmed certain essence.


Then, his super-eyes are completely turned into mysterious two golden symbols, staring at the front, and those pictures are constantly being interpreted.



History has existed for a long time, and the earth where Chu Feng is located is just a repetition!


Chu Feng was shocked, and he saw from the mantra of the white woman the truth that made him uneasy and stunned.


More than once, more than one life, the era he experienced, the world of his acquaintances, the history of the pre-Qin, etc., have already happened, and the roots do not know how many times before.


These histories, repeated again and again, were artificially reproduced!


That is to say, the earth's historical environment in which he is located is merely a human interpretation and repeats the past.


The poetry he is familiar with, the historical celebrities he remembers, are not people of these thousands of years, but I don’t know how many times existed before the epoch.


"Zhuang Zhou Dream Butterfly, Butterfly Dream Zhuang Zhou, what am I going through?"


Chu Feng cold sweats and long flowing, even the Zhuang Zhou in his mouth is not the people of these thousands of years, but it is too long, it has already passed away, perhaps more than a century.



He looked at the pictures and further confirmed the early conjectures in his heart and touched on the terrible truth.


The great environment on earth is alternating. In general, there are two kinds, one is the modern earth that he experienced, the other is the wild world, and the fierce beasts are rampant.


With the interpretation, his face turned white and he knew why!


In the long history of history, the predecessor of the earth and the later blue earth have once gone out of two people, or one person has had two worlds.


The two, or one person, are really tyrannical, extremely powerful, and difficult to describe.


It is precisely because of this, there are terrible existences of unknown and incomprehensible, simulating their era, deducting their great environment of the year, and wanting to see if they can produce a close strong!


Some people think that the same environment may create the same highly similar creatures!


The earth is a "market", this is the truth!


It has long been ruined and I don't know how long it has been, maybe an epoch, maybe a few epochs.



Later generations were only artificially created, replaying the seeds of life and civilization, and reproducing the great environment that had been destroyed that year.


And there are only two kinds of big environments, the modern earth and the vast wilderness, the big world that was born after the two strong targets!


"In my time, the homeland I was born in - Earth, everything is repeating the past, repeating the old conditions of the year over and over again."


Earth, just a "market"!


Even, Xiaoyin is a "market"!


Xiaoyin, the universe in which the earth is located, has long been destroyed. I don’t know how many years, even a few eras, and the ability to reproduce vitality is artificial, reflecting the year.


"who am I?!"


Chu Feng asked, the truth made him feel cold, even from the head to the feet.


Since someone is arranging all this, is there always a pair of eyes overlooking the small underworld, looking at what is happening on the earth?


"Who is it, why?"



He kept asking questions and muttered to himself.


Later, his eyes were more on the woman in white, even if she was successful, he did not commit crimes and wanted to know the nature of the incident.


The woman in white is still, the light in the eyes is flashing, and there are countless particles flowing in the air, just like the universe.


"The market, the earth is a small market, the universe is also a small market, but the middle room is only the middle market..." The white woman said to herself, that is the ancient language that does not know which era belongs to.


Chu Feng still can only see through the avenue, and once again saw some pictures of the truth.


This world should be the last time people have replayed the earth, and even have given up the earth, no eyes are watching.


This also causes the history to have shifted.


For example, the universe in which the earth is located, its cosmic starry civilization, is different from the era in which it was originally intended to be interpreted.


"My life, in this era, was abandoned..." Chu Feng's face was white and whispered, I don't know if it was fortunate, or what I was afraid of and regret.


Later, he numb his scalp again, thinking about the repetition of history again and again, the countless times that were repeated in the past, have you ever walked out of the two people who are comparable to each other or the ones who are comparable in height? !


Does anyone want the earth to go out of the third person or the third person of that person, is there success, is there a semi-finished product, is there a variant?


Chu Feng is thinking, and what is he in the middle, what is the positioning? !


He was upset and stared at the white woman.


Invisibly, can it be said indifferently that fate can be arranged? Chu Feng’s heart is cold.