When the tall, beautiful woman with outstanding aura appeared in front of everyone, everyone seemed to have been struck by lightning, and they all stood in place.

Zixibe? !

Why is she here? !

Isn't she missing? !

Everyone at the scene was shocked, and among this group of people, Lu Tianqi was completely petrified.

"Let's welcome-Zixibe!"

The host is still introducing Zixibe hoarsely, and it is obvious that he is also a fan of Zixibe.

Getting out of the car, Zixibe smiled brightly and bowed politely, "Hello everyone, this is Zixibe."


Others panicked and reciprocated.

Who doesn't know her? !

She is not only famous in the entertainment industry, but also a winner of the World Medical Awards!

Such a character will be passed down through the ages!

It feels like standing with such a character, they all have a guilty conscience.

Qi Xibe looked around at everyone, his smile unchanged.

Only Lu Tianqi couldn't help but tremble, feeling miserable in his heart.

Hasn't an accident happened to Zixibe?

It is because of this feeling that Lu Tianqi began to suppress SY Company.

But who would have thought that Zixibe, who everyone thought had passed away, would suddenly appear, and he was in such a good state!

Zixibe had never appeared before. Even when she won the international medical award, she was led by someone else. Everyone was speculating that something must have happened to her, otherwise, she would not even appear on such a major occasion.

Although the representative said, Zixibe is now doing new research and the research has reached a critical moment, so he can't get out.

But this kind of reason really cannot be fully accepted by everyone, and all kinds of speculations emerge endlessly.

But now, Zixibe is really out!

"Okay, our guests are all here now, and our recording can be done too!" The host smiled, "Okay, let's group together first."

Speaking of grouping, everyone's eyes immediately turned to Zixibe, their eyes brightened, especially wanting to be in the same group with her.

The first issue she participated in left a very deep impression in everyone's minds.

Of course they have to hug such thighs!

In the end, Qi Xibei was parted with a girl group idol who had just debuted. He was 18 or 9 years old and young.

Knowing the result of the lottery, the girl jumped up excitedly, and then looked at Zixibe with excitement. She was hesitant to speak, and she could already see her love for Zixibe.

She was excited for a while before finally speaking, "Bei, sister Bei, please take care of you!"

While talking, she also bowed ninety degrees, and when she got up, she almost fell.

Zixibe was amused by her actions, and she was dumbfounded at Zixibe's smile.

so beautiful!

Sure enough, the real sister Bei is better than the photogenic! I feel eclipsed when I stand in front of her!

Next, she fully felt the beauty of being taken to fly.

The link of "Ahead of the End" is particularly brutal, testing everyone's mental and physical strength, and it is bound to squeeze everyone's limit energy.

However, this kind of abacus was completely shattered in front of Zixibe.

In front of Zixibe, these things are not at all difficult.

Except for the links that must be coordinated, the girls are all shouting for cheer in the other links.

When the recording was over, she had been completely captured by Zixibe and became the most loyal little girl.

The other guests couldn't help but smile bitterly as Qi Xibe passed through.

This is so cruel!

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