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Time wrinkled, and Yang Fei returned to 1993. Be a layman and be a romantic forever.

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Short Title:RMYF
Alternate Title:首富杨飞
Author:Cold stage
Weekly Rank:#330
Monthly Rank:#124
All Time Rank:#1800
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Past Plays a Big Role, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Sudden Wealth, Time Travel,

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14 Comments on “The Richest Man Yang Fei
  1. It's extremely slow novel. 100 chapters in and he has yet to start his factory. Unnecessary amount of time is given to things of no importance. Then you have him acting like a fortuen teller to hide his future knowledge. Its a mess.

  2. a book with more than 2500 chapter obviously going to have slow start. You don't expect him to just out of nowhere become rich tycoon because he knows future. Everything has to be done step by step. Other things are equally important for development. A big ass book will have slow start.

  3. dude before shitting on china you should think what you are doing. You came to this website to read Chinese novel written by Chinese author which is machine translation. In this website there is no other countries book and you are insulting them. If you hate Chinese novel so much then go read Japanese light novel or English novels.

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