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The Richest Man in the DC World

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Some say I am a Frankenstein, some say I am the richest man in the world, some say I am a playboy, some say I am the ghost of death…

No, those are all wrong.

Luke Xiao stood in front of the Wall of Origins and said lightly, “I’m just a genius.”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RMDCW
Alternate Title:dc世界当首富
Author:Dried shrimp
Weekly Rank:#941
Monthly Rank:#548
All Time Rank:#1648
Tags:Brainwashing, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Genius Protagonist, Harem, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Playful Protagonist, Racism, Superpowers, Transmigration,
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21 Comments on “The Richest Man in the DC World
  1. I get when you complain about the china no.1 shit but if you read urban chinese novels I mean actually read then you would realize how much the authors talk shit about china itself, so I just skip these novels and don't bitch about on a site that has all chinese novels like a dumb asshole

  2. This novel is just revolting to read. I mean, c'mon. I understand that the author loves their country and wanted to portray it in a good light. But slandering and discriminating against other countries with all sorts of racist and stereotypical craps to elevate their country's position? That's just low. I understand that Chinese domestic webnovel authors can't talk shits about their country or they will get the axe, but taking a neutral stand is always an option. This is just too much.

  3. Natinalism: praising your own country without insulting other nationalosm or cultures, keep patriotism within reason. ....... Racism: chinese numba wan, other countries should die horrible death! Other's cultures are also shit!

  4. Unfortunately this novel fall to the latter category, I mean come on, DC is american's works and this shitty author made this racism work toward them. It's one thing for original novel author, but fanfic author should have consciences to keep the bottom line of respecting original works.

  5. He is not a hero, maybe he stop you from reading a good novel. I have to advise you to not believe every comment on raceism, maybe MC just said bad thing about america or whatever country and this guy drop there and came tell us this novel is full of raceism, Chinese number1 shit.I have not read either but I advise you to stop listening comments that do not say clear reason(like MC destroyed every other country with only leaving China in the world, etc.)so I hope you can give some chance with reading at least 10 chapters.Maybe it is not serious as you imagine.

  6. No need to remind me, I'm too lazy wasting my time reading this shit! There are many novels that worth my time than this.

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