The Victoria is a new type of fast ship. The envoys departed from Shanghai, passed through Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Colombo, Mumbai, and the Port of Sète, and finally arrived in Italy via the Mediterranean Sea. It took about 16 days and the speed was extremely fast. .

   Then Zhou Hexuan met Mussolini...

   Actually, Kong Xiangxi resented Mussolini because he was deceived by the Italians.

   After Chang Kaishen came back in 1932, due to the government's financial difficulties, Kong Xiangxi was responsible for going abroad to borrow money and purchase military equipment. His first stop was the United States. As a result, Time Magazine published an article about the marriage of Jiang, Song, and Kong to implement family rule over China, which quickly spread in the United States. With such a scandal, Kong Xiangxi was in an embarrassing situation in the United States and ran to Europe in despair.

When    arrived in Italy, Minister Kong seemed to be very happy. Mussolini received Kong Xiangxi with the courtesy of the head of state, and sold him a batch of bombers and some military supplies at a low price.

   After returning to China, Kong Xiangxi felt that he had made a great contribution and tried his best to persuade Lao Jiang to carry out the "big air force plan". When the Italian bombers arrived in China, Kong Xiangxi never mentioned any big air force strategy again, because the goods he received were a pile of scrap iron. Those planes are too old to be repaired, but they can fly, but the reciprocating lines in the barrels of the planes have been polished.

   Kong Xiangxi lost face by being deceived this time, and the Kuomintang veterans demanded that they be held accountable. As a result, Kong Xiangxi was difficult to be promoted in the next two years, and it was not until Song Ziwen resigned from the post of Minister of Finance that Minister Kong had his first appearance.

   Of course, Kong Xiangxi didn’t lose any money. Those antique bombers were cheap enough for him to make a fortune. Moreover, it is a blessing to suffer a loss. Kong Xiangxi took this to form a friendship with Mussolini, and China and Italy entered a diplomatic honeymoon period.

   On the contrary, Hitler didn’t know much about it. When Kong Xiangxi visited Germany, Hitler sold China 25 million US dollars of military supplies. Although the quality of German goods is excellent, the Germans are also very intelligent, and they refuse to reduce the price if they are beaten to death, so Kong Xiangxi does not get any rebates.

  Before leaving Germany, Hitler released the greatest goodwill - taking his autographed photo as a gift and asking Kong Xiangxi to hand it over to Chang Kaishen.

   In Hitler's opinion, he is the greatest person on earth, and it is a precious and glorious gift to get his autographed photo, and anyone in the world can be dizzy with happiness. But the head of state glared at the blind man, Kong Xiangxi got the photo, and went out angrily muttered: Is this thing considered a gift?

On the second night of his arrival in Italy, Mussolini personally met Kong Xiangxi, Chen Shaokuan and Zhou Hexuan, and prepared a dinner at his official residence.

  Don't believe the lie that Mussolini and Hitler were vegetarians -

  Hitler's favorite food was roast pigeon, and he also asked the chef to put tongue and liver in the stomach of the pigeon. Even in his later years, Hitler suffered from severe stomach problems and still liked to drink stewed vegetable soup, and animal livers made it difficult for him to give up.

   As for Mussolini, he especially liked chicken and rabbits. In his later years, he became a person with high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and high blood sugar. Even his intestines were deformed, so he had to learn Hitler's vegetarian diet.

   "Hello, Mr. Prime Minister!"

   "Hello Dr. Kong!"

  Kong Xiangxi and Mussolini shook hands warmly, seeming to have forgotten the experience of being deceived when they bought a junk plane.

Kong Xiangxi also introduced Zhou Hexuan and Chen Shaokuan. Musonielli first shook hands with Chen Shaokuan, and when he faced Zhou Hexuan, he suddenly opened his arms and laughed: "Haha, Mr. Zhou, I like your work, after dinner is over. Please come and visit my study!"

   "It's a great honor, Your Excellency." Zhou Hexuan said with a smile.

  In people's consistent impression, Mussolini is rude and irritable, like the kind of rude man who rose to the top by luck.

   Obviously, this is impossible!

  Among the heads of state of all countries in the world in the 1930s, Mussolini was the favorite interview object for journalists, because he respected knowledge, respected culture, and even more respected those who possessed knowledge and culture. If you really have something in your mind, you will definitely be regarded as a guest by Musoni, and when your knowledge convinces him, he will treat you as a teacher without being ashamed to ask questions.

   In fact, a careful study of Mussolini's life experience shows that this guy is a very learned man. Between the ages of 19 and 21, Mussolini lived a nomadic life, often starved of food, but insisted on reading theoretical books every night, including those of Marx, Hegel, Lassalle, Nietzsche, and Maledo. book.

In order to study Marx's original works, Mussolini taught himself German - he was a fan of Marx when he was young, and he always had a portrait of Marx in his pocket; in order to read the original "The Times", Mussolini began to learn English at the age of 42 , practiced an authentic London accent. He is very fond of literature, especially poetry. If he encounters learned visitors, he will put a table full of famous poems to show his cultivation in the field of poetry.

   This guy was a journalist when he was young. He made a living by writing. He also wrote biographies of famous people, novels and plays. He also wrote two of his later autobiographies himself, and he never hired a ghostwriter.

