The news of Zixibe’s return soon spread.

Not surprisingly, this caused an uproar.

Especially her fans, even more joyful to tears.

At first, it was said that it was a weak circle, but why did it end up silently withdrawing from the circle?

Everyone hasn't seen her for more than two years, and now there is finally news!

A reporter with a fast hand sent a Reuters photo of Qixibe participating in the event, and the following are all tears of fans.

[Sister Bei is finally back! I can see my beautiful sister Bei again! 】

[I am crying! My crying scared my parents to death, thinking something happened! I'm typing now and still crying, I can't help it! ! 】

[Sister Bei is back, some demons and ghosts are about to appear in their original form! Hahahabe sister mighty! 】

[Our dorms are all fans of Sister Bei. When she heard that Sister Bei came back, everyone cried. Crying and crying and found something wrong, why is the cry so loud? It turned out that the next door was crying too! 23333]

[Bei sister V587! Waiting to lick the face! Waiting for crazy face slaps! 】

The return of Zixibe quickly detonated everyone's madness.

About her topic, it was quickly searched.

Open hot search, all are her news.

Everyone in the entertainment industry was shocked, Qixibe had such a terrible appeal!

Everyone thought that even if she came out again, she wouldn't be so exaggerated. Unexpectedly, when she came back, everyone's wishful thinking would be shattered.

She is simply the king of the entertainment industry!

The king returns, who will fight for the front? !

The most frightening thing is that Zixibe not only came back, but also came back with new drugs!

Everyone knew that she hadn't appeared for a long time before, and she was focusing on research.

This time, she developed several drugs, and they were all aimed at terrible diseases that made everyone powerless.

As soon as these drugs appeared, they immediately attracted attention from above.

In just a few days, Qixibe’s reputation once again resounded across the country and even the world!

After Qixibe came back, the SY company was also completely new.

Their Dinghai Shenzhen is back!

Mu Qiaona and others were so excited that they cried wildly while holding her. She came back, and their backbone came back.

Those who previously suppressed SY Company were scared to death.

Hemp egg! Isn't Zixibe dead? !

Okay, it's over now!

Those who thought they could be saved, gave out olive branches and gifts one after another, for fear of being caught by Zixibe.

And the company where Lu Tianqi, who particularly bullied them, worked, was miserable.

After Lu Tianqi was nervous, he was full of fighting spirit.

She didn't believe it, Qixibe could be so awesome!

However, when Qixibe really took action, she knew that the distance between the two was like a moat!

And she also discovered that Zixibe should have just escaped from the heavy research and wanted to have some fun, so she just stared at her.

As a result, she made one song, and Zixibe made two, so that there was no splash in her song.

She participated in the show, and Zixibe also participated, so she did not have a few shots.

She wanted to endorse and was taken away by Qi Xibei. She didn't necessarily shoot herself, but gave it to other artists in SY company.

She wanted to act, Zixibe also joined the same crew, and also brought in the artists from the SY company, and then teamed up to make her not shine!

After two months, Lu Tianqi collapsed.

——Zishibe You are not a human being!

The collapsed Lu Tianqi directly withdrew from the entertainment circle, all his fighting spirit was wiped out, and there was no more thought of fighting with Qixibe.