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The Rise of the Empire

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The traversers stood on the terrace of Neuschwanstein Castle, looking in the direction of Berlin. There is the center of the empire.

“One day, I will let the world know that Prussia is not equal to Germany. When the Hohenzollern family cannot allow this empire to rise, let South Germany take over their responsibility and glory!”

From a new perspective, describe the magnificent history from the end of the 19th century to the Second World War. Have you seen the history of the Bavarian royal family? If not, you can take a look.

A must-read article for the textual research party, the historical party, and the technical party. Nearly 5 million words of novels are the base, and the reputation of the side is still good.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ROTE
Alternate Title:帝国的崛起
Author:Ultimate lateral
Weekly Rank:#830
Monthly Rank:#523
All Time Rank:#568
Tags:Arms Dealers, Army Building, Assassins, Businessmen, Charismatic Protagonist, Conflicting Loyalties, Discrimination, Economics, European Ambience, Fallen Nobility, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Marriage of Convenience, Military, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Politics, Power Couple, Pregnancy, Racism, Rebirth, Reincarnation, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Unique Weapons, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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29 Comments on “The Rise of the Empire
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  1. Kebanyakan nyorot war nya cok, gak nyorot penemuan (walau plagiat) lebih seru kalo gak terlalu fokus ke war ,gile full war pas mulai ww1, tiba² punya bom, tiba² inggris punya 4 kapal induk dalam waktu 4 bulan 🗿author pengen mc op tapi setengah²

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