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The Rich and Vicious Male Supporting Character is Tearing up the Script

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After Ruan Qingyuan died, he discovered that he was one of the many evil supporting characters in a novel about a filthy rich sugar baby.

In this novel, the protagonist that everyone pampered was his father’s illegitimate child Bai Yunshu.

Bai Yunshu, the delicate, pitiful, beautiful and naive male lead and shou, naturally came with a mesmerizing aura that could charm thousands.

Ruan Qingyuan’s boyfriend was madly in love with him; The triad member couldn’t help but fall in love with him; the senior president of the pharmaceutical company was so in love with him that he was willing to humble himself

Wherever Bai Yunshu went, he easily could find a crowd of admirers.

Only Ruan Qingyuan opposed him in all matters, trying to sabotage him and drive him out of the house. In the end, his dad and boyfriend worked together to send him to prison.

After his rebirth, Ruan Qingyuan breezily handed over a DNA test report to his heartless tr*shy father,. “Sorry, my dad’s dead.”

Faced with his boyfriend’s cheating, Ruan Qingyuan only had this to say: This shitty guy and this bit*h can stay together forever, just lock them up together.

Dumped by his boyfriend and thrown out by his family, Ruan Qingyuan became the abandoned child that everyone gossiped about. After that—

Ruan Qingyuan held the DNA test report and walked into the richest family in the area.

Crazy rich older brother: “Ah my cute little brother, welcome home!”

Eccentric scientist older brother: My baby brother, why are you so thin!? The Ruan Family must have bullied you!!

Bad-tempered little brother: Who dares to harm my older brother, I’ll have your heads!!!

Ruan Qingyuan smiled faintly.The future is unpredictable indeed. “No need to bother with the Ruan family, let me handle them.”

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Short Title:RVMSTS
Alternate Title:豪门恶毒男配撕掉了剧本[重生]
Weekly Rank:#1432
Monthly Rank:#1425
All Time Rank:#3105
Tags:Businessmen, Clumsy Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Doting Older Siblings, Family Business, Family Conflict, Genius Protagonist, Hackers, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern, Modern Day, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Power Couple, Rebirth Revenge, Reincarnation, Revenge, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance, Showbiz, Slow Romance, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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18 Comments on “The Rich and Vicious Male Supporting Character is Tearing up the Script
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  1. Even the maid knew the truth in her previous life, but did not realize it until our main character brutally lost all her loved ones and was subjected to the same cruel treatment. frankly, even if he lived 2 lives, the main character wouldn't give a shit

  2. The story of the characters who were unsuccessful in their previous life and died in a ridiculous way in the next life's eyes are opened and they become geniuses, I find it a bit funny. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . you were born again after all, if you're not stupid, you're already the last winner. I like that the main character is fighting on an even footing with the enemies and I don't like when someone who's already lost on this level has a cheat like afterlife

  3. I was just thinking it was similar to that story- except in that story they were both actors and he established something like Chinese facebook. It seems quite similar to that plot though!

  4. It's in the yaoi section and I rated it 5 stars because it was incredibly well-written and interesting from start to finish (although honestly not explicit). I just started browsing through the yaoi section but can't remember the title. It's going to have a rebirth theme, something in the summary that he only realized once he died that he was not the protagonist, and that he had wasted his time before. It's actually a very realistic portrayal of rebirth and not OP. He has trauma and doesn't get everything instantaneously. If I find I'll send you a message!

  5. Sounds like "after the vicious cannon fodder was reborn" He created an app too and he's brother realized in the end that he's reborn and he's ex and parent and sister realized they are reborn too because the MC or real brother did not die or jump of the building at his birthday ( that is the loop )

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