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The Rise Of The Tamer Family

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The Yaoguang Realm expelled the foreign demons from the human race, and established the ninth-grade family and sect. At this point, the Yaoguang Realm came to an era ruled by the family and the sect.

The ninth rank rules a city, the eighth rank rules a county, the seventh rank rules a state, the sixth rank rules a country…

Chen Yang came through with He Daozhu, cultivated a powerful bloodline monster, raised the farm, and led the Chen family to become the current saint.

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Short Title:ROTF
Alternate Title:御兽世家的崛起
Author:siberian husky
Weekly Rank:#1463
Monthly Rank:#1253
All Time Rank:#3837
Tags:Clan Building, Family Business, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Poor to Rich, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  1. The most bad aspect of almost every clan/sect/kingdom building novels is at every step every one is against mc and stronger than mc if mc finds a backer then that backer is always weaker and the losing party at every step just for the mc to shine.it's ok at the starting but becomes annoying with each arc and then we drop the novels at different chapters depending on the limit of each

  2. The worst thing is every living thing except mc is super dumb and they start praising mc for telling painfully obvious strategy or reasoning 🤮🤮🤮 my poison tolerance can only handle 250 chs for this novel

  3. Already in ch 139 and yet the so called teacher has not teach even a fighting technique.and i agree this mc is eneuch. All of His brothers had already married even had a child. And the cheat is not that useful it is atmost word filler.

  4. CH143. I agree with below especially with how early on there were a few plot points about arranged marriages. Thinking that the MC will either be staying single, meeting someone later (higher power or another area), or author just says hey remember that girl Mo that appeared 4 times she ends up with him. The slow part is actually really good overall for the novel but looking at the length of the novel and seeing how I am already ~36% done and MC is still not quite developed leaves me a tad worried about a rushed ending. I mean maybe ~20 chapters ago we had a 10year time skip so I am thinking we may see those more often later, or MC ends up forcefully bringing his family up due to his bloodline boost.

  5. Referencing above, Teachers in a lot of novels are like that where they are really just a shield for the MC for the most part, although he does teach him abstract knowledge about certain powers or his rewards. In this case his teacher is fighting for his rewards, and he did help get him the next level for his technique, I think it was a while a back. I must say the translations when it comes to interactions with his teacher can be confusing, sometimes they talk about themselves in 3rd person. *SPOILER* Also if it was confusing the MC's teacher is related to the one that caused the monster wave early on but he himself was not involved in it.

  6. Slow development until chapter 110 but it's fun so I give it 4 stars, my biggest criticism is that the MC is a eunuch, he has no wife and becomes an old virgin, not a woman with romance just to say he likes women, none 0 sex, fully neutered

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