After Zixibe returned, all fans were very happy.

Although there has been no news from her for more than two years, she has returned, which is enough!

Everyone was busy licking their faces and calling, which was very fulfilling.

But I didn't expect that after two years, Zixibe had no news!

Everyone's heart beats, won't they disappear again? !

Fortunately, after half a month, Zixibe finally got news.

And this time, she is getting married!

Everyone was stunned.

She is only twenty-seven years old, and she is going to get married? !

You know, in the entertainment industry, especially actresses, if they get married, they will have a great impact on their careers.

Even if it looks like the right man and woman, once the actress gets married, her career will be affected.

Many actresses were very popular before, and if they got married and gave birth to babies, they would immediately lose a lot of resources. There are more young and beautiful girls going forward, and they simply can't hold it.

Qi Xibei was at the peak of his career and went to get married? ! Is the brain watt? !

Many fans are heartbroken and can't wait to lift the table.

But this worry soon disappeared.

Because Zixibe is no ordinary person!

Her talent will not be hurt by getting married and having a baby.

No one knows how many treasures there are in her mind.

It is impossible to use Jiang Lang's talents that others will encounter with her.

Most importantly, she has more than one way to go.

On the wedding day, everyone squatted in front of the live broadcast room, just waiting to watch this century wedding.

The only designated partner media for the wedding is Luoshen Live.

Luoshen Live has developed over the years and has become the installed APP in every mobile phone. Many celebrities have live broadcast rooms in Luoshen Live, and the market value of Luoshen Live has skyrocketed.

Now, Luoshen Live has established its leading position in the industry. In the next ten years, unless Luoshen’s leaders make a wrong decision, no company can catch up with them.

And some people say that Zixibe is also one of the bosses of Luoshen Live!

This statement surprised everyone for a while and felt normal again.

Who doesn't know that Zixibe has many companies in his hands? Does the most popular online car-hailing platform also have her investment? Not to mention various other companies.

No one knew how much Zixibe had, and no one dared to ask.

Everyone knows that she already has a lot of people who can't make money in a few lifetimes, and she can't spend enough money!

The wedding scene this time also fully explained what a rich life is.

[Fuck! This is the Dream Garden Hotel in the Imperial Capital! Platinum five-star hotel! Ma's upset, I'm sour. It's great to have money! 】

[Fuck! I seem to see the principal of our school! 】

[Fuck it! Half of the entertainment industry is here, right? ! All of the things I have worked with with Zixibe are here! It's going to be an awards ceremony! 】

[Fuck! I always feel that these faces are so familiar! I just checked it out, all of them have amazing resumes! We little people don't deserve to stand in the same space with them, I'm afraid they think I am stupid! 】

[Many handsome men and beauties! Huh? These two are sister Bei's parents? They are so young! It's nice to have money! I want to be so young too! 】

[These two are Jue's parents, right? Looks very rich! 】

【car! Quante is a luxury car! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah]

[If I could be there, I would die without regrets! 】

In the live broadcast room, the audience was very excited.

This is no wonder they, after all, this wedding was so grand, not only did it invite many celebrities from the entertainment circle, but also the two families themselves had many relatives and friends.

Many of these relatives and friends have appeared on TV.

Every release can shock the audience.

[Ahhhhhh, sister Bei! And Jue! It’s so good-looking]

[Sister Bei is out! ! Super beautiful! 】

[I saw Sister Bei wearing a wedding dress, super fairy, ah ah ah, my little heart, ah ah, marry me ah ah ah,

In the camera, Qi Xibei in a white wedding dress and Qiao Yanjue in a white suit stand together. With the blessing of all relatives and friends, they make the promise of staying in love for a lifetime and finally kiss each other.

Everyone applauded enthusiastically at the scene and in the studio.

"Let's have a wedding too?" Yu Ziqi pulled Song Jiaren who was applauded and whispered.

Jiaren Song was stunned, then shook her head, "No. I'm exhausted!"

She accompanied Zixibe to prepare. Even if a lot of things are taken care of by others, and Zixibe is physically strong, Qixibe is exhausted enough after this round.

If she did it once, it would be exhausting!

"I would rather travel to get married."

If Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanjue were not for their special identities, they would not have made such a case.

But she and Yu Ziqi are just ordinary people, there is no need to be so big.

Yu Ziqi shrugged, a smile appeared on his face much thinner and mature than he was a teenager, "All right."

On the other side, Mo Bonan's eyes were deep and he took Tang Luo's hand, "Shall we also hold a more grand wedding than them?"

"No." Tang Luo couldn't laugh or cry, "I'm afraid of exhaustion."

She and Song Jia are both by Qi Xibei's side, and have gone through many processes with her, but they don't want to be the protagonist by themselves and do it again.

Seeing that Mo Bonan was a little aggrieved, she quickly patted his face and coaxed: "Let's have a simple wedding. Wouldn't it be better to spend the rest of the time on travel? I just want to be with you."

This suggestion made Mo Bonan's face a lot better.

They are very busy now. Instead of spending time at the wedding, it's better to have more fun.

Listening to the conversation between the two young lovers, Liu Manhong nodded in agreement. This is so much easier!

As for the thoughts of other elders, I will discuss them slowly later.

The audience in the live broadcast room didn't know what happened at the scene. Everyone knew that the pair of Bi people in the center of the stage was really enviable and hateful.

The two have such high looks, and the child born is absolutely super beautiful!

I don't know who mentioned this topic, the style of painting in the live broadcast room changed instantly, and everyone began to look forward to their babies.

But everyone did not expect that less than half a year after the wedding, Zixibe announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

This news once again caused a thousand waves.

However, Zixibe said that although she has retired, she can still write a song, write a script or something. Although she is not in the arena, but the arena will always have her legend.

Although everyone was reluctant to give up, they couldn't stop her.

However, although she has quit the entertainment circle, it does not mean that she disappeared like last time.

On the contrary, her name is often swiped.

On XX day of XX year, Zixibe discovered some kind of bacteria.

On XX day of XX year, Zixibe developed a new type of drug.

XX year XX day, Zixibe...

Fans can't help laughing and crying, this screen-swiping skill is too strong!

Slowly, everyone accepted her transformation, and many people still set her as their goal.

In the entertainment circle, her legend will always be left behind. No one will break this legend.

Twenty years later, a certain beautiful fairy who turned out to be born again broke the legend she left behind.

And this little girl who is as beautiful as a fairy in the sky... also has the surname Qi.