   Now you know why Mussolini failed?

   Very simple, this guy is a young man (squint smile).

   Of course, no matter how young he is, he can't hide Mussolini's taste, which can be seen from the food he entertained guests.

At this moment, Mussolini pointed to the appetizers on the plate and said: "Italian food is the wealth of the whole of Europe, and the so-called French food is nothing but barbarian stuff. And to enjoy Italian food, I have to say something. An appetizer is the kind of food in front of you. It stimulates the appetite, clears the mind, and makes it easy to sleep, and the French have no idea of ​​this kind of fun.”

   Zhou Hexuan looked down at the contents on the plate, and instantly lost his appetite. He would rather eat the fried fish and potatoes of the British.

  Oh my god, how can there be such a dark food that is anti-human in the world?

   A plate full of raw garlic, with olive oil and lemon juice added, Zhou Hexuan couldn't imagine the taste at all.

   This is the delicious food that Mussolini must eat every night, and he can't sleep at all without it. He also likes cakes and puddings, um, raw garlic instead of creamy cakes and puddings. Raw Garlic Cake…

   No wonder Mussolini had a bad temper, no wonder that his stomach was deformed in his later years, and he had to declare himself a vegetarian.

  Scientific research shows that eating too much raw garlic can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort, irritability, and affect vision.

  Chen Shaokuan resisted the nausea, scooped a small spoonful and put it to his mouth, licked it lightly, and immediately put back the raw garlic made with olive oil and lemon juice with a smile.

Kong Xiangxi has a fearless spirit. He not only ate a large spoonful, but also chewed and commented: "The very distinctive Italian food makes me feel the heritage of the ancient Roman country. Like Italy, China has a long history. The history, culture and cuisine of the two countries. This is the common ground between the two countries and the cultural cornerstone of our mutual exchanges. I believe that the friendship between the two countries will be as long as the food. If there is an opportunity, I hope to invite His Excellency the Prime Minister to taste Chinese food.”

  Mussolini immediately became happy, clapped his hands and smiled and said, "Dr. Kong, you are a rare gourmet, and we have a common language." After speaking, he asked Zhou Hexuan again, "Mr. Zhou, don't you like it?"

   "Of course, very interesting food." Zhou Hexuan swallowed his nausea and swallowed it to his throat, almost spitting out his lunch.

After the appetizer of    olive oil mixed with lemon juice secretly made raw garlic, the food on the table finally became normal, and Mussolini’s conversation became more and more high. He is very personable and clear in his speech, often with literary allusions. This image is highly respected by literati.

  It is no wonder that before the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Mussolini had a large number of celebrity fans, Eliot, Pound, Yeats, Shaw, Tagore, Churchill and Gandhi, all of whom had expressed admiration for Mussolini.

   Tagore praised Mussolini twice after meeting with Mussolini twice: "His Excellency Mussolini, as if sculpted by Michelangelo, his every move is shining with wisdom and strength."

  Mussolini talked from sculpture to painting, from politics to literature, and there seemed to be no field that he was not good at, and he fooled Kong Xiangxi and Chen Shaokuan for a while. Suddenly, he started talking about poetry again and asked Zhou Hexuan, "Does Mr. Zhou know about Pang De?"

   "Ezra Pound?" Zhou Hexuan confirmed.

"Of course, it's him," Mussolini laughed. "He lives in Italy and has been writing letters to me, and every year we get together to talk about poetry and literature. Mr. Pound is very interested in your poetry, he This is the evaluation: In the modern Far East, there are two real poets, one is Tagore and the other is Zhou Hexuan."

   Zhou Hexuan smiled and said, "That's really my honor."

  Ezra Pound, the poet who was second only to Eliot in the 1930s, a super funny guy who likes oriental culture, and a Bole who has brought many writers together.

  He encouraged penniless young writers to keep writing, helping them find publications, write book reviews, and even help pay rent. Among them were two young men he sponsored who would later become Nobel Prize winners - Eliot and Hemingway.

   Eliot's "The Waste Land", known as the milestone of modern British and American poetry, is the most representative work of symbolism literature. The original manuscript of this "The Waste Land" was sent to Ezra Pound, and Pound deleted a third of it before it was published.

   In addition, Pound is also particularly fond of oriental culture, researching and translating ancient Chinese poetry and Japanese haiku. In his later years, he lived in a mental hospital for 13 years. While suffering from mental illness, he wrote 25 long poems, and translated the "Book of Songs", "University", "The Doctrine of the Mean", "The Analects of Confucius" and "Mencius" into Italian. He also won the Bollingen Prize for Poetry, making a great contribution to the development of modern poetry.

   This guy is Mussolini's diehard, and often makes weird political speeches, hoping to solve various problems for all mankind.

In the face of traffic congestion, Pound suggested building circuitous streets; in the face of food shortages in Italy, Pound suggested Mussolini to use more peanuts; and on Asian geopolitical issues, Pound believed that the Chinese and the Japanese should join forces to bring Australia to life. People kicked out of Australia...

Mussolini laughed and talked about interesting things about Pound, and then invited: "Mr. Pound will come to Rome in the fourth week of every month. I can introduce you to meet. Two great literatures from the East and the West. Home, it must be a pleasant chat."