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Time wrinkled, and Yang Fei returned to 1993. Be a layman and be a romantic forever.

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Short Title:RMYF
Alternate Title:首富杨飞
Author:Cold stage
Weekly Rank:#970
Monthly Rank:#952
All Time Rank:#1514
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Past Plays a Big Role, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Sudden Wealth, Time Travel,
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17 Comments on “The Richest Man Yang Fei
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  1. Fue una novela interesante, me gusto en general, fue bastante cansino con el tema de las mujeres( no me opongo al harem, lo apoyo) pero giró mucho en torno a esto lo cual es muy estresante, en la cuestión de los negocios, no se falto algo más, pero bueno igual me gusto.

  2. One word to describe this novel, garbage. Two words, super garbage. I’ve read to around chapter 1500ish and then last chapter, MC is scum is all I can describe about him. MC picking up girls left and right only to choose 1 FL at the end. Though there are business elements, it’s so boring, better go read ‘extraordinary genius’ instead. PS don’t read if you hate dramas, cause this novel got a shit ton of dramas....

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