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Plants can also become a frenzy. Whoever says that plants are the lower part of the food chain, plants can also dominate. After Chi Nan gained the ability to transform plants, he created a powerful empire based on plants.

From then on, thorn ferns were used to set up positions, wind cannon shrubs were used to defend the city, and pea cannons were used to charge forward.

The plant tank pushed the human camp flat, and the green knight crushed all kinds of cavalry.

The bush warriors swept the orc army, and the giant trees turned the behemoths.

The green-leaf flying dragon fights against each other in the empty group, and the wood spirit dragon fights against the dragon group.

These are not enough, so what about the cracked cannon that can penetrate the space, open the space barrier, and conquer the alien plane.

In addition, the plant battleship rushed out of the continent, headed for space, and swept across the universe.

But now, who can tell me what to do when crossing appears in the middle of the battle between the two armies, they all look fierce. Waiting online is anxious. Chi Nan looked at the army charging towards him with tears and tears…

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TROP
Alternate Title:植物崛起
Weekly Rank:#1412
Monthly Rank:#722
All Time Rank:#1151
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Elves, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Farming, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, Harem, Kingdom Building, Magic, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Naive Protagonist, Nobles, Slow Growth at Start, Transported into Another World, Wars,
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  1. No words except 🖕🖕🖕💩💩🗑️💩🖕💩🖕🚮🚮🗑️🖕🗑️🗑️🗑️🚮💩🗑️🚮

  2. Such a wimp. All he did is complain and not analyze what is going on at the starting chapters. If this is how it started then I can see this betch will be complaining all the time from main god or gold finger or something. Even if you are not thinking straight and in panicking mode, atleast you should run. Who would prank you with that level of realism, you are just a loser you said right? All you need to do is run, but this betch complain or think that this is some sort of a prank. I hate this comment and the novel. I will continue to shit on shitty novels and compliment those good novels harshly.

  3. I'm not even mad at the MTL themselves, but I'm mad because these chinese authors are becoming trashy and shit. Fortunately, when I first read chinese novels it was from those good author like Er gen, mad snail and among others, if not, I would be looking at these Chinese author like they have a brain damage.

  4. Becoz ur trash urself, too cheapskate to wanna pay for quality novels, here u are reading a pirated MTL novel that no one wants to translate, lolz typical cheapskates complaining about pirated freebies.

  5. You are whiteknighting those crappy chinese novel, no? Go fuck yourself and the presedent of china, he might like your white knighting.

  6. But there are a lot Japan and Korean free novel at least decent quality but why Chinese free novel almost all have trash quality is it because the author are trash Note:sorry i'am bad at english

  7. I like the concept but the mc is really a moron; he went to the holy dragon empire to do business while still carrying a puppet dragon, good thing the plot armor protected him from his moronic brain.uggh😡 doesn't he know that it is notmal for his goods to be inspected if he does business un different state and yet he brought a many things that would incite the noblrs of dragon empire. Author, pls. Take IQ inhancing medicine........such good concept wasted. Fuck you author.

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