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The Rise of The Mythical Dragon

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The Great Tribulation of the Conferred God, once passed through, became the prince Ao Fan of the East China Sea Dragon Palace, inherited the East China Sea Dragon Palace, and became the new generation of East China Dragon King.

At the time of the crisis, Zhuo Fan found that he had turned on the system and could add something to everything!

Add a little bit to my younger brother Ao Bing, Baizhanglong’s body has become so great that it has evolved into the blood of Ancestral Dragon!

Add a little to the subordinate tortoise prime minister, the tiny tortoise body will become a basalt body, and it will evolve into a basalt bloodline!

Suddenly, the dragon clan, who was insulted by the ten thousand clan, rose instantly!

“who are we?”

“Ancient Dragon Race!”

“our target is?”

“Command the world and revive the dragon clan!”

“what should we do?”

“God blocks and kills gods, meets ghosts and fights ghosts. Whoever refuses to accept, kill them!”

- Description from Unknown


Short Title:ROMD
Alternate Title:神话之龙族崛起
Weekly Rank:#772
Monthly Rank:#667
All Time Rank:#974
Tags:Army Building, Arrogant Characters, Bloodlines, Dragons, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Harem, Imperial Harem, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Management, Marriage, Mythical, Mythical Beasts, Reincarnated as a Monster, Spear Wielder, System, System Administrator, Unique Cultivation Technique, Wars,
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12 Comments on “The Rise of The Mythical Dragon
  1. The rise of losing time, another trash MTL stop posting everythings read a little bit the story before posting. Like admin you are realy trolling.

  2. man all us want that good s**t not just you just that they so goddam rare china only knows how to make this bull**** sometimes kinda good most time ya know

  3. Read “omnipotent Prince Charming” it’s on this site, it doesn’t have cultivation, just general martial arts chi usage, and it is barely talked about, mainly focusing on other things.

  4. yeah +1 ! but the novel that admin add these days are Trash doulou fanfic.... copypaste cultivation world with waste mc at start .... urban face slapping full of young master....

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