"Extraordinary Charts" is a music chart show. In each issue, singers will perform and promote their songs.

The performing singer for this issue is Lu Tianqi.

After singing and jumping off the stage, Lu Tianqi took the tissue that the assistant handed over and wiped the sweat from his face with a tired look.

The assistant praised sweetly: "Sister Qi, you are amazing! The audience and fans below are all going to be thrilled! If it weren't for the security guards, they might all wish to rush forward!"

Lu Tianqi smiled reservedly, did not speak, but was in a good mood.

The assistant followed, "Tomorrow is the recording of "Nothing Forward", the company is ready..."

Listening to the assistant's chatter, Lu Tianqi was in a good mood.

So many announcements show that she is popular.

Although many resources here are bought by the company, sooner or later she will be able to live up to her name and become the most popular idol!

"...Tomorrow Gu Lan from SY will join you..."

The familiar name made Lu Tianqi frown and looked at the assistant coldly.

The assistant was taken aback.

"I don't want to see people who masturbate." She said directly.

"...Okay, I will tell Brother Qiang."

Brother Qiang is Lu Tianqi's agent. He had something to do today, so he didn't follow him.

After issuing the instructions, Lu Tianqi continued to move forward.

The assistant at the back moved his mouth and his expression was distorted.

Who doesn't know, Lu Tianqi hates people who masturbate.

After all, SY is the company of Zixibe!

Back then, Qi Xibei severely criticized her. Had it not been for family financial resources, Lu Tianqi would have retired.

After all, not everyone can praise her without conscience.

It has been a long time since Zixibe has heard of it, and everyone in the entertainment circle is starting to restless again.

Strangely speaking, Qixi Beiming hadn't won many awards, but she was dreaded by everyone.

Of course, Zixibe himself is a monster.

Lu Tianqi and Qi Xibei had the deepest grievances, so she also put effort into suppressing the masturbation artists. For the activities she participated in, the artists of SY could not appear.

It was also that Qixibe was not there, otherwise, she couldn't be so arrogant.

It's just a pity that I don't know where Zixibe has gone. It has been a long time since there has been any movement.

If there hasn't been any movement for so long, even if she comes out again, few people will remember her, right?

On the second day, the assistant and Lu Tianqi went to the recording site of "No One Goes Forward".

The show is as strong as ever, and there are as many viewers as ever.

Moreover, the level of brutality of this show is increasing day by day, and various activities make the artists who come to participate in it complain. However, the ratings of this show are so good that they will not give up this opportunity even if they continue to complain.

Although it's a bit bitter, it can attract fans!

Today, the guests made preparations early and arrived at the scene.

There are ten guests in this issue. After arriving at the scene, everyone found that there were only nine people.

One more?

Come out so late, it shows that the coffee is different!

The guests couldn't help but guess the identity of this big coffee.

Lu Tianqi felt better when he didn't see Gu Lan who was masturbating. However, the guest who did not show up made her feel unhappy.

Who can be more popular than her? She can't be a special guest, who is eligible?

After waiting for ten minutes, when everyone was impatient, a car drove over.

The photographers also raised their spirits and excitedly pointed the camera at the car.

Lu Tianqi vaguely saw the person in the car and his heart jumped.

When the car door opened and the beautiful face appeared in front of everyone, everyone gasped